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Exhausted k camp

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Exhausted k camp

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Exhausted k camp
  • Henry Fiat's Open Sore Penetration Camp
    "Got no identity Just a number and a suit Alternate reality 'nother faceless f**k in the crowd Welcome to the camp The penetration camp Strap on your dildo, hon Well play some rock'n'roll You"
  • Foo Fighters Exhausted
    "I'm not around that much Running exhausted and lost If it could be undone Will it have costed It's taught and lost Blowing away we stray, wilted Insulted, at fault What if the day had stayed in bed These"
  • Joseph Arthur Exhausted
    "I never sleep I been awake for what feels like a year 'Cause when I dream My mind puts a face To each one of my fears I'm exhausted by my imagination I close my eyes But I could still see the pain on"
  • Juicy J All I Need (One Mo Drank) ft. K Camp
    "(All I need is) You know what it is (All I need is) You ain't gonna trust yo bitch after tonight I'mma make her whore out /xx All I need is one more drank, two more blunts, three more bitches Four more"
  • Ian Gillan Band Twin exhausted
    "I like a Studebaker widowmakerSitting on the highway crownWhen it's early in the morningI can put my foot right downAnd if the wheels keep spinningBaby I'll be winningI'll be really aliveWhen the drive's"
  • Abigor Exhausted Remnants
    "Silent screams - beaten and torn Sanctify - this life of scorn Innocence withdrawn in fear Night grows cold and twilight's near But the light I see is none Just a spectrum of unreal colours Which appears"
  • Tegan & Sara Wake Up Exhausted
    "I wake up exhausted it's not morning It's back to sleep to re-dream me We're alone and we're happy But there you are, angry with me Are you alright I can stand up straight Are you alright can you get me"
  • Braid Now I'm Exhausted
    "barely alive on 2 AM airline my past is just the places i've passed the windows were tinted my eyes were half shut my focus is fragile if my heart is a glass here lies the ruins of a little known author there"
  • Destiny's Child Bug A Boo (Refugee Camp Remix)
    "(feat. Wyclef Jean) (Everybody on the floor) East Side (Everybody on the floor) South Side (Everybody on the floor) North Side (Everybody on the floor) West Side (Everybody on the floor) We told"
  • Gangsta Boo M-Town Representatives F/ Hypnotize Camp Posse
    "(DJ Paul) Niggas you roll them dice You better except how they fall Nigga you f**king wit Juice Nigga you f**king wit Paul Nigga you f**king wit Boo Nigga you f**king wit Black Lil bitch you f**king wit"
  • Lord Gore Rape Camp
    "We'll break down, your front door, and take you from your children. Your husband? He lies slaughtered. We fucked his corpse, with all our knives. Beaten, bloody whore... Urine injected in pores... Limbs"
  • Guttermouth Primate Camp
    "Big Bang was a theory But now I pose a query But my query's like a question Unlike a man who picked his jeans Darwin started with crustations Add a dose of fornications sprouting trees, swinging tails and"
  • M&K K
    "1. Codziennie mnie zwodzisz Codziennie mniej obchodzisz Uciekasz, gdy trzeba pomóc Wysłuchać pocieszyć, zranione łzy cieszyć Wszystkich ludzi wnet speszyć Twoim celem życiowym jest życie ich spieprzyć Byś"
  • Paprika Korps Camp Babylon
    "Pitch the camp babilon. The winner takes it allDo you feel comfortable in a brand new role?Dig the poet up. Drag him up by his sideburnsAsk him, are we still Messiahs while now serving Rome?The cannon"
  • Paprica Korps Camp Babylon
    "Pitch the camp babilon. The winner takes it all Do you feel comfortable in a brand new role? Dig the poet up. Drag him up by his sideburns Ask him, are we still Messiahs while now serving Rome? The cannon"
  • Therapy? Fat Camp
    "I want to go where the good ones go I want to know what the good ones know I want to go, won't you take me with you? I want to go, won't you take me to the river? I want to know what the good ones"
  • NOFX Anarchy Camp
    "I got an invitation to anarchy camp There will be twistin, fistin, biting, fighting all in an evening The soundtrack will go multi platinum Barbecue a boca while the effigies burn You may not wanna stay"
  • Jonas Brothers Camp rock
    "Cause we rockWe rock, we rock onWe rock, we rock onVerse 1Come as you areYou're a superstarThe world's in your pocket and you know itYou can feel that beatRunning through your feetHearts racing fast, you're"
  • Soundgarden Boot Camp
    "I must obey the rules I must be tame and cool No staring at the clouds I must stay on the ground In clusters of the mice The smoke is in our eyes Like babies on display Like angels in a cage I must be"
  • Cattle Decapitation Constipation camp
    "With a hoseNo one will ever find youThe smell of your carrion hangs low in the streetWeeks of returning to relax in the meatButchery/morgue meets day-spa retreatThe smell of the carnageBegin the excretementChoice"

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