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Explain the night

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Explain the night

  • (Explain) - Sarah Blasko
    "Oh there's a funny light in the stars tonight. You and I were right All the factories, all the memories have changed will you work it out? Will you see that I'm going nowhere else? I don't know where you"
  • Explain The Night - Noa
    "Explain the night to me Explain the stars Explain the way I feel Explain the scars Explain the outline of the trees against the sky Explain the tangled words of love we cant untie Explain the night"
  • Can't Explain - Cherry Monroe
    "Got a crush head rush what a sensation Butterflies all night can't stop shaking Head first i will dive Head first i will dive And i can't explain what you do to me And i can't explain what you do to me Can't"
  • Can't explain - Darkseed
    "Shadow - veiled, passing years I can't see the sun where's the land of friends? darkness conquers us when the dawn of night begins deep beneath my chilling fears lives the ocean of my tears I don't understand"
  • Explain - Papas Fritas
    "I don't want to die Blinded by their eyes And I don't want to be here Right now, I don't explain Right now, explain Where you going? Asking me the questions And they don't have a clue But I bought them"
  • Explain - Asher Lane
    "What you feel inside Describe it with your eyes Describe it in a way that makes me sigh Why do we waste our precious time Living in denial Of what we both are trying to find Don't make me explain What"
  • Explain - Jeremy Enigk
    "If I could move the weight of everything blind the skies and change the tomic role here I am and not the answers only scars can show this time I'm still wandering round your door how can I explain dear you've"
  • Explain - Julie Doiron
    "I can't explain Everyone keeps saying Same thing You must be sad I guess I'll tell you It's not the same thing It took a while but I'm doing ok We played a long time We got along fine And just like you"
  • Explain - Grinspoon
    "Yeah Juliette played russian roulette With love in her head and a gun on her shoulder When it comes to love I've seen it all, heard it all Yes Im pissed and I'm a selfish bore Yes Im pissed and I'm a selfish"
  • How To Explain - The Cat Empire
    "When a room becomes an altar And what beast that must exist It flies with music from our lips And steals a kiss and blows it Out into the mist Where castles stand on cliffs And cobbled streets they"
  • Don't Explain It Away - Susan Werner
    "If you find yourself looking at someone at their shining hair so silky soft and black If you find yourself smiling at someone And then suddenly you find that they're smiling back Well that's how love"
  • Explain It To My Heart - Hoffsten Louise
    "(Hoffsten) no right to complain everything is just alright everyday's the same never get caught by surprise I get up 'round nine have some coffee and a toast and bus number five is taking me back home explain"
  • Please Explain - Burt Bacharach
    "There was a song I remember Said What the world needs now Where is the love Where did it go Who broke our hearts Cause we need to know Where are the dreams That we once knew? Please explain Please explain Where"
  • Can't Explain - Love
    "Can't explain Nothin' seems to be goin' right Can't explain Nothin' seems to be goin' right * Well now you wake up in the mornin' Find your poor self dead Well now you wake up in the mornin' Find your"
  • Don't Explain - Nina Simone
    "Hush now, don't explain There aint nothin' to gain Im glad that your back dont' explain Quiet baby, dont explain there is nothing to gain. Skip back the lipstick don't explain. You know that I love you and"
  • Can't explain - Jill Scott
    "I'm truly sorry baby, for what I did to you. While you were busy lovin me, I was busy too.Oh, I played you dirty boy, did some things I shouldn't do.While you were only tryin to treat me good, I was playin.(I"
  • Can't Explain - Longview
    "You know what they say, At the end of the day, But days fade away, And where does time go please, Is it moments like these, And I dream of one Daytime tv, Unhappy families, Say nothing to me, And so"
  • Explain It - Bambix
    "The smell is all around me of the things i cannot buy shiny and attractive makes you wonder why life is like a lottery it already starts at birth when you're not the chosen one you'll end up in the dirt Crying"
  • Explain Yourself - Nonpoint
    "I didn't ask you to explain yourself to me. The fact you feel you have to is enough evidence, to see right through all the bullshit, and the stories you create. I didn't ask to be a game for you to play"
  • I Can't Explain - The Who
    "Got a feeling inside (Can't explain) It's a certain kind (Can't explain) I feel hot and cold (Can't explain) Yeah, down in my soul, yeah (Can't explain) I said ... (Can't explain) I'm feeling good now,"

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