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FEAT SHOP oszczędności

  • Coffee Shop - Yung Joc
    "(feat. Gorilla Zoe) Welcome to starblocks Its young dirty Whos this? Its young dirty! Oh okay what you need? Hey i need some of them thangs, mayn How many of 'em? Two of 'em, give me two I got you, pull"
  • Candy Shop - 50 Cent
    "(feat. Olivia) Yeah... Uh huh So seductive [50 Cent] I'll take you to the candy shop I'll let you lick the lollipop Go 'head girl, don't you stop Keep going 'til you hit the spot (woah) I'll take"
  • Gift Shop - The Tragically Hip
    "it might be late but it won't be early you got me to the gate with time for a coffee it's getting late sounds like a departure it's getting close sounds to me like a departure until we meet again"
  • Thrift Shop (feat. Wanz) - MACKLEMORE & RYAN LEWIS
    "I’m gonna pop some tags Only got $20 in my pocket I-I-I'm huntin' lookin' for a come-up This is fucking awesome Now, Walk into the club like what up I got a big cock I'm so pumped I bought some shit"
  • Pawn Shop - Sublime
    "Down there at the pawn shop it's only way to shop down there at the pawn shop if it's not in stone down there at the pawn shop at no end, no way to shop down there at the pawn shop what has been told albino"
  • Wreck Shop - RUN-DMC
    "We wreck shop, you know we wreck shop (3X) You know we know we know we wreck shop We wreck shop, you know we wreck shop (3X) You know we know we know we wreck shop I kick a wicked rhyme, what"
  • Shop Around - Smokey Robinson
    "Spoken: When I became of age my mother called me to her side She said, 'Son, you're growing up now, pretty soon you'll take a bride". Sings: And then she said - 'Just because you've become a young man"
  • Mannequin Shop - Paul Westerberg
    "You look fine a little strange. been working out? losing weight? You got that hunger and I can see You're looking younger than you're supposed to be One little nip, one little tuck ohhh you're looking"
  • Pawn shop - Ryan Adams
    "Pawn shop ain't no place for a wedding ring six months from now, what will that money mean? you shop around looking for memories somehow satisfaction don't come that easy it's a shame you weren't satisfied"
  • Shop Around - New Edition
    "I never move too fast girl When it comes to letting my feelings show I like to take my time out I like to do it slow 'Cause a man's got to do Every woman he can 'Cause it's in our nature Said it's in my"
  • Sex shop - Diament
    "przydrozny kram musze kupic w nim cudowny klucz do jej ciala bram kiedy kluczyk juz nie pasuje ci prosze cie lec choc na kilka chwil kiedy problem masz to tylko sex shop gdy ochoty brak to tylko sex shop jesli"
  • Sex Shop - Monika Mo-J Jarosińska
    "I’m a woman You plastic doll from a sex shop From a sex shop I don’t wanna () I want my make-up, Just my make-up Girls, girls What happen? Beauty’s gone Telling yourself: you’re ugly on and on Unofficial"
  • Shop Talk - John Prine
    "I seen you in your pajamas Drinking coffee at the House of Pies You was flipping for the check And talking like your tongue was paralyzed You were saying something That I don't understand Bout looking"
  • Candy Shop - Andrew Bird
    "day before the fires of hell You let me in your house You let me in your house You let me in your house with a hammer Set to tile or set to stone Tit for tat and bone for bone I'm goin' to set fire to"
  • Candy Shop - Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire
    "Well, piece by piece and nail by nail It'll all come down someday before the fires of hell You let me in your house You let me in your house You let me in your house with a hammer Set to tile or set to"
  • Cake Shop - Swell Maps
    "Cake shop girls grow fingernails dead long and rather sharp. They paint them glace cherry red and yellow marzipan. Scoring lines upon the backs Of tender chocolate mice I would like to buy a wedding"
  • Chop Shop - MxPx
    "He's got the cops, they're knocking down his door He left the murder weapon lying on the floor The sister's finally gone, now he's the only son It was a bloody day in Bremerton One stop, chop shop, somebody"
  • josephine's shop - My Little Airport
    "Cos running business is not your gift, why don't you close it, why don't say damn it'? Depression in your shop of Mong Kok. Silence on Monday, no change on Thursday. But Josephine, you may think your pals"
  • Head Shop - Tina Dico
    "The streets are dark, the night is cold Shadows dance in every window The wind is biting through my coat As evening fades I'm waiting to rise We met this August afternoon His insight threw me like a typhoon And"
  • Raymond's shop - Stereophonics
    "Going down la la la Going down la la la la la I used to buy my sweets and candy treats at Raymond's shop I used to pass there everyday The time I as come to buy a gun and hold up Raymond's shop It looks"

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