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  • Stil Believe - All Ends
    "I need to leave it all behind Caus' straight ahead with open eyes Surround myself with all the love i deserve i tried to help you understand you need to breathe again Don't let me die Now i'm standing"
  • Feel It - Orange Fox
    "So they say there is a border When they cross, it fades away IT's the hardest of all journeys you make You never faint before you reason You never question your mistakes Or keep your head, I'll keep your"
  • Feel It - Sister Hazel
    "There's been days I've fallen And walked away the times I should have stayed. I looked away, yeah looked away ... so far away - and when you asked I said I'm not afraid. But now I can't hold it -"
  • Feel It - Full Scale
    "Energy, apathy, becoming one thing controlling and numbing the minds of the poor things. The struggle becoming a battle you've already lost to discover yourself, as a pillar a stucture, but what have you"
  • Feel So Far Away - Jennifer Paige
    "What have we become It seems our hearts have come undone And even when I hold you in my arms you're out of reach I would walk a thousand miles to get to you Ten tousand more to get you back into me But"
  • Feel - Mari
    "Feels like I spent all this time talking to walls Feels like I gotta let go of the way it was before Are your really there? Are you made of stone? Am I talking to someone or am I here all alone Are you"
  • Far, Far Away - Ultimate Fakebook
    "Isn't it funny, to live for someone else's script You spend a lot of money to catch that lift And isn't it good too, to not always get all that you want But we'll be singing 'boo hoo hoo' if great it's"
  • Far Too Far - Trespassers William
    "( Unreleased ) Love don't leave a single piece of you When you go Far too far and far too cold of you If you know that i will sit here I will finger your coat And so if you don't know If you can't"
  • Feel It Turn - Great Big Sea
    "I had a dream I was moving forward Floating gently to the sun I've come to see my world rewarded A new day has begun A lost bird caught in mid migration Far away to a foreign land Offspring of a secret"
  • Feel It - Britny Fox
    "Michael Kelly Smith You're taking me home Oh, you're treating me right You're taking me home I'll get some lovin' tonight You're driving me wild Oh, you're getting me hot I'll tell you in the morning If"
  • Feel It - Archive
    "There’s a hole A hole in we lies Can’t be broken Split in the life So live for the time Feel It! Feel It! Evacuated soul Souls in the light Emotions in night Can’t put up the fire Feel It! Feel It! Feel"
  • Feel It - Dirty Impact vs. Pressure Unit
    "Feelings are always in my mind Emotions are still in my heart Feel the rhythm in the night Feel the power of the dark My body burns like fire Feeling are really higher Feel It the time is coming now! Can"
  • Feel It - Kate Bush
    "After the party You took me back to your parlour. A little nervous laughter Locking the door. My stockings fall Onto the floor. Desperate for more. Nobody else can share this. Here comes one and one makes"
  • How Does It Feel - MS MR
    "It feels like sinking in So unsure how to start, where to begin Distress hold the knife but I'm not afraid Love lost delinquents, I'll hold the blade Fright as your crutch Crimson turned white No inch"
  • Feel It - Unni Wilhelmsen
    "Feel it, UNNI WILHELMSEN See her standing, watch him looking A fly is entering a jar of jam Separated by dimensions this repeats itself in time... Get the notion, feel it coming Try to avoid it if you"
  • Feel It - The Black Eyed Peas
    "Can you feel the hyeeyyyeeyype (Chorus) Can you feel it in ya body-ah (can you feel it) Can you feel it in ya body-ah (can you feel it) Coz I can feel it in my body-ah (I can feel it) It feels good to"
  • Feel It - Black Eyed Peas
    "Can you feel it in your body-ah (can you feel it) Can you feel it in your body-ah (can you feel it) Coz I can feel it in my body-ah (I can feel it) It feels good to my body-ah To my body, in my body-ah"
  • How Does It Feel - Toto
    "Morning's here I feel so far away It seems like I felt this before All alone Sun burns my skin I can't live with pain anymore And with you on my mind Thinking of all that we've said Were they just words We'll"
  • Feel it - Neneh Cherry
    "Luck has been on your side boy, And life is what you made it As you've done what you can do People say People say that your the only one Time keeps slipping thru the hour class You're living in the future"
  • Feel it - Erick Sermon
    "(Erick Sermon) "Parenthesis are for DJ Scratching" Hear mi now rudebwoy (Erick Semon and) Sean-A-Paul) yeah, yeah yeah "How y'all feel out there?!!!" (New York stand up) Yeah yeah (Hocus pocus, notice,"

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