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  • Finger Weg! Finger! - Asp
    "Sag mir nicht was ich brauche sag mir nicht was mir gefllt und ich will auch nicht eintauchen in deine schne neue Welt. Dein Text, so viel steht fest, macht mich bestimmt sobald nicht heil Dein Sex-Appeal,"
  • Finger Weg - Acid Rain
    "Du weit genau, du machst einen Fehler Doch das zhlt jetzt fr dich nicht Dein Verstand ist ausgeschaltet Und das bricht dir das Genick Du schaust ihr dabei nicht in die Augen Und streichst ihr langsam bers"
  • Photo finger - A
    "I bet it's not the first time I bet it's not the last time that you try There's not a second wasted And all I get is flashes in my eye Don't point that thing at me And don't you tell me I am just the one"
  • Finger Puppetz - Bio Killaz
    "Daddy, daddy What son? Take me to a puppet show Okay YAY! Thank-you daddy Ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to the world famous Finger Puppet Show (Laugh) Finger Puppets, feature presentation Animation,"
  • The finger - Danko Jones
    "Nobody Really cares what you have to sayYou get cut off in traffic cause everyday's a bad dayWhat do you do you don't wanna cause a sceneBut If you do nothing they'll step all over you, you're too naiveThis"
  • Different Finger - Elvis Costello
    "Please put your rings on a diff'rent finger if you meet me tonight 'Cause I can't stand those suspicious glances 'Cause I know the things they're saying are right They're saying why don't you straighten"
  • Finger Smith - Shaggy
    "Now this is for amusement purposes only, ha Be carful of your neighbourhood pick-pocket Me brednn whe them call name slick Who this Well who this come catch it the original finger smith Yur neighbourhood"
  • Finger Paint - Zion I feat. DUST & Susan Suh
    "Feel my finger paint Color to stimulate ya Rise relate ya Pass in love and nature Rhymes to break ya, take ya Up to the maker Away from the pain We feelin safer The liberate to rectify the soul Written"
  • Middle Finger - Cobra Starship
    "Yeah And i feel like Put your middle fingers up like Uhhhhh Got my middle finger up And it’s pointed to the clouds Rollin’ in with my whole entourage Too many of us to count Tell baby girl i’m on that Danger"
  • The Finger - Hunters & Collectors
    "Took a lie, took a lie, took a lifetime Took a lie, took a lie, took a lifetime Driven under 20k of rain I had to crawl, I had to beg, I had to pay for it through the nose To get into this tiny shiftless"
  • Finger Lakes - Nick Drake
    "As we drove on through the Finger Lakes Water shining at our side I was wrestling the demons in my mind But it seemed to me you were reaching for Some places we'd never been Where we'd leave the past On"
  • Symptom Finger - The Faint
    "Don't admit you're sick Let your fit body bury it The faintness that you feel Is nothing permanent Don't buy the sickness on TV You want your help, they want the fee You see the ads and start to think "I"
  • Finger Lakes - Blue Rodeo
    "As we drove on through the Finger Lakes Water shining at our side I was wrestling the demons in my mind But it seemed to me you were reaching for Some places wed never been Where wed leave the past"
  • Stink Finger - Limp Bizkit
    "I've seen your campus And thinking I've been there before You know something, I live in this pig pen this filthy pig pen next door Another picture My aroma, stick that nose up in the air Is that the excuse"
  • Schlimmer Finger - Raab Stefan
    "Es war ein Tag wie jeder andere, als ich locker-flockig um die Ecke wanderte und in dem Caf, in das ich gerne geh ob ich sitze oder steh dan letztendlich auch landete O.K. - Tee fr mich, sagte ich zum"
  • Gasoline Finger - Tandjent
    "Touch me with fingers of innocence Unknown peril amid the dark stream Careless digits betrayed clinging passion To burn the senses of flesh Helpless hate inside of me Impotence of action chemical cleansing Then"
  • Finger Prints - Kellie Coffey
    "(Brett James/John Bettis) There I was, all alone. Someone in just the right place for something to go wrong. Just when I thought that I was safe and sound. He picked all the locks protecting me and got"
  • Finger Redux - Hot Cross
    "Sifting through 3 years 8 months and a handful of dust like shadows falling through a matrix of "wish I hads" And it's much harder to see how much space was taken when your chest pounds with the footsteps"
  • Ring Finger - RJD2
    "1, 2... 1 2 3 4 {during the first 25 seconds it sounds like there's an "uhn" with the snare hit} And now, Don't pull me down on you. I be the woman of a consume. Comes from the saught desires, I can"
  • Finger poppin - Tina Turner
    "I used to jump when you calledAnd I would cry when you leaveI had to plan every moveJust to keep you pleasedBut I don't care no moreAbout nothing you doNow I'm goin' shoppin'Finger, fingerpoppin' on youI"

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