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  • Fly flamingo - Goombay Dance Band
    "with the money, I will make the next plane I hope to take If the bird gets ready for me I will catch just in time. I see Lisa scratching me back and the children playing around When the dogs bark in the"
  • Fly away flamingo - Fernando Express
    "Fly away flamingo, fly away!Flieg zu den Sternen der PhantasieFly away flamingo, fly away!Flieg einfach fort, ich vergess dich nie.Fly flamingo good bye fly away!Die Sonne erwacht am Valiu,du breitest"
  • Flamingo - Spinvis
    "drink, drink, drink elke druppel leeft kijk uit voor het geheim dat de flamingo heeft wee, wee, wee wie haar tranen drinkt de echo van het lied dat de flamingo zingt ren, ren, ren tot je niet meer kan je"
  • Pretty Flamingo - Darius
    "On our block all of the guys call her flamingo Cos her hair glows like the sun And her eyes can light the sky When she walks she walks so fine like a flamingo Crimson dress that clings so tight Out of"
  • Pretty Flamingo - The Queers
    "On our block all of the guys call her Flamingo 'Cause her hair blows like the sun And her eyes can light the sky When she walks she moves so fine Like a Flamingo Crimson dress *THAT* clings so tight She's"
  • Pretty Flamingo - Rod Stewart
    "(Mark Barken) All around all of the guys call her flamingo 'cause her hair glows like the sun and her eyes light up the sky When she walks by she moves so fine like a flamingo Crimson dress that clings"
  • Flamingo Baby - Violent Femmes
    "You're a flamingo you stand on one leg you're a flamingo baby you hatched from an egg well you hold your foot up so delicately over the sea and when it comes down it comes down on me well it used"
  • Flamingo Legs - Lemon Demon
    "I love when opportunity knocks. It rocks the stripes right outta my socks. I love the world and everything else; The trampolines and jingling bells. I'd love to say there's not a thing I detest. I'd love"
  • Pretty Flamingo - Manfred Mann
    "RAGAMUFFIN MAN Manfred Mann Born & raised as a rich man's son You were always the restless one Living high only made you low So you packed up & hit the road CHORUS: Hey, it's the Ragamuffin Man Life was"
  • Flamingo Snuff - Agoraphobic Nosebleed
    "Nose deep in Jamaican armpit pussy Tongue-fuckin' the spider hole Freeing the grenade pin with my teeth Who says in Miami it never snows? Blast fuck that slut into outer space A blizzard of cocaine and"
  • Pink Flamingo Kind Of Love - Rebecca Lynn Howard
    "(Rebecca Lynn Howard/Trey Bruce) Save your money on the flowers What's yours is mine is ours And I can grow my own Diamond rings and cars are easy And I think they're kinda cheesy Like summering in Rome I'm"
  • Fly - Grandaddy
    "I wish I I wish I wasn't so blind just for a little while You know you got some work to do now You know you got some work to do I wish I I wish I could fly just for a little while You know you got some"
  • fly fly fly - Adrina Thorpe
    "Adrina Thorpe Elusive fly fly fly I'm in a blue petal sky...roses, daisies spinning inside my mind and I float through the mist, the world below me seems so far behind like I can fly fly fly. nothing"
  • Fly - H-Blockx
    "alienated lying there with myself myself is someone else there's noone handcuffed in the place on that day redo the day or die that's all I think of 'but' for no lies I will deny that I hate myself - that"
  • Fly - Dreamtale
    "She was a slave not a wife There was nothing in life That she could care for She had no respect There was only reject All around her Once she had a dream Of something she had never seen Of someone in"
  • Fly - Maja Gawłowska
    "I believe in love I believe in Jesus Crazy love by the flies Carmen candy at sunset I believe in heaven I believe in hell too Smile and tears Sunny space I will fly honey I want to fly /2x I believe"
  • Fly - Tyrone Wells
    "Sittin' in the airport waiting for the plane to come One man walks, one man runs Seems to me every burden every care Is about to slip into the air Chorus: Some are eager to go Some have baggage in toe Some"
  • Fly - Zug Izland
    "Spread your wings, flyin over frozen mountains, crystal rivers, and geyser fountains, Driftin above China's mystic forests, float with the breeze across seas to shore, Deserts, cactus, and tumbleweeds, Irish"
  • Fly - D-Side
    "For so long Youve been holding on Smiling all the way I cant believe youre gone In your eyes We saw the strength to fight The ever fading light Now the memories Ease our pain and set you free Fly Fly away And"
  • Fly - Ellie Goulding
    "In the window Faces staring right past me They're on a date, feeling happy And I go in there and sit with them Make them laugh And be normal For an hour and a half Someone's tired But not mine 'Cause"

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