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  • Tracy Lawrence Steps
    "Little baby boy sittin' round his toys gettin' tired of crawling He's pullin' up on an easy chair he's gonna try a little walking He's takin' steps A six year old with a new school bag staring down his"
  • Berlin Steps
    "I know that you're removed It seems that you're so busy We barely recognize you here Do you recognize me? Are you walking away? Or have you gone? Are they just these little steps you're taking? Only"
  • Good Riddance Steps
    "When I beat my head against the wall of convention the blood I taste is everyone's I fought a battle thought unpopular for stakes nobody seems to see nobody sees but me one step forward two steps"
  • Aching Beauty Steps
    "Now I tend to a day dream Define a place where I could merge in Hide away, and never let steps in the sand Sublimate all what is To free myself from the grip of time Start again Wish a swelling wind Refuse"
  • Snapcase Steps
    "i want to live my life, live it my own way over throw the shame, the shame you dealt brought me to my knees always trying to please you instead of living for me, you say you say you know whats best for"
  • Slutbox Steps
    "Sometimes - i can almost feel you wrapped around my life - Squeezing tight your thighs shallow breathing and blacklight lust - Gives way as I'm coated in cremation dust Step by step I walk to the edge"
  • Mutton Birds Big fish
    "Jenny came home from her trip away last winter. No-one knew what had got into her. Soon you could not go two steps without getting word of her. And there were a lot who wished they never heard of her."
  • Nazareth Flying
    "D. McCafferty/P. Agnew/D. Sweet/M. Charlton Here I am flying Looking down at mother earth below Above me only blue skies Below me is a cotton candy world Here I am dreaming Plane I'm on flies gently"
  • Azn Dreamers Flying
    "Everyday I used to feel the pain And everyday I used to wait in vain, again and again And everyday I used to long for tomorrow, Till your love took away my sorrow I used to wish upon a star Just to find"
  • Chris Isaak Flying
    "I was playing a club by the Eiffel Tower. Taking a break for half an hour. A girl from the bar came out to talk. "Come on" she said "Let's take a walk". Monday was the day we met. Tuesday I was flying. Wednesday"
  • Michael Nesmith Flying
    "Silks and Satins and velvet soft evenings and penthouse nights Way down below me the maze of the city streets shine. I hear the soul and the heart of the city. It pounds. While I fly up here; I'm two thousand"
  • Atlantic Popes Flying
    "In times of trouble In times of grief In a land of make believe In loneliness of holiness There's a point of no return Before you know time has gone A rising wave has rushed along Flying for you drives"
  • Screaming Trees Flying
    "Moving around in the outer reaches Hiding out with all the creatures there The dirt is drifting down upon us But my friends would never crack a frown We're going to the poison planet We're going to it"
  • Godiego Flying
    "Flying on my cloud to freedom Flying till I've left the world behind The world is getting smaller down below I like the view the further up I go, Up on my cloud (*) Takin' it easy I'm only out for a little"
  • Rod Stewart Flying
    "(rod stewart, ron wood, ronnie lane) I'm flying across the ocean And I'm soaring back home To the place I was born and probably raised. And I'm flying across the mountains and valleys, Back home to the"
  • Nice Little Penguin Flying
    "Here I am, I'm on my own For the first time, really on my own So will I make it, will it work all right Can I make it through the night And I go... OOoooohh..... OOoooohh..... OOoooohh..... I am flying In"
  • Bryan Adams Flying
    "If you ever feel like you're gonna fall - oh I'll be there And if you ever feel down or feel small - oh don't despair And if you ever feel lost or feel alone - babe c'mon home Let's just make love - all"
  • Jack Bruce Flying
    "There's a sky somewhere far away Where the fallen angels play I can feel their music round me Sounds like they're free You can see them burning out in the night Turning shadows into light There are times"
  • Stan Rogers Flying
    "It was just like strapping 'em on and starting again, Coaching these kids to the top, and calling them men. I was a third round pick in the NHL And that's three years of living in hell, And going up flying,"
  • Faces Flying
    "(Ronnie Lane, Ron Wood, Rod Stewart) I'm flying across the ocean and I'm soaring back home to the place I was born and probably raised. And I'm flying across the mountains and valleys, back home to"

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