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FOR YOUR SOUL ft. Iga Kozacka

  • CHEMIA (ft. Iga Kozacka & MEZO) - FOR YOUR SOUL
    "Chemia która była we mnie i w tobie Gdzieś się skończyła Jest jak woda i ogień Nabrałam przekonania Nie mogę cię zmusić Nie będę chciała z tobą losu już kusić Wiele twarzy Wiele miejsc Wiele dni Byłam"
  • Gold (ft. IGO) - DJ BRK
    "You know that I’ve been really thinking Is it me last night? First I though it was someone like pure gold Now I know it was your light Show me how your loving So I could see it Even if I was blind"
  • For Your Soul - Why Store
    "For your touch Well I've been tortured so many ways For your touch Well I've been tortured now baby For your touch pretty girl Well I've been tortured so many ways For your touch I'm bending over backwards,"
  • Your soul - Ivri Lider
    "Scare away the fog And let the sky be clear Let's stand in light The shadow's full of fear You cannot just hide forever You'll break You're not that clever Just try for once Not holding back your love When"
  • Good for your soul - Oingo Boingo
    "Have you ever felt that somehow you were not yourself That your body was the same but everything around you wasn't right And images so strange and foreign Flooded in like raging water Have you ever been"
  • Soul - Van Morrison
    "Soul is a feeling, feeling deep within Soul is not the colour of your skin Soul is the essence, essence from within It is where everything begins Soul is what youve been through Whats true for you Where"
  • Soul - Rocco DeLuca And The Burden
    "I can't believe you're saying That you've given to me all that you can I can't believe you're thinking At the top of your lungs this feels so bad All that i see What's left here for me I want your soul Give"
  • Soul - matchbox twenty
    "Hang out my window and over your head Stare at your feelings to see where they end You're waiting here for someone else to break you from the inside You've been so composed We all know there's"
  • Soul - Urban Rock
    "Dont f**k with my heart Its hardly been used Dont want it all chewed up Or battered and bruised Dont waste it away Because i only have one Down want to look down and see that its gone I hope you understand While"
  • Soul - Kasia Stankiewicz
    "Hey, wake up When the light’s on He will .. For every day Hello You want to know how to not let go Want to see You wouldn’t just believe in love So why you give up why you give up why you give up my friend I"
  • Soul - Shinhwa
    "Moh reu gae ssuh ji chin nah reul boh myuh Nuhl ee jeul kkah noon moo reul heul li ji mahn Moht eet kkae ssuh hah yahn nuh ae mah eum eul Dah shi nae gae jool soo up neun ji ooh baby * I need your love"
  • Is your soul for sale - Babylon Zoo
    "All those simple songs we sang And the Christmas we spent yesterday, When we danced the night away. All my make-up it ran, And caused our love to fade away, We fade away, We fade away, We fade away, We"
  • Sold Your Soul For Fame - Wanderers
    "(Goldstein/Treganna) see you round for the last time first time in a different light found the time to ask myself is this vision right when we met three years ago I thought you were so cool I could sense"
  • Burn Your Soul - Pink Cream 69
    "You're the hunter Got the demon in your knees On a mountain And you're looking down to paradise Gonna brush away those wasted years And you'll never stop to wonder Are you making a name, are you feeling"
  • Your Soul Today - Chris Cornell
    "Sleeping on the road that takes you home Howling at the moon at midnight I want the wrong that sets you right I'll be praying at your bedside How long i've been a soul in the gutter I don't have a home"
  • Search Your Soul - One Way System
    "Look across the land What was green with sand It's all got out of hand The sea is full of shit No-one to admits to it Just my frame of mind Toxic fumes are in the air, Ask questions -- no-one cares"
  • Serve Your Soul - Ben Harper
    "Battles over which direction to kneel People reaching out to touch but forgetting to feel Daily breath shouldn't be a daily penance Is that what you believe or just a life sentence I look into the mirror And"
  • Rock Your Soul - Helldorado
    "When I come to you my sweet mistress I do not come to feel your sweet caress I wanna feel some pain I wanna hurt Bound by a ball and chain Treated like a piece of dirt Come on and let me rock your soul! Tonight"
  • Save Your Soul - Spiritual Beggars
    "Let me sing for pleasure Let me drink my treasure Up to the mountain of faith Hit me again While you kiss your left brain You oppress you right brain Ice-pops up in your arse You run with the flock"
  • Recover Your Soul - Elton John
    "Baby you're missing something in the air I got a name but it don't matter What's going on, it's cold in here You have a life but it's torn and tattered Maybe you're losing pieces of your heart You have"

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