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FOZZY - Evolution of Fozzy

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FOZZY - Evolution of Fozzy

  • Evolution - Heaven's Gate
    "The whole world is tangled in reins The horse's running fast, you can't tame it Vision attack and the devil is hung on it's back Lifestyle, a multiple choice Captured by millions of voices Dreams and illusions"
  • Evolution - Viper
    "The big desert is far from here Scarlet clouds in the atmosphere Built by hands of a million men Darkest silence of a dead land. Every night I say a pray Asking god to see you again I will bring you back"
  • Evolution - Decoded Feedback
    "I've seen the world in its creation Oceans blue shining in perfection Time will destroy this illusion Atomic bombs in waves of mutilation Its evolution I've felt the cold technology injection I've seen"
  • Evolution - Dreamstate
    "I'm awake and I'm alive Coming back from the other side On way to final destination Adrenaline intensifye Hold on and you can find I believe in the power of my dedication From the end and burning eyes Oh,"
  • Evolution - Bee Gees
    "There's a law in what we do We got a quest for something new Everything you witness seems to Let you down If someone gets you from behind I got an open mind And you've been thirsty for the friend you found Close"
  • Evolution - Oleta Adams
    "We can travel to the planets, drive a mile through solid granite, thrive in all extremes of weather, but we can not live together. We have pondered our existence, tracked the comets in the distance, but"
  • Evolution - The Pharcyde
    "(Slimkid3) Yo..inhale, exhale Been a long time coming, still a long way to go Evolution of manhood Evolution, revolution (Slimkid3) Born with sight but became sightless Rehabilitated visions from being"
  • Evolution - Blaze Bayley
    "Eyes never tire, they never blink, they never fade And they always see And without fear, and without greed, emotionless They view us logically The age of machines destined to rule all The world of"
  • Evolution - Blaze
    "Eyes never tire, they never blink, they never fade And they always see And without fear, and without greed, emotionless They view us logically The age of machines destined to rule all The world of machines"
  • Evolution - Clawfinger
    "Revelation part one 1.We're a superior lifeform 2.We think we're an intelligent race 3.We know that we've got all the right solutions 4.We've travelled to the moon and explored new ground in space 5.We've"
  • Evolution - 311
    "My computer is future shockin' download this and you'll start talkin' upgraded, you're now walkin' compatible with all that is rockin' comin' on fast, it's gettin' digital it's so huge, like a spiritual rippling"
  • Evolution - Gentleman
    "evolution all the do's and dont's will help you find your way resolution and you got to stand tall open mindet every day mysteries exist for us to find dem nothing never happens until it reach the time"
  • Evolution - Symphony X
    "(The Grand Design)Born from the light - journey into themoment, delivered from thought and skyHe will be one, one with the landLord of wind and the sea and the sandsThe one - The bringer of life"All will"
  • Evolution - Running Wild
    "Cries - for one lost nation reaching out against the wall Lies - to generations feeding minds that would not fall Danger for the free As they reach for the sky I should be laughing now Bu it's death in"
  • Evolution - The Legendary Pink Dots
    "If God was egg, if six were nine... If time was never measured, only killed in pleasure gardens of our making. If we'd never taken anything, but only given... If we could forgive, forget and rearrange"
  • Evolution - Subhumans
    "out in the garden there's a little white rabbit like revlon toture for your clean little habits as you wash your hair to keep it clean you get to wonder why vosene's green and forget about the silent animal"
  • Evolution - Pete Townshend
    "Well, once I was a stone, many years ago Into a pool was thrown, many years ago Time went by and the pool ran dry Excavated was I, and tempered and beat in the fiery heat By the hand of a man, whose name"
  • End Of Days - Fozzy
    "What happened to all of us? The things we say, our evil ways Who can we, to really trust? Our lies and betrayal, is why we fail Can you believe in love? Lost in this world Can you believe in love? And"
  • Born Of Anger - Fozzy
    "Winter's breath feels so cold Calling chaos from control Depths of madness to unfold As my inner demons feed A battery that's charged inside Powering my redrum ride Dr. Jeckyll quickly turns to Hyde Now"
  • Daze Of The Week - Fozzy
    "Lightning strikes turning ashes to embers Starting the fire ignites the fuel I bring Burning ambition will give me protection Reach for the ring and you will be the King The King! This iron will is my"

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