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    "You should know my life is out of tune I have the think you feel quite the same It's hard for me to talk and express myself But let me explain I live in the loneliness So I sing it loud You're always"
  • Pain Of Salvation Fandango
    "Watch them dance... She is intimacy - a wonder of closeness Fighting hypocrisy - a lonely child that Never could believe, yet never give up On life's insanity Understanding is all, she fails to find it She"
  • Ani DiFranco Fuel
    "They were digging a new foudation in Manhattan And they discovered a slave cemetary there May their souls rest easy Now that lynching is frowned upon And we've moved on to the electric chair And I wonder"
  • Cantatonia Fuel
    "Go tell the captain there's no waters left to navigate They sailed them all for you Go tell the engine room 'stop stokin up the fire' We're out of fuel Doom looms large on my horizon Mountain toxic,"
  • Sadus Fuel
    "One way promise me - Hope I disagree They'll lie inherit me - No honesty now I do agree Hope - Fear - Desire My time is their gain I will achieve despite the inhuman lie again Faceless - Bastard wins Fuel"
  • Daan Fuel
    "Oh my little thief, you've been slipping through the wrong sieve. On my little yacht, all we thought about was shore leave. Single exhaust truck doomed to vanish in it's own mist. Oh I liked the plan, but"
  • Lo-Pro Fuel
    "All my life leads to the same old thing And all my dreams leave me with broken wings Yeah, at least I'm nothing At least I'm nothing Like you I waited so long And I hope it's not too late To dig ourselves"
  • Admiral Twin Figi Fandango
    "(Carr) I sailed out to sea with Figi Fandango She looked so good to me with her hair up in tangles. Figi never lived a life of royalty she had other dreams Figi wanted freedom but she didn't need material"
  • Cadence Weapon Grim Fandango
    "skulls like crossbones, boneheads and barelimbs a spare grim when I tear the air, apparent daring to be truthful, but with winners with no scruples using the useful lights that would suit his pupils looking"
  • Fuel New thing
    "Take me out alive Take me out it's all so stale Give me another life Excuse me if i tried and failed And I don't mind if I fall It's not that far at all Chorus: I got a new thing, it's so inspired It's"
  • MALINSKY Love Fuel
    "In this world of hate Fear and loneliness around We should find ourself In this flame of love and light Between love and hate Please don't forget to feel it That we belive in love And everyone can see"
  • Dire Straits Heavy Fuel
    "last time I was sober, man I felt bad worst hangover that I ever had it took six hamburgers and scotch all night nicotine for breakfast just to put me right 'cos if you wanna run cool if you wanna run"
  • Swollen Members Fuel Injected
    "(Chorus x2) Swollen members gonna make y'all stop Take a minute and remember who takes the top All the critics and the cynics your time is up Just admit it and rewind it when this rhyme is up It's hot"
  • Steve Miller Band Fandango
    "(Steve Miller) Kim, come and play the drum Kim, come and join the fun Can you hear me? Come and play the drum Dance a light fandango Take me 'round and 'round Dance a light fandango Never let me down Dance"
  • Ornella Vanoni Fandango
    "Lhanno chiamata consuelo pilar Consolazione dei draghi e delle Spugne dei bar Ventanni e passa di fandango ubriaco Hanno sfregato le sue cosce E la chitarra di paco Ma quando getta la gonna al cielo Qualcuno"
  • Edoardo Bennato Fandango
    "Oramai che i baci tuoi pi non mi sazian cercher un'altra donna, dentro i sogni di Tarzan Si lo so, che tu di me hai scarsa considerazione per prima di darti il tempo di fare la prima mossa mi trovo un"
  • Fandango Gang Fandango Gang
    "x2 Ej man, jestem niebezpieczny kiedy gram Uderzam w ciebie jak ten taran Kiedy tylko pojawi się drumm zjawia się Fandango Gang Dzień tnie wszystkie miasta i karki pnie Chowają się bo wiedzą, że Nieposłuszni"
  • Soulfly Fuel the hate
    "Fuel this hate And you'll never be the same again Now I'm feeling again and again Fuel this hate And you're living on the edge again Just like we felt back then Fuel this hate And you'll never be the same"
  • Ani DiFranco Fuel (spoken Word)
    "Ani Difranco Little Plastic Castle Fuel (spoken Word) They were digging a new foudation in manhattan And they discovered a slave cemetary there May their souls rest easy Now that lynching is frowned upon And"
  • Satyricon Fuel For Hatred
    "Scornful, relentless memory Ripped of all but drive Undressed by betrayal Zero tolerance for the souldead Wish I was the violence, Inflicted upon you Fuel for Hatred, air raid siren to mankind Little you, Still"

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