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  • Dukaty - Future Folk
    "Pockoj chłopce opowiem ci historię, Jak downiej bywało, co zyć się chciało Wiatr Halny dmuchoł, smreki łomało Bawić się chciało, ciągle było mało Kierpce gnietom, a podłoga skrzypi Karcma dudni, muzyka"
  • Suddenly It's A Folk Song - Future Of The Left
    "Made a living from contract bridge Boring, but magnificent Surely you're amazed by it Suddenly these processes Do not seem significant Now we are not worthy of friends Open wide for - sudden folk songs Hide"
  • Hide Away Folk Family - They Might Be Giants
    "Hide away folk family Or else someone's gonna get ya (someone's gonna get ya) Someone's gonna get ya Hide away folk family Better hide away Better hide away Tippy toe to the front door, Mother 'Cause there's"
  • Folk - Ulf Lundell
    "Alla r romantiker, ingen hr r ateist Nr du brjar r du frst, nr du slutar r du sist Havet r ett helvete och stranden r en grav Bara trasiga grgula moln nu p himlen sen han gav sig av Hon hrde inte"
  • Folk - Thrice
    "your once a sweet little girl, so innocent and pure, your eyes were open and sure that anyone could look right in, and i fallow closely your gaze, you looked up towards the sky, and i watched your face"
  • Folk - Dustin Kensrue
    "You were once a sweet little girl So innocent and pure Your eyes were open and sure - anyone could look right in And I follwed closely your gaze You looked up towards the sky And I watched your face drift"
  • Krakowiacy i górale - Future Folk
    ""Krakowiacy i górale" - z piosenką o takim tytule formacja Future Folk zakwalifikowała się na listę 10 wykonawców, którzy będą rywalizowali o prawo reprezentowania Polski podczas 63. Konkursu Piosenki"
  • Kin Folk - Sesame Street
    "spoken: Ernie: And now, we'd like to do a song about our roots. Bert: Ernie, we're gonna sing about trees? Ernie: No, Bert. By roots I mean family. Or, as we say here in the country, kin folk. Bert:"
  • Folk Raider - Fiddler's Green
    "So long ago, I still remember the first show We played like a bunch of fools you know But even then, they called us folk invaders Just ask me another, caus I don't wanna show off Now there is nothing"
  • People Folk - Tunng
    "I saw the sun I saw the sun I saw the sun fall on everyone I saw the sun the people had to run I see the stars I see the stars I see the stars try to reach my heart I see the stars the people the way"
  • Folk Song - Ash
    "Lying in the long long grass Blossom on the trees Springtime's slipping away my love Yeah springtime's slipping away When it comes around again It will never be the same Heaven's slipping away my love Yeah"
  • Folk Song - Jack Bruce
    "How will I find you O my love In the darkness of day I will look in glass forests Where electric fish play How will I see you when I find you In the brightness of light I will see you on the silver train That"
  • Folk Monologue - Barbra Streisand
    "Can I get my glass of tea? mmm, nothing like it! At this time I would like very much to do a folksong. since folksongs, I think are still popular today. uhm, this one is in latvian and it's From latvia."
  • Folk Song - The Sundays
    "summer sky and a throat bone dry and all the fields are all gold dusty lane with a song in my brain and it stoned me to my soul i climb higher move towards the fire blaze sun silver trees and a whispering"
  • Folk Singer - Glen Campbell
    "As I walk these narrow streets where a million passin' feet are before me With my guitar in my hand suddenly I realize nobody knows me Well yesterday the motor toots screamed and cried my name out for"
  • Folk Song - Dillinger Four
    "It's like picking up the pieces is a daily chore Thinking of your time card forms a habit Watching rick folks on T.V.'s like picking a sore Fuck it all, they can have it And now I'm loaded like a gun again Like"
  • Folk Song - David Gray
    "I have waited the night over For some word to come I asked the moon o'er the clover But the moon she is dumb You have made me a promise At midnight we'd go And that we should be married Sailing westward"
  • Hyper folk - Sound Lovers
    "Some people dance in the sunshine some people sing in the night somebody follows the rhythm moving the head to the sound some people dance in the moonlight some people sing in the rain somebody follows"
  • Future - Sonic Adventure
    "Time......comes......Time....goes.....! You cannot stop it anyway! We look after it, but we can't heal! Future, Future, Future, Future! It comes, it comes, it comes, it comes! Do you feel the Past? Do"
  • Future - Khalil x Kehlani x Justin Bieber
    "(It's too easy) Future, such a great future Oh, baby, we'll see what the future holds for us When it's raining, it's pouring, Hw do I always end up the enemy? How do I wake up in the morning? You're"

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