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Face the world

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Face the world

  • Face The World - Everon
    "Why don't you realise There are things that are so clear And pretend that everything is alright While you try to make believe That there ain't nothing wrong You can't count your sleepless nights What"
  • Face The World - Unhinged
    "you can take it all for granted tell me i throw my life away tell me to be just like you as you drag me down every day i've watched you fight among yourselves what the hell am i supposed to learn? all"
  • Face The World - Lucky 7
    "Hey, you walk into my room you sit down by my side and that's alright you light a cigarette and share a glass of mine you make small talk with me to pass the time Hey, I've seen this place before and"
  • Face - Beck
    "Large lips in the motion Trying to keep blaming on As I say reason I'm late on Find you turning Laughing and smiling Running over sometimes Feel like you leave me behind Now you don't have to mind it Find"
  • Face - NRG
    "I will throw all my hypocrisy away I promise myself this and I stop right here But I lose my courage by all the stares of the people In sadness, in happiness I cry and laugh This is me but people are laughing"
  • Face - World War Four
    "Been a long time coming crawling up from the gutter It was just this morning I saw you watch me suffer. Beneath this neat facade down beneath the remains I lay covered in hurt you denied any blame But"
  • Face The World Alone - Ricky Shane
    "The sun goes down on another romance and leaves a chill in your heart the wind blows cold on a victim of chance who waits for the summer to start. Face the world alone take your chances on your own when"
  • The Face - RyanDan
    "Traveller of the great divides Vagrant on a path to life Everyday feels a little closer To where it is that you're headed for Given to a hope of so much more For everytime you fall apart There'll be"
  • Face to face - 2 Unlimited
    "{ANITA:} Face to face and eye to eyeFace to face and eye to eyeFace to face and eye to eyeFace to face and eye to eye{RAY:} Leaves from the tree, fall down on the floorLife comes and goes, you can't ignoreTouch"
  • Face To Face - Gary Barlow & Elton John
    "It’s a true sign of a soldier Taking care of the hearts around us And the whole world loves a hero A leader and a shoulder to cry on That’s what you are to me Everyone around can see yeah When we’re"
  • Face To Face - Tommy Lee
    "let the mayhem begin... i thought you had my back.. thought i knew you it's clear to me.. you'll see.. i don't play that game don't claim to be the same as me, cause you're not you ain't gotta shot.."
  • Face To Face - Olivia Newton-John
    "(B. Gibb/M. Gibb/G. Bitzer) Love can't be love If it's just for the moment Only to pass the night away As we both get nearer Deeper love is so much clearer Long as we do it face to face And I have known All"
  • Face To Face - Yes
    "Anderson/Squire/Howe/White/Sherwood/Khoroshev Here we are trying to mend all the broken hearts In a world where the pain is the fear Ain't no doubt there's a method to madness here Set your clock to the"
  • Face To Face - Bee Gees
    "Love can't be love If it's just for the moment Only to pass the night away As we both get nearer Deeper love is so much clearer Long as we do it face to face And I have known All the lost lonely people My"
  • Face To Face - Justifide
    "Ridin' high on your accomplishments And always claim, "Self-made, I'm the one because I'm gettin' paid, Now I'm my own god, and this is my world, I'm at the top, uh-uh, I can't be stopped" Well now, don't"
  • Face To Face - Axxis
    "A lot of memories fade away But not those awful days When you're a man without grace A soldier without a face No one really knows the truth About blood on glorious shoes About a million killing hands"
  • Face To Face - PFR
    "For so long we walk in darkness Hoping to find the way But without something or someone to guide us We stuble blindly day after day So he lights candles in hopes that we'll see Glimpses of him in this"
  • Weasel Face - The Ramones
    "Twenty four hours ago no one could help me I'm alone in life no where to go So I picked up the phone called out for help Some one please help me I'm afraid and alone Weasel face Weasel face Weasel face It's"
  • Face Down - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
    "Hey girl you know you drive me crazy One look puts the rhythm in my hand Still I'll never understand why you hang around I see what's going down Cover up with makeup in the mirror Tell yourself it's never"
  • Face Up Face Down - Yu-Gi-Oh
    "Welcome all my honored guests To the utimate duel of the best of the best At my invitation you come to compete For the honor of suffering the final defeat Isn't it grand what I've managed to do By kidnapping"

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