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Facing my demona

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Facing my demona

  • Demona - Dead Moon
    "I thought I could avoid you but I was wrong What seemed to be so innocent has long since gone You took me to dependency, I tried to get clean I'm not the only one who sais it can't happen to me You've"
  • Facing Changes - Hangnail
    "It happened with out warning, it came so fast. Unanswered questions hanging, over my head. Facing changes, on my own, never helping, Im falling back in the hole. Facing changes, not my own, unexpecting,"
  • Facing Hell - Ozzy Osbourne
    "You make promise of protection To a future after life To the final resurrection And to eternal paradise But then I'm blinded with temptation And to every mortal sin Is it God that sits there waiting? Or"
  • Facing Up - Kate Voegele
    "I use no exaggeration I'm plainly hanging by a thread And I'm running low on patience But don't go blame it on yourself I wish that I was in my right mind But I've left myself unnecessary chores I make"
  • Facing reality - Imperia
    "As I'm facing reality, leaving my own worldGazing towards the velvet skyBury the dreams that I once had for to fall into forever sleepFacing realityFacing realityWill you protect me from the cold?Will"
  • Facing You - Nothing To Lose
    "Every time I look out to you, there's a face that I cannot recognize. Someone out there, someone different. Another one to make me crazy and think twice. Last night that was not me talking randomly. I"
  • Facing off - M.O.P.
    "Come on, come on Rap dudes, let's rap Rap dudes Yeah, (laughing) Yeah, come on motherfucka Yea I gave ya a hour nigga But now I want my shit back Bring it ot ya ass Fizzy Wo Mack, L.A. I'm a continue to"
  • Facing Failure - Funeral
    "Now the snow just as might lay cloaking all the remains shrouding of all the wounds and sores of losses and fatigue with pure, white amnesia The shrieking ruin of a hard winter's kiss takes forever more"
  • Facing The Wind - Nico
    "It's holding me against my will And doesn't leave me still Amazons are riding out To find a meaning for The name, my name In the rain My spinning on my Name In the rain, in the rain When did it begin? When"
  • Facing The Wall - Feeling Left Out
    "If I gave you the time that you need to survive Do you promise me you'd make it out alive And you don't have to say yes Just please keep this We're better off together than nothing at all And I'm watching"
  • Facing The Wall - Joe Wilson
    "If I gave you the time that you need to survive Do you promise me you'd make it out alive And you don't have to say yes Just please keep this We're better off together than nothing at all And I'm watching"
  • Tails Facing Up - Drive-By Truckers
    "(Hood / Cooley, Hood, Lane, Malone, Neff) Me and my brother's old lady went out and got stinking, she solved her curiosities about me by the railroad tracks. She said I reminded her of him before he started"
  • Facing And Backing - Hot Water Music
    "i'll stand and push forward with outing hands and clear lines and i'll figure some definition i'm spent but still building out the words drawn the lines now you're sending me around again i've seen better"
  • Demon - Keith Richards
    "I'm just letting you in, maybe you know Let me tell you something It's so painful to say Which way to go, I don't know There's a demon in me, demon in me Demon in me, yeah I can't live without it Every"
  • Demon - Entombed
    "Demon, come live in me possession, fill me with disease temptation, a fire set aflame feral instincts help me go insane Shameless, searching endlessly to appease the burning urge in me hunger of a thousand"
  • Demon - Shadow Man
    "Shh, do you hear that sound? It's death's sound over my shoulder, I grow colder Here it comes now flapping down You gotta be ready or it'll take on over Ravage my brain and destroy my soul Leave my heart"
  • Demon - Wolf
    "When you search for your inner light and you've opened every door I come to see you again, like so many, many times before I am the demon, in your mind, I will make you blind I will make you blind It's"
  • Demon - Sylvia Juncosa
    "I got a lover that's trying to kill me I got a shadow that I once called a friend I got a feeling I'm dying too fast Some animal instinct says I'm nearing the end I'm on the ground, my face in the dirt Can't"
  • Demon - Trivium
    "Pull the blood upon your face Grip dementia I am now enslaved through hate Suffer my fate decide Decide Shot in their blackened tombs Death burning my eyes Invert birth great fiery womb Time to ever"
  • Demon - London After Midnight
    "Through darkened streets and blackened gloom the candles dim in your bedroom rain reflecting shadows in the night the moon is full and through the mist I hear your voice I feel your kiss the line grows"

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