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Fadee Cant Let Go

  • Cant Let Go - Out of Eden
    "Listen to the color of your dreams Turn off you mind Relax and flow down-stream And it's not dying then it's not dying Lay down all throughts Surrender to the void And it is shining It is shining That"
  • Cant Let U Go - 1TYM
    "chagaoon saebyeokgonggee saeero naeppoomneun hansoom heem eopneun noon yawee-eojeen nae moseup nega eesseulddae tareun mweongal chaja heme-eedeon nan neo ddeonan jeegeum all Im feeling is pain in the dark ddaseuhan"
  • Just Cant Let You Go - Omarion
    "This feels so good B. Cox Omarion In the beginning we were supposed to be temporary But you put that thang on me. They tryna explain to me That I should just let it be 'Cause I'm lookin' crazy. But"
  • Canto de Ossanha (Let Go) - Astrud Gilberto
    "O homem que diz dou no d Porque quem d mesmo no diz O homem que diz vou no vai Porque quando foi j no quis O homem que diz sou no Porque quem mesmo no sou O homem que diz t no t Porque ningum t quando"
  • Let go - Barlow Girl
    "Yeah I trust in YouI remember times You led meThis time its bigger nowAnd Im afraid Youll let me downBut how can I be certain?Will You prove Yourself again?Chorus:Cause Im about to let goAnd live what"
  • Words Cant Explain - Tesla
    "Once upon a day Love walked away Soon after I would learn Only never to return Feeling life was through Like it was to you Save me before I drown Put me up on dryer ground And I meant what I said When"
  • Can't Let Go - Landon Pigg
    "Well youre the closest thing I have To bring up in a conversation About a love that didnt last But I could never call you mine Cause I could never call myself yours And if we were really meant to be Well"
  • Can't let go - Bryan Ferry
    "Well I rush out blazin My pulse is racin As the rain streams down my face Theres no turning back now To fight with fate Outnumbered n out of place They said go west young man, thats best Its there youll"
  • Let Me Go - Josh Golden
    "What happened to the girl I used to know She was perfect- No she was just a show Why couldnt anyone let me know You cant just take it back When you act like that Its just so hard for me to move on [ ] How"
  • Let it go - SOiL
    "How far will a falling star take me How far can I go can I go Gotta be what the nightmare made me Gotta be gotta be what I see Jump clear of the falling parts from me How far will they go will they go"
  • Let it go - H-Blockx
    "When you think you're on the groundwhen your life is upside downyou life the nights sleep trough the daywhen confusions your best friendand all this might be destinyor you can turn it all arroundcome on"
  • Let' Go Crazy - The Poets
    "LETS GO CRAZY! (Thomas G:son) Friday night and Im in love I cant hide it, fight it, (I) cant be stopped tonight I want to feel your heartbeat Oh, baby all that I need is just to have some fun tonight CHORUS Lets"
  • Let Her Go - Atticus
    "i guess its only the men who get fucked now and again we take our chicks to the mall we waited parking stalls and when we come home to late she's pissed that she had to wait and my excuse not to call"
  • Let it go - Sweet Rush
    "verse: Iman i dont even know how to say this and i dont wanna make no excuses this has been on my mind for a while so umma stop stallin and just say it we were so cool when we started out made me feel"
  • Let this go - Paramore
    "Maybe if my heart stops beatingIt wont hurt this muchAnd never will i have toAnswer again to anyonePlease don't get me wrongBecause ill never let this goBut i can't find the words to tell youI don't want"
  • Let It Go - Frankie J
    "Were gunna take it to the club for thiiss one.. Frankie j.... pitbull... Looks like we gottaa nothaa one [.. Spanish] Soon as you walk through the door I know I've seen you before. Yes , I remember baby. You"
  • Don't let go - Massari
    "Dont let go of my body shorty i know what u want Massari what i can do from the back i can do from the front, yea Don't so y u choosin to front forget your man wat i do in a day Let he couldnt do in a"
  • Never Let Go - Close To Home
    "Someone please save me I'm alone, I'm falling further down, Lift me up, You know that I'm never gonna let you down, (I won't let you down) You know I'll always be around When no one's there by your side, I'll"
  • Let It Go - Limp Bizkit
    "Run, is that all you can do, Its all youve been doing since you been 2, You just run, You run away from change, Leaving me bleeding but you cant see. Your so dumb, With your big dumb face, And your big"
  • Don't Let Go - Snoop Doggy Dogg
    "Uh. Yea. (Don't Let Go) Life, life (Don't Let Go) I'm the coldest of the coldest, the dopest of the dopest The smoothest of the smoothest and locest of the locest The whole world on point for this new"

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