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Fadee more on my way

  • ON MY WAY - The Melodic
    "I found an open door (I'm on my way) I think of love once more (I'm on my way) Precious time on your own Seeing more than you care to say And the mist falls away (I'm on my way) At times I've tried to"
  • On My Way - Phil Collins
    "Tell everybody I'm on my way New friends and new places to see With blue skies ahead yes I'm on my way And there's nowhere else that I'd rather be Tell everybody I'm on my way And I'm loving every step"
  • On My Way - Off By One
    "Ask me what i want to be And i will say i will be me Nothing more and nothing less today and yesterday you'll see Nothing changes in my world Im just looking for a thrill Why does everybody have to be"
  • On My Way - No Fun At All
    "I guess I'm on my way No reason left to stay Nobody to comfort me In my loneliest time Your love was all I had So joyfull, never sad I never could understand Why you lost all your vitality Now I'm loosing"
  • On My Way - Bombshell Rocks
    "the snow comes falling down the flakes do their best to cover up the ground and i'm inside lookin out the sun has swept away to make place for the night nothing left to do nothing left to say cuz i'm already"
  • On My Way - DeSol
    "I'm on my way to the promised land That's where I'll go I'm on my way I'm on my way to the promised land Thats where i go I'm on my way One dance and you'll understand Two dead in the devils hand You"
  • On My Way - Jadakiss
    "(feat. Swizz Beatz) Aiyyo Swizz check it out I'm shoot over to Cali, yknahmsayin? Check this movie out Then I'ma check honey out Then I'ma fly back to N.Y., see what's goin on in the projects Then I'ma"
  • On My Way - Cheetah Girls
    "I used to say when I was a child I could do anything Be everything I though I had the world in my hands And everything revolved around me It was all about me Pre-Chorus: I wanted this and that and more I"
  • On My Way - Karin Park
    "I'm on my way No one around me could tell me to stay After so long I travel the miles just to see if your home Lala lala Time has told me not to wait CHORUS I wanted to be like the first time I sat by"
  • One More Way - Serafin
    "ooh oooh ooh she heals a wound an open wound she heals a wound an open wound she fills a void she fills an empty void she fills a void an empty void go on help me come make me pay come on"
  • More - Tamia
    "Mmhmm mmhmmm (giggle) i loved you, I loved you (more) when you had no money (more) use to say i love you (more) baby all i need Is, More time and more mind, i loved you (more) every day was sunny (more)"
  • More - Gavin Mikhail
    "I know, know you, you don't like To hear the words that I might say Of how Im living, spending my days Belief in what I'm doing The right to fight for who and what I am You know it's mine and so I"
  • More - Poor Old Lu
    "As one of the last songs written for Mindsize, we chose to put it as the first song that many people would ever hear of us. It also became our very first "official" single, being packaged with Mortal's"
  • I'm On My Way - DJ Inox & Nick Sinckler
    "I’m On My Way 8x Gotta get moving can’t be late Sun’s going down No time to waste Chorus I’m on my way I'm on my way I'm on my way I'm on my yea (rep 2’xs) Look at the time I gotta go I’m on my way To"
  • I'm On My Way - Kellie Pickler
    "I've felt the power of forgiveness I know that life can let you down I'm not blind No, I don't need a witness To tell me there's angels all around My eyes have seen more than they want to My heart has"
  • Happy On My Way - Bill Monroe & His Bluegrass Boys
    "I want to thank Jesus for the way that I feel I'm so full of religion I just can't be still I want to sing it and shout it and let the people know That I'm saved by his mercy and I'm ready to go That's"
  • Carry On My Way - Yngwie Malmsteen
    "{Refrain Carry on my wayward son There'll be peace when you are done Lay your weary head to rest Don't you cry no more Once I rose above the noise and confusion Just to get a glimpse beyond this illusion I"
  • My way - Kid Alex
    "We can't stop we can't stop I only see you when you are coming home Too much time for me to be alone Your dirty clothes laying on the floor And the dishes getting more and more I have to pay the pent on"
  • My Way - Pearl Jam
    "And out isn't perfect My friends,I'll say it too Stay my case,of which I'm certain I've lived a life as full I've travelled each and every highway Oh,and more,as more gets... I did it my way Regrets,I've"
  • My Way - Gil
    "I can't stop thinking how my future is going to be For this particular reason if there will be someone for me There's no explanation why friends in life come and go My deep emotion - I don't want them"

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