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Fader goodbye

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Fader goodbye

  • Fader - Roisin Murphy
    "They won't choke the life out my vein jokes The fun'll go on, oh, oh yeah I'll meet my maker, sometime a little later In the meantime To you l belong There's no pain without the gains of feeling something"
  • Fader - Paradise Lost
    "It's In My Heart; It's In Your Soul, You Choose To Judge, Is That Your Role? Don't Analyse Or Complicate, You'll Critisise, You Can't Relate... And Now You Want Some Understanding. What's My Point Of"
  • Fader - Drugstore
    "I'm gonna dig myself a hole And get my head inside I'm gonna keep my eyes closed Feel my heart dripping by Life can be so ordinary I did try to make mine good But I've made so many mistakes Down in my"
  • Push The Fader - Girls Against Boys
    "Push the fader I'm tired Push the fader I'm weak It's the only way to be Breath it in drink it it Ya got 10 more minutes So push the fader get it right Cause ya still owe me You still owe me Cut it can"
  • Goodbye - Beatles
    "Please don't wake me up too late. Tomorrow comes and I will not be late. Late today when it becomes Tomorrow I Will leave and go away. Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye. My love, goodbye. Songs"
  • Goodbye - Longview
    "Still the same, always changing Move along, still remaining But when you gave yourself away You had nothing to say What you said before Didn't matter anymore You weren't the same after that You weren't"
  • Goodbye - Circle Of Dust
    "How long will this moment wait, here for me to realize I wanted to understand before this moment said goodbye Goodbye (Said goodbye) Goodbye (Moment said goodbye) So lost, so far from what I knew Would"
  • Goodbye - Amy Jo Johnson
    "Do you see me, like I see you? Do you hear me, when I speak with you? Do you feel me, loving you? Did you say me, 'cause I say you? But it's goodbye, goodbye Goodbye, goodbye Goodbye, goodbye again I"
  • Goodbye - Audio Adrenaline
    "You'll be fine tomorrow The sun will rise again It's never easy to say goodbye You know I'll always love you You know I always will Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye My old friend (My old friend) Goodbye, goodbye,"
  • Goodbye - Negative
    "We've been down We've been down all our lives We have seen so many ways So many ways So many ways that hurt inside I've got nothing left to say to you Goodbye Goodbye, my friend Goodbye Goodbye, my love Goodbye Goodbye,"
  • Goodbye - Scheer
    "I don't want to leave you, Our time can't be over, All my dreams, see them die, As I kiss you, Goodbye., goodbye, goodbye. This house has too many, Ghosts and haunting memories, All the angels they cried"
  • Goodbye - Evolution
    "do you remember, when we were young? look at the mirror, and what do you see? it takes me back to unforgettable old times linked by an endless thread goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye now I remember,"
  • Goodbye - Celldweller
    "How long will this moment wait? Goodbye... (Wait here) How long will this moment wait Here for me to realize I'm needing to understand Before this moment says goodye (Wait here) Said goodbye (Wait here) This"
  • Goodbye - Oblivion Dust
    "Kowarekaketa hibi Tsukurinaoseba ii I'm breaking down To live forever Chikadzuku nara ima Kimi to boku to de It's a now or never Let's make it better Mou wasuresasete Ima kara Umarekawaru Mou"
  • Goodbye - The Coral
    "I, I look into her eyes Saw through her disguise But never realised That we were longing to be free Runaway to sea Well that could never be Goodbye don't say goodbye I'd rather die Than say goodbye Once"
  • Goodbye - Archive
    "I'm thinking of you In my sleep They're not good thoughts The worst kind of sad I've noticed things Cannot be repaired When I wake up I'll be in despair Cause I know I've got to say I know I've got to"
  • Goodbye - Alabama
    "Before I fly and wave goodbye I say to you, "Days with you Are the best years of my life" But if I don't see you anymore Keep my words safely stored And I'll be back I promise once more Goodbye, goodbye Till"
  • Goodbye - Helmet
    "It can't be hard to find a way to make your mark Just light yourself on fire, I'll sound a smoke alarm Still life will pass you by You're gone without a trace Might slow down just enough To spit right"
  • Goodbye - Nicole Kidman
    "Before i fly and wave goodbye,ill saver you.Days with you are the best years of my life.But if i dont see you anymore, keep my words safely stored and ill be back i promise,once more. Goodbye,goodbye,Till"
  • Goodbye - Tegan & Sara
    "Okay you found me out Beyond without a doubt Your lie is safe with me A friend I'm sure you are And on this day so far A fallen hundred see Hello. It's where I've been So goodbye goodbye goodbye goodbye Hello"

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