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Fairies and Dragons

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Fairies and Dragons

  • Dragons - Edwin McCain
    "Well im watching the dragons as they make another claimhe used to be a friend of mine, i called him by his namewell theres nothing you can say to nirvana when its packed up ina syringewe'll call up your"
  • Fairies Wear Boots - Ozzy Osbourne
    "Goin' home, late last night suddenly I got a fright Yeah I looked throughout the window and surprised what I saw Fairy boots were dancing' with a dwarf, all right now! Fairies wear boots and you gotta"
  • Cherries Suit Fairies - Randi Laubek
    "Cherries suit fairies Heads, a hat Cowboy suit prairies Stripes, a cat Sailors suit seas and you suit me and that is that! Singing suits Billie Shoes, a foot Ginger suits chilli Trees, a wood India suits"
  • Dragons And Demons - Godiego
    "(*) What lies in front of me, I don't know What's waiting in hiding, don't wanna know Ready to eat me and finish me off I shudder to think of their eyes that glow (**) I'm not a chicken, oh no not me I'm"
  • Demons And Dragons - Manfred Mann
    "Dragons rage outside your door But I'm on my way to save you Demons wage unholy war But I'm on my way to save you But the demons never need to know What the demons never got to see As we fall in and out"
  • Dungeons And Dragons - Atmosphere
    "Dungeons and Dragons by Dr. Demento Narrator: Dungeons and Dragons, Satan's game. Your children like it or not, are attracted in their weaker years to the Occult and a game like D+D fuels their imagination"
  • Butterflies & Dragons - Crest
    "I'm the fly on your wall and the sound I make will always remain humming on bringing sounds and smells of summer I'm the swarm in your jar hear the song we sing - a twisted refrain humming on bringing"
  • Ice Dragons - Noe Venable
    "time keeps rushing whirling dervishing by can you feel the white furry hooves of time? catch me catch me rocketing ever closer closer to the bright white eye when I dream I see the world turning oh do"
  • Dragons And Fables - Hawkwind
    "I am the child of wars never won Take heed prisoner I am the one Your battle is over before it's begun For a child on the run I am free Many tournaments fought in this land Flying banners now dashed"
  • Dragons awake - Guided By Voices
    "Dragons Awake!Take me through the voodoo, BuddhaYou are the King of ThingsI am a fakeOver the treetopsAn automanAnd automatic girlPredator skin an orangutan aliveI have two eyesSprinkle the pearls over"
  • 400 Dragons - Adrian John Loveridge
    "(chorus) 400 dragons it's gonna be rough six million soldiers of fortune I'd fight them all for a night in your love... 400 dragons if that aint enough send ten million Venus invaders I'd shoot them all"
  • Chasing Dragons - 1349
    "I am chasing dragons Seeking the primal state of mind Filling my veins with venomous lust Awakening the beast inside Seeking no meaning only feeling Entering the shape of the beholder And get ready to"
  • Dragons breath - Bathory
    "Ride the Dragon's breath, mist of poison greenCome yee flemes, a burning death, face the unseenDeep within the cave, lit p by the torch, a plae gleamAs told of in the ancient tales, the Sword of gold and"
  • Dragons Rising - Iron Savior
    "During the savior war the sleeper from ancient Atlantis was leading the battle - today he cannot cope with the new world. Isolated and lonely he fades away day by day. But the thread of the Shadow brings"
  • Hirem Pawnitof/Fairies' Hornpipe - The Incredible String Band
    "It's of a famous highwayman a story I will tell His name was Hirem Pawnitof, in bread street he did dwell Through all the storms of his career few troubles he had missed His tale was wrote from ear to"
  • Away With The Fairies - Blackmail
    "may, what is wrong? why don't you stay in the sun? won't you come out to play? i see you hide behind the gate. you don't share what you've got you save it all and keep it locked you want to please me in"
  • Where Dragons Rule - Crimson Glory
    "The dragons rise from the sea of flames Through the night you can hear them marching breathing fire, wings of steel By the thousands they take to the sky shadow us all In a world Where dragons rule All"
  • Mother Of Dragons - Big Boi
    "Dungeon dragons, kings and queens Dungeon dragons, kings and queens B.I.G. then, mentally weak and now I'm feelin' stronger Like the rehab on my knee won't be that much longer Before Khaleesi take the"
  • Where Dragons Rule - Dragonforce
    "Full the moon and midnight sky Through the dark they ride Warriors of forever will sacrifice the night One for all and all for one The future time has come Faces filled with torment Your heart beats like"
  • Where Dragons Fly - Rhapsody
    "by Luca Turilli The way is long, time is too short this little footpath seems never to end Green are the trees, musk on the stones how it looks strange this mystical world Sweet smelling rose what do"

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