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Faith Hill Me

  • Faith hill - DJ Bobo
    "When I think back all these timesAnd the dreams we left behindIll be glad cause I was blessed to getTo have you in my lifeWhen I look back on these daysIll look and see your faceYou were right there for"
  • Free By Faith Hill - Faith Hill
    "I had it tough when I was just a little kid It didn't matter what I thought It didn't matter what I did I felt the doubt for what I lacked right from the start It did a number on my head but it could never"
  • Back To You- Faith Hill - Faith Hill
    "I'm Gonna find my way back to you.. I lie in bed and watch the shadows dancing across the wall Nothing to do but think of you and count the tears that fall Oh how i wish it was real I wish i could feel"
  • Faith Hill - I Can Feel The Magic - Faith Hill
    "I can feel the magic floating in the air Beign with you gets me that way I watch the sunlight dance across your face And i've never been this swept away All my thoughts just seem to settle on the breeze When"
  • It's Your Love (Tim Mcgraw With Faith Hill) - Faith Hill
    "Dancin' in the dark Middle of the night Takin' your heart And holdin' it tight Emotional touch Touchin' my skin And askin' you to do What you've been doin' all over again Oh, it's a beautiful thing Don't"
  • Faith - Hyde
    "I entrust my will to you Love is lost kizutsuke au you ni The desire fires it on Kanashii sekai wa rensa suru Worshipping an image All people should be equal, we are all God's children Never try to judge"
  • Breath (Parody 'Breathe' - Faith Hill) - Cledus T. Judd
    "(Cledus T. Judd/Stephanie Bentley/Jeff Carter/Holly Lamar/Christopher Clark) I can smell the onions floating in the air. Must be something that you ate. I can't imagine how your mouth must taste. Forgive"
  • Let's Make Love With Faith Hill - Tim McGraw
    "Faith: Baby I've been drifting away Dreaming all day Of holdng you Touching you The only thing I want to do Is be with you As close to you As I can be Let's make love All night long Until all our strength"
  • Vinegar Hill - Black 47
    "The sun was settin' the rocks on fire The fields blisterin' with the heat When the militia came marchin' through our town Knockin' sparks off the little streets The priest watched them from his front door The"
  • Ms. Hill - Talib Kweli
    "Every night, slips away (phone ringing) in other words, (yo, who's this?) I should say there are no words, (y'all heard it) you should say there are no words, (I mean it's life) every night, slips away"
  • Faith - Kierra Kiki Sheard
    "By faith I can get to many places Maybe even see many faces I mean things that are unexpected Because of my faith I may Have to deal with a little bit of hate And it may seem like there's no way That's"
  • Faith - Michael George
    "Well, I guess it would be nice If I could touch your body I know not everybody Has got a body like you Oh, but I gotta think twice Before I give my heart away And I know all the games you play Because"
  • Faith - Hillsong United
    "With a little love With a little hope With a little light, to light the way Faith The mountains will be moved With alot of heart With alot of soul With mind and strength My trust My God Faith The mountains"
  • Faith - Sheila Nicholls
    "Something rumbling underneath my skin I could not define it or invite it in Though To let it in would be to liberate To keep it in darkness is to propagate Why It's all about Believing through something"
  • Faith - Novastar
    "I'm in too deep that is why I feel in need open up your heart to me you're surreal faith let me linger on faith let me linger on keep me hanging on can we embrace the love we face if we let the things"
  • Faith - Richie Kotzen
    "Faith... I dont wanna lose my faith In all of the things that I felt so strong I may be sleeping, but I'm holding on I feel like life has been bleeing (??) me I not the same as I used to be All around"
  • Faith - Reamonn
    "Cause I'm not giving up I'm not running away There's nowhere left to hide Cause I'm not going to chance Change to suit your ways I'd rather stand and fight You feel your life gets turned around You"
  • Faith - BBMak
    "Well, I guess it would be nice If I could touch your body I know not everybody Has got a body like you Oh, but I gotta think twice Before I give my heart away And I know all the games you play Because"
  • Faith - Celine Dion
    "Don't be afraid to feel this way Gonna make you understand It's not about you, cause I am the fool Building castles in the sand If I am crazy, just don't care It doesn't mean I don't want you near This"
  • Faith - Eternity X
    "Faith has no meaning On the shores of mediocrity Oh can't you see That your faith is meant to falter In the depths of hell Oh can't you tell That when the keys of the palace are denied Their worth is justly"

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