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Faith Hill Youre Still Here

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Faith Hill Youre Still Here

  • Free By Faith Hill - Faith Hill
    "I had it tough when I was just a little kid It didn't matter what I thought It didn't matter what I did I felt the doubt for what I lacked right from the start It did a number on my head but it could never"
  • Back To You- Faith Hill - Faith Hill
    "I'm Gonna find my way back to you.. I lie in bed and watch the shadows dancing across the wall Nothing to do but think of you and count the tears that fall Oh how i wish it was real I wish i could feel"
  • Youre Still My Man - Whitney Houston
    "On the day that you left me ou said you had no regrets There's a bond between us That hasn't been broken yet And the feelings between us Will never diappear How can you be far away When your spirits"
  • You're Still Here - Faith Hill
    "Thought I saw you today, you were standing in the sun and you turned away, and I knew it couldn't be but my heart believed. Oh it seems like there is something every day. How could you be so far away,"
  • Faith - Celine Dion
    "Don't be afraid to feel this way Gonna make you understand It's not about you, cause I am the fool Building castles in the sand If I am crazy, just don't care It doesn't mean I don't want you near This"
  • Faith - Ms.Dynamite
    "Weve been here beforeTalk of violence and talk of warI dont want to see the children die no moreSo I gotta make a standCan you hear my voiceTaking of life is only god choiceI dont want blood on my handsI"
  • Faith hill - DJ Bobo
    "When I think back all these timesAnd the dreams we left behindIll be glad cause I was blessed to getTo have you in my lifeWhen I look back on these daysIll look and see your faceYou were right there for"
  • Ms. Hill - Talib Kweli
    "Every night, slips away (phone ringing) in other words, (yo, who's this?) I should say there are no words, (y'all heard it) you should say there are no words, (I mean it's life) every night, slips away"
  • Over The Hill - Van Der Graaf Generator
    "Let's recount our history, our tale of boom and bust. We could talk a good fight on our day but when we got a hand to play we bit the dust. Now in our threadbare suits we do our duty, still sold on the"
  • Faith Hill - I Can Feel The Magic - Faith Hill
    "I can feel the magic floating in the air Beign with you gets me that way I watch the sunlight dance across your face And i've never been this swept away All my thoughts just seem to settle on the breeze When"
  • Youre Not In Love - A1
    "{Ben:} Sun is shining, the rain comes in And I don't know what to do, no I don't know where I'm going or where I've been Cuz my mind is hooked on you Words escape me and tears come down And day slowly"
  • All Down Hill From Here - A New Found Glory
    "You're hiding something 'Cause it's burning through your eyes I try to get it out But all I hear from you are lies And I can tell you're going through the motions Figured you were acting out your part Once"
  • Heartbreak Hill - Emmylou Harris
    "(Emmylou Harris/Paul Kennerley) Long long time ago when we were young You swore to me I would be the one I would be the one you loved But we had to part You asked me to wait for you To keep you in my"
  • Tower Hill - Clannad
    "Clannad - Magical Ring (1983) Lookin' round and round again That's me, oh that's me Far away on my own again A day goes by in Tower Hill Silence sweet Is there someone at the door? Light is on, lit fire"
  • Primrose hill - Madness
    "A man opened his window and stared up Primrose Hill Out there enjoying themselves I've seen them from this sill Green splashed with white and red going brown Children baiting animals running up and down"
  • Bunker Hill - Michael Penn
    "Always thought it was a game with us Move until enough's enough Into a picture-perfect view I'd like to rip it up with you Why would anybody leave this place? It's overdrawn And won't erase And if you're"
  • Oregon Hill - Cowboy Junkies
    "The hoods are up on Pine Street, Rear ends lifted too The great-grandsons of General Robert E. Lee Are making love with a little help from STP Their women on the porches comparing alibis Greasy eggs and"
  • Chisel Hill - Chris Rea
    "Misty eyes on a misty day Come across a place like this along your way You walk straight in to that sweet and tender trap And you know you're lost and found And there ain't no going back Spend the rest"
  • The Hill - Glen Hansard feat. Marketa Irglova
    "Walking up the hill tonight and you have closed your eyes I wish I didn't have to make those mistakes and be wise Please try to be patient and know that I'm still learning I'm sorry that you have to see"
  • The hill - Once
    "Looking up the hill tonight When you have closed your eyes I wish I didn't have to make all those mistakes and be wise Please try to be patient and know that I'm still learning I'm sorry that you have"

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