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Faith No More - Sunny Side Up

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Faith No More - Sunny Side Up

  • Sunny Side Up - Faith No More
    "Sunny Side up, sunny side up, Such a lovely way to start the day Sunny Side up, sunny side up, Not the only way to fry an egg Sunny Side up, sunny side up, I'll be your leprechaun Shamrock or lucky"
  • Faith No More - Kindergarten
    "Return to my own vomit like a dog Rhymes and giggles muffle the dialogue Carve my initials in a tree, I will never leave Maybe one day I'll be royalty Kingdom Kindergarten Born late Will I graduate? Drinking"
  • Faith No More - Jizzlobber
    "They will sum it all up in a sentence A verdict made by those who know I'm ready to make a commitment I'm willing to make love to concrete Smiles Bruises Smiles Bruises Bars in the womb I hide the dirty"
  • Sunny Day - Kristiina Wheeler
    "My heart is aching, I'm sorry I have to grin Oh, there's this burning poison running through my veins My baby's far too beautiful to be forgotten I wrote his name on my sheets made of cotton Yesterday"
  • Faith - Secret Sphere
    "Carry on... You can't lose faith, you can't just fail Stare your fears down, there's always a way to come around Your back's against the wall (Your back's against the wall) You can't turns out the lights Filling"
  • Faith - Shawn Mullins
    "Pain, come no more Don't you come knockin' on my door Love, dry your tears You have lived a life way beyond your years And faith, when you're gone All my demons and my devils they do me wrong And faith,"
  • Sunny Side Of The Street - Face To Face
    "Seen the carnival at Rome Had the women I had the booze All I can remember now Is little kids without no shoes So I saw that train And I got on it With a heartful of hate And a lust for vomit Now"
  • No More Faith - Angel Dust
    "How do you feel, do you feel real good? Well, I do not believe Cos you seem to be someone else Than you pretend to be Something crept into your mind Nimble as a snake It sells you shit for truth And you'll"
  • No More Faith - Andrew Peterson
    "This is not another song about the mountains, except about how hard they are to move. Have you ever stood before them Like a mustard seed that's waiting for some proof. I say faith is a burden, it's"
  • Faith No More - Capdown
    "You think its right when you see my reaction some say a small sacrifice but the consequence of you're actions hold a much higher price cos what is going on is just a slower wrong joe's re-blinded by a"
  • No More Faith - Slaves On Dope
    "Locked in your cell You think that you would have learned All that time to think about it Still, you mix that vodka with the cranberry Bring back the past cause The past is not broken (x3) Say what you"
  • Faith No More - Land Of Sunshine
    "You have a winning way, so keep it Your future You are an angel heading for a land of sunshine And fortune us smiling upon you Prepare for a series of comfortable miracles From fasting to feasting And"
  • Faith No More - Midlife Crisis
    "Verse 1: Go on and wring my neck Like when a rag gets wet A little discipline For my pet genius My head is like lettuce Go on dig your thumbs in I cannot stop giving in I'm thirty-something Bridge: Sense"
  • Sunny Days - Faith Evans
    "You turn the rain into sunny days You take the clouds away Baby you're the one I feel like heaven's a step away He sent an angel my way Baby you're the one I remember when I used to be afraid to"
  • Sunny Side Circuit - Flow
    "HAI na yatsu karate agero! ENTOORI da kono saishuu REESU Gokusaishiku tobu SAAKITTO irodorareru SANII SAIDO POJISHON INGU wa SEKANDOORO hari dumeta kinchoukan Bakuon todorokasu MONSUTAA MASHIN shuudan"
  • Sunny Ride - Face Tomorrow
    "The engine started. Nerves and frights. It feels good. Sunny side of my life. Don't try to stop it. It's boiling up inside. Sunny side of my life. No one can take it away. It's like a spirit inside,"
  • Sunny Days - Grits
    "these sunny days colorful arrays trees blow with hues and grays it pays to be one who submits and prays into the heart of god i gaze these sunny days i thought id take a minute i hope i didn't catch"
  • Sunny Day - Big Tymers
    "(feat. Gotti, Mikkey, TQ) Just like a sunny day, I'm gon' shine You betta cover yo face, or you'll be blind Oh big shiny blades, that's how I ride Just like a sunny day, watch me shine Hey, eh, uhn-uhn-ah,"
  • On The Sunny Side Of The Street - Stevie Wonder
    "Get your hat, get your coat And leave your worries on the doorstep Yeah, and just direct your feet To the sunny side of the street Can't you hear, oh that pitter-pat Each happy step is your step You know"
  • On The Sunny Side Of The Street - Pizzicato Five
    "(Konishi) Translators: Ed Valdez, Ayumi Suzuki, Ted Mills shinu mae ni tatta ichido dake de ii omoikiri waratte mitai hi no ataru oodori o kuchibue fuite aruite yuku icchoora no 'pocket' no naka itsu"

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