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Faithless Hour Of Need Skinny Mix

  • Hour Of Need (Skinny Mix) - Faithless
    "You know that I'm foolish, playing king for a day I hang with my people whenever I can. You say that I'm scruffy, misguided and blue, like a fly on a string. There's a web that surrounds you, but I will"
  • Faithless - Loser
    "She has almost faded, almost faded away Life gets complicated, giving up everything She feels less than perfect, scars don't fade away Hands hide eyes of burden, purity she prays Going under I'm not"
  • Hour Of Need - Faithless
    "You know that I'm foolish Playing king for a day I hang with my people Whenever I can They say that I'm scruffy, misguided and blue Like a fly on a string There's a web that surrounds you But I will find"
  • Faithless - Sick Of It All
    "don't count on government for your security don't count on any neighbour for their camaraderie forget it. forget about the sense of ease you would wish for most all the two-faced lies forming in their"
  • Faithless - David Usher
    "Lord oh lord cant you hear me calling lord of lord hope it wont take long im feeling quite good from the asthma pills and alcohol in the blink of an eye itll all be gone so i get high high higher cant"
  • Faithless - Rush
    "I've got my own moral compass to steer by A guiding star beats a spirit in the sky And all the preaching voices - Empty vessels ringing so loud As they move among the crowd Fools and thieves are well disguised In"
  • Faithless - Reign Supreme
    "And so we rot... kings in this world, slaves in the next, we pledge allegiance to a dollar sign, blind to the effects of lust, of greed. The lives we lead controlled by the end of a shotgun, aimed at"
  • Faithless - Before The Dawn
    "These ways of self deception Underneath the living shield We burn and erase Our sins to be forgiven The nature we deny Now blind leads the blind Believe in me And my justified confession Of the 7 deadly"
  • Faithless - Social Distortion
    "I know a girl who warns the dangers of love All the pain and the anguish, the sorrow that it brings She keeps herself in a world thats protected Her outsides are tough But insider her heart longs to sing "
  • Faithless - Christ Agony
    "This night this belief suicidal curse the priest are screaming in chorus thirsting the don't breakup the night This night a lonely scream dies faithful in the moon the naked wrapped with thorny grass three"
  • Hour Of Need - April Wine
    "April Wine Attitude Hour Of Need (myles goodwyn/additional lyrics by lisa blond) Published by mfg sing sing music/socan - ascap Shadows closin' in on me But through the darkness i can see Your face is"
  • Hour of need - Faithiles
    "You know that I'm foolishPlaying king for a dayI hang with my peopleWhenever I canYou say that I'm scruffyMisguided and blueLike a fly on a stringThere's a web that surrounds youBut I will find a way inIn"
  • Hour Of Need - Peter Frampton
    "I dont wanna live my life in chains Feel these voices roaming in my brain All they do is dig a deeper hole Deep enough to hold my tortured soul (Chorus) Hear come the demons as far as i can see Runnin"
  • Skinny Jean - Powderfinger
    "Yeah you got knee high boots to hide focaccia fruit You better think twice about the soy milk drink babe You got a patent handbag and solid state rags You wont think twice about the bill will you baby"
  • The Skinny - Atmosphere
    "this is for all those tricks and hoes from the five start rooms down to skid row whether you answer phones or dance on poles big money escort or broke on a stroll he don't care about your background he"
  • Skinny - Filter
    "So here you are in your small little world Kept up like a little precious virgin girl To hear 'bout your grace and your silly face Wrapped up like a knot in a ball of shoelace And everytime I talk to you It"
  • Skinny Skinny - Ashton Irwin
    "Hey skinny skinny Don’t you think about future Hey skinny skinny Too bad Hey skinny skinny Step your thinking bout tomorrow You’ll never make it like that Too bad My second face My damn reflection We"
  • Skinny - Peter Hammill
    "Nobody knows what she sees, no-one can get behind that warped reflection. What glossy varnish strips away protection from young girls like these? No-one admits what it means, no-one permits a gesture of"
  • In My Darkest Hour (Paul Lani Mix) - Megadeth
    "In my hour of need Ha! No, you're not there... And though I reached out for you Wouldn't lend a hand Through the darkest hour Grace did not shine on me It feels so cold, very cold No one cares for me Did"
  • Insomnia (Monster Mix Radio Edit) - Faithless
    "Deep in the bosom of the gentle night Is when I search for the light Pick up my pen and start to write I struggle, fight dark forces In the clear moon light Without fear... insomnia I can't get no sleep I"

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