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Faithless Shes My Baby

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Faithless Shes My Baby

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Faithless Shes My Baby
  • Armageddon Faithless
    "I put my trust in technology Now I'm doubting we will Ever reach our goal All ambition is Now finally lost I'm no longer prepared To pay the cost Every dream Hope, anticipation That we used to share Was"
  • David Usher Faithless
    "Lord oh lord cant you hear me calling lord of lord hope it wont take long im feeling quite good from the asthma pills and alcohol in the blink of an eye itll all be gone so i get high high higher cant"
  • Rush Faithless
    "I've got my own moral compass to steer by A guiding star beats a spirit in the sky And all the preaching voices - Empty vessels ringing so loud As they move among the crowd Fools and thieves are well disguised In"
  • Sick Of It All Faithless
    "don't count on government for your security don't count on any neighbour for their camaraderie forget it. forget about the sense of ease you would wish for most all the two-faced lies forming in their"
  • Injected Faithless
    "Could you be lost Are you so free, do you long to be When the sun goes down, do you feel the feeling there's no-one near You know it's such a mystery how you washed up over me And I couldn't breathe,"
  • Reign Supreme Faithless
    "And so we rot... kings in this world, slaves in the next, we pledge allegiance to a dollar sign, blind to the effects of lust, of greed. The lives we lead controlled by the end of a shotgun, aimed at"
  • Shattersphere Faithless
    "I'd search the world to find the key to my head To understand the reasons why I can't be Alone for a moment without regretting every word That has jumped off my tongue, confusing every one My arms can't"
  • Fear Factory Faithless
    "(Zero Signal)So withdrawn and feeling numb Watching life come all undone Growing fear, a human grace A drowning mind in a dark embrace My life A disarray And I Fade away I am down on my knees Praying beyond"
  • Before The Dawn Faithless
    "These ways of self deception Underneath the living shield We burn and erase Our sins to be forgiven The nature we deny Now blind leads the blind Believe in me And my justified confession Of the 7 deadly"
  • Christ Agony Faithless
    "This night this belief suicidal curse the priest are screaming in chorus thirsting the don't breakup the night This night a lonely scream dies faithful in the moon the naked wrapped with thorny grass three"
  • Loser Faithless
    "She has almost faded, almost faded away Life gets complicated, giving up everything She feels less than perfect, scars don't fade away Hands hide eyes of burden, purity she prays Going under I'm not"
  • Social Distortion Faithless
    "I know a girl who warns the dangers of love All the pain and the anguish, the sorrow that it brings She keeps herself in a world thats protected Her outsides are tough But insider her heart longs to sing "
  • Gilman Billy Shes My Girl
    "All the guys are goin' blind from starin' My baby, she ain't even carin' And they're crazy if they think I'm sharin' 'Cause I know what they're after And nobody else can have her 'cause she's My girl,"
  • Lumidee Shes Like The Wind
    "Yea Yo Tony Sunshine... ( Lumidee) Listen baby I've been around I know that you like how I wear my crown I know that im something that's so profound So far what im hearing look I like the sound Everybodys"
  • Atom And His Package Shes In The Bathroom & Shes Shaking Me 'Til Tommor
    "it was my birthday everything was going my way so i took my girl for a real nice dinner (dinner) we went to the facist restaraunt told her she could have whatever she wants i thought the night would"
  • Amy Grant Faithless Heart
    "(Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith) At times the woman deep inside me Wanders far from home And in my mind I live a life That chills me to the bone A heart, running for arms out of reach But who is the stranger"
  • Mungo Jerry Shes Gone
    "The rain fell on my window, the wind was at my door, I tried to light my fire, I was feelin' mighty cold, My woman gone an' left me, to look after myself, I thought I'd hit the city, I don't want no one"
  • Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark Shes Leaving
    "I've got a secret I can't explain And all the time I've waited for this day All along I was never in doubt I always knew it would never get out There are things that I cannot tell And there are things"
  • Clint Black Shes Leavin'
    "When I think about the time that I sat crying in my beer Jukebox pounding misery from ear to ear I know I'd tell myself I'm better off without you here But I'm looking for beginnings when the end is always"
  • Faithless She's My Baby
    "Mmm, come to papa I see you working, through the beat curtain in the kitchen. Switchin, leavin' me twitchin', I'm itchin' to be kissin' you But discipline is the rule, so I sit my own juicy ?? in that"

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