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Fake love s

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Fake love s

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Fake love s
  • Guano Apes Fake
    "We won’t get away, We are left with hungry eyes And everybody wants the same. I’m in love with the world and Sometimes I can see a blink of paradise. Until we do it again We’re into the fake As long as"
  • Amadeus Fake
    "Life goes on as the wind blows it's ways I watch my life at window of my house I only see What's gone What have been... All of me. Is this a lie Is all this fake You took my love You took my life away Is"
  • Le Maximum Kouette Fake
    "I won't let anyone kill my desire, sexuality still must be a fire I'm talking about fake, I'm yelling no fake With the lady where do you go ? I'ts always the same bitchy story , I lie to you, you lie"
  • Simply Red Fake
    "Watching love drifting away And I feel like I'm someone else The hurting is rough Long are the days And you have hurt me enough You're scared to be loved You know that's your way Your youth has made you"
  • Frames Fake
    "You're telling me i should forget you But why You're talking like i never knew you But thats a lie You're playing out your games again Why are you never on my side? You're telling me i should forget"
  • The Frames Fake
    "You're telling me I should forget you But why? And you're talking like I never knew you But thats a lie And you're playing out your game again Why are you never on my side? And you're telling me I should"
  • Busted Fake
    "I can't believe what my girlfriend did today She screamed so loudly then she turned away Why did she cut me down to size? She left me wondering Can I do it right? What am I gonna do now the games"
  • Juliadoll Fake
    "sou sagashite ita yasashisa sae ataete kureru itoshii hito sou donna toki mo watashi wo ichiban ni kangaete kureru hito.. na no to Hi mistaker hitomi no oku nozoita no ka? uwabe dake no kotoba ni odore sou"
  • Beatsteaks Fake
    "You know you're burned out. You've known for a long long time. Uncertainity called the virus - infects your mind. Stop it now faking things. There's no beauty none at all. You have to free your soul. Why"
  • Echobelly Fake
    "My love don't despair, There's no other could compare, Only lust can come between us, And I know you wouldn't dare. Oh, oh yes I know, oh, Ah ha there's no other, Only only you can do it better, Only only"
  • BTS (방탄소년단) FAKE LOVE
    "[????] I’m so sick of this Fake Love Fake Love, Fake love I’m so sorry but it’s Fake Love Fake Love, Fake love I wanna be a good man just for you [????] just for you [????] just for you [????] just"
  • Questy fake love
    "nigdy nie było miejsca w moim życiu dla ciebie wolałem znów uciekać daj mi twe zrozumienie nie miałem czasu by powiedzieć tego ci lecz teraz widzę twój blask za dużo było chwil gdy nie zrobiłem nic i nie"
  • Tony Yayo Fake love
    "My life..My life..My life..My life.. Yeah..Yeah..Yeah.. Fake love's when your homie give you dapSmile in your face but he wants your ass clappedFake love..Fake love's when they never be aroundBut once"
  • Drake Fake Love
    "I've been down so long it look like up to me They look up to me I got fake people showing fake love to me Straight up to my face, straight up to my face /2x Something ain't right when we talking /2x Look"
  • Fair Weather Friends Fake Love
    "I don't find you curious or alarmed I don't think you would call me if you were lost I am not really standing in a row I keep searching and I think you would go and have some more maybe you are just better"
  • Skandaali Fake No More (Skit)
    "So you want music for nutn,'n think we don't deserve money,/ 'cuz hiphop's about love 'n you can always burn a copy,/ lemme tell you, fuck yo lovin',this is work not a hobby,/ you say we robbin' people,"
  • Bebe Rexha Let's Fake Love
    "I push, you pull, oh, we are getting nowhere I stop, you go, we lost our love somewhere We argue, we fight, we throw our words like knives Living a lie, I feel so empty inside I don't wanna fight, no,"
  • Pete Townshend Fake It
    "'''RAY:''' ''Ruth, you don't get it, do you? I knew all the time.'' You can fake it Hold my hand If you fake it I will understand I don't care if you fake it I don't give a damn I don't care if you fake"
  • Tres Coronas Fake Records
    "(Coros) Fake-Fake Records~Records Fake-Fake Records~Records Fake-Fake Records~Records (PNO) Yeah! (Rocca) Ja-Ja-Ja (Coros) Fake-Fake Records~Records (Rocca) Ya no mas Ya no mas Ja~ (P.N.O) Yeah~ You"
  • Paramore Fake Happy
    "I love making you believe what you get is what you see but I’m so fake happy and I bet everybody here is just as insincere we’re all so fake happy and I know fake happy I been doing a good job of making"

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