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Family Guy Theme

  • Family Guy Theme - Family Guy
    "Lois: It seems today that all you see, is violence and movies and sex on tv Peter: But where are those good old fashioned values, All: On which we used to rely! Lucky there's a family guy, ucky there's a"
  • Family Guy Theme Song - Family Guy
    "Lois: It seems today, That all you see, Is violence in movies, and sex on T.V. Peter: Bu where are those good old fashion values.... All: On which we used to rely?! Lucky theres a family guy! Lucky theres"
  • Bad Guy - Eminem
    "It's like I'm in this dirt, digging up old hurt Tried everything to get my mind off you, it won't work All it takes is one song on the radio, you're Right back on it, reminding me all over again How you"
  • Tough Guy - Outkast
    "(chorus) Everbody on the streets, This a lil thesis coming from me When I throw up baggets, sitting at the bar Or smokin a lil red life in my car I dont know what you came to see, Nigga just out here feeding"
  • Proud Family Theme Song - Solange Knowles
    "DC: The... Proud... Family... What? Solange: You and me will always be tight (Be tight) Family every day and night (Day and night) Even when you start acting like a fool (Fool) You know I'm loving every"
  • Family - Dolly Parton
    "(Dolly Parton/Carl Perkins) When it's family, you forgive them for they know not what they do When it's family, you accept them, 'cause you have no choice but to When it's family, they're a mirror of"
  • Family - Feist
    "In a dressmaker shop in Greece The pins stick like tongues on pause Or butts in an ashtray Lunchtime packages Waxed and wrapped in hell Down a dusty road Inside an apron ford It's cool it's cool to love"
  • Family - Sesame Street
    "Dad: First was me Mom: Then was we (the son and daughter come out) Mom and Dad: Then was them All: And that made all of us And we're a family! A family! A family! Each loves the other Mother,"
  • Family - Ying Yang Twins
    "(Verse 1) (Kaine) I had a partner named Courtney, (DEAD!) Pulled by a van, blood gone from his head I had another partner named Terry, (DEAD!) Tried to flee the scene Before they hit'em wit the left My"
  • Family - Ignite
    "Weve wiped out clans and families My species kills off everything Close to me Eradicate all packs of wolfes Shooting trapping poisoning Wasting insanity No more future No real meaning No more murder No"
  • Family - Nas
    "(feat. Mobb Deep) Yo.. Dunn you fam to me, and only family that can get that close to me Keep it type strong Blowin green that's keepin us goin Allah Havoc gettin right, on them 747 Dunn you fam to"
  • One Man Guy - Rufus Wainwright
    "People will know when they see this show The kind of a guy I am They'll recognize just what I stand for and what I just can't stand They'll perceive what I believe in And what I know is true And they'll"
  • Geembo's Theme - Arsonists
    ""Geembo, before you leave our village..." "Yes oh great one.." "Dont Interrupt me! *slaps* "Ugh!" "To make your quest for hip hop easier, take this" (Background Voices) I get open smoking suckers yoking"
  • Older Guy - Paul Gilbert
    "I had a birthday, my oh my I turned into an older guy And older guy is what the girls will say (When they) try to tell their mom and dad That maybe it won't be so bad At least he's got a job and isn't"
  • Tuff Guy - Half-A-Mill
    "(Half-a-Mill) We got alot of guys out there tryin' to disrespect the family (Ali Vegas) what they gon' do with us? nothin'... (Half-a-Mill) do you know what we do to guys that disrespect the family? (Ali"
  • Dr. Lindeman's Family Adventure Theme Park World - Frenzal Rhomb
    "come one, come all, we're open, welcome to the fun something for everyone especially your dad and your mum welcome to your fantasy land welcome to your fantasy land at dr. lindemans adventure family"
  • Family Affair - Sly & The Family Stone
    "It's a family affair, it's a family affair It's a family affair, it's a family affair One child grows up to be Somebody that just loves to learn And another child grows up to be Somebody you'd just love"
  • Worried Guy - Johnny Tillotson
    "When my friends say that you're a run-around I laugh at all and I tell them That's why they lie but I'm a worried guy You said last night you had to stay at home Then how come you didn't answer the phone That"
  • Shy guy - Diana King
    "I dont want no fly guy I just want a shy guy Oh lord have mercy mercy mercy Di man dem in a di party party party Di ole a dem look sexy sexy sexy Watch dem just a Follow me follow me follow me Everyweh"
  • Guy Love - Scrubs
    "J.D.: Let's face the facts about me and you, a love unspecified. Though I'm proud to call you chocolate bear, the crowd will always talk and stare. Turk: I feel exactly those feelings too, and that's"

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