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Family man

  • Family Man - Black Flag
    "do you want the family man or do you want the swingin' man? family man you get the family man family man FAMILY man with your glances my way, takin no chance on the new day family man,with your life"
  • Family man - Fleetwood Mac
    "Walk down this road When the road gets rough I fall down I get up I am what I am... A family man I am what I am... A family man Mother...father...brother Mother...father...brother Walk down this road In"
  • Family Man - James Taylor
    "Woah, Jocko, don't expect me to come out drinking, messing around. Spending my time with a bunch of crazy people. Yes, I been there before, I don't need to go back no more. I'm just a family man, like"
  • Family Man - Nitzer Ebb
    "family man he's a family man, his wife laments never broken any of the ten commandments either pushing rock selling for cock or rubbing out, rubbing out, rubbing them out seeing ass fly by in a drive"
  • Family Man - Maggie Reilly
    "She had a sulky smile She took a standard pose as she presented herself She had sultry eyes She made it perfectly plain that she was his for a price But he said leave me alone I'm a family man And my"
  • Family Man - Pat Green
    "by Pat Green ?1995 Dead Horse Music (BMI) I can remember my grandpa when I was five years old, he'd pull me up on his knee, and I remember every story that he ever told, He and my grandma well they would"
  • Family Man - Daryl Hall & John Oates
    "She had sulky smile She took her standard pose as she presented herself She had sultry eyes, she made it perfectly plain that she was his For a price But he said "Leave me alone, I'm a family"
  • Family Man - Hall & Oates
    "She had sulky smile She took her standard pose as she presented herself She had sultry eyes, she made it perfectly plain that she was his For a price But he said leave me alone, I'm a family man And"
  • Family Man - Mike Oldfield
    "She Had A Sulky Smile She Took A Standard Pose As She Presented Herself She Had Sultry Eyes She Made It Perfectly Clear That She Was His For A Price (Chorus) But He Said, "Leave Me Alone, I'm A Family"
  • Family Man - Wishing Chair
    "Driving past the Lorraine in Memphis My mind flashed back to the screen A dark form crashing to the ground And the people around him screaming My grandmother was standing behind me I heard her say "well,"
  • Family - Podunk
    "I was born under open skies 72 sweet july Blessed with my mama's eyes Blessed with my mama's eyes If you could see my mother's eyes, her eyes Daddy kept our bellies full inside He taught me and brother"
  • Family - Ying Yang Twins
    "(Verse 1) (Kaine) I had a partner named Courtney, (DEAD!) Pulled by a van, blood gone from his head I had another partner named Terry, (DEAD!) Tried to flee the scene Before they hit'em wit the left My"
  • Family - Hinol Polska Wersja
    "Jeśli z nami grasz W górze ręce mas To jesteś dla nas Dla nas jak family Jak się ciągle srasz Do nas problem masz Lepiej słowa wąż Zważ i zamknij ryj Podnieca cię lans Wywożonych gwiazd Na to nie ma szans Naszych"
  • Family - Bjork
    "Is there a place Where I can pay respects For the death of my family Show some respect Between the three of us There is the mother and the child Then there is the father and the child But no man and a"
  • Family - The Rolling Stones
    "Here's father, his heart screwed on Yes, here he's got it I'm sure 'Cause he lost his life in an accident Found his heart in the man next door What exactly's gonna happen When they do transplant the brain"
  • No Family Man - Del Amitri
    "Well, I talk like a boy to my baby sometimes And you talk like a baby when your boy is crying You made something to love but I love what I am No family man So don't tell me you've got something better"
  • Family Of Man - Farm
    "(join the Family of Man Mr Policeman) ------------------------------------- I know a man get in touch if you can I know a man a very incredible man He's a big tall man in a big black hat A wolf in sheep's"
  • Clayborne Family - Clayborne Family
    "(Guerilla Black) Damn ("I tell you life ain't shit to fool with") Clayborne Family {*scratch: "Not enough of this will make you mad"*} Dollar figure {*"Too much of this good shit will too"*} We come to"
  • The Family Of Man - Three Dog Night
    "(P.Willams/J.Conrad) This tired city was somebody's dream Billboard horizons as black as they seem Four level highways across the land We're building a home for the family of man And it's so hard whatever"
  • I'm A Family Man - Pungent Stench
    "Hate was pushed away by sorrow Now I'm just waiting for tomorrow They will make my life a sudden end Death is the punishment for me I feel so lonely here Memories are the only thing what remained Hell"

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