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  • Fans - Kings Of Leon
    "Homegrown rock to the rhythm and bop to the beat of the radio You ain't got the slang but you got the face to play the role and You can play with me And all the bros Try for the girls and try for them"
  • Fans - Tito El Bambino
    "(feat. R.K.M. & Ken-Y) Como olvidar lo que esa noche a mi me paso Me estaba despidiendo y tu mirada me cautivo Pero el avión tenia que partir Y jure volver a verte y todava no he podido cumplir"
  • The Fans - Alabama
    "Before we ever made the headlines Or toured the concert halls We survived our share of bar rooms Stared at many motel walls. The years in Carolina And all the one night stands What kept the fires a burnin' Back"
  • Rap Fans - Mars Ill
    "(Verse 1: manCHILD) I vent my anger on you strangers that I've never even met As I employ endangered medium of recordable cassettes To audibly connect, it oughtta be correct Tattoo my name on your eardrum"
  • Fuck The Fans - Bomb The Music Industry!
    "I got noticed at a restaurant once while I was out with my parents. Got a couple hundred bucks for me and my friends to make an appearance. But you don't like me anymore 'cause I'm not In a marginally"
  • Richard Petty Fans - Alabama
    "Before he ever made the headlines Or won the Winston cup He survived his share of crashes But he never did give up The tracks in Carolina Where all the Pettys ran What kept the motors running Way"
  • Voor Mijn Fans - Andre Hazes
    "Ik had geluk als ik terugkijk naar mijn jeugd. Omdat ik ben wat zovelen willen zijn. Maar bedenk, de zon scheen niet altijd mijn publiek, liet hem toch schijnen. Ik had geluk ik kwam zomaar van de straat, wat"
  • No More Fans - Jin
    "The Emcee. Golden Child. we Crafty... yo G I had this crazy dream last night man. the world was upside down yo. everybody was tryin' to get in the industry. all I could say was... (chorus) I swear ya'll"
  • Fuck Yr. Fans - Bratmobile
    "i'm going to hill you... Get outta my fucking life i waited my whole life you ruined my fuckin life stop living my fuckin life You dum bitch i luv Get outta my fuckin town grew up in this fuckin town"
  • Pantera Fans In Love - Nerf Herder
    "I bleached my hair just like Vince Neil Then you made me cut it like James Hetfield We're gonna put an end to alternative rock We'll find a way to make the Cranberries stop We went to Sears for pictures"
  • Encore For The Fans - Beyonce
    "I wanted to give all of my fans something extrabecause this album was so special to meand ut came so effortlessly.after I finished the film of my life dream girlsbecause I was so inspired by DinaI wrote"
  • Action Fans, Help Us - Paris, Texas
    "are you ready to jump well so am i are you ready i'm not ready because we all need a push sometimes well i don't have wings but we're flying just the same i'm looking down as you're looking up watch me"
  • Shout outs to da fans - 3rd Wish
    "Chorus: Shes such a naughty girl In her naughty world Everytime she lays me down I fall in love with her (Justins Shout outs to da fans) Chorus: Youre so nasty girl In your nasty world Everytime I lay"
  • All Our Fans Are Gay - Anal Cunt
    "Why do you think we throw stuff at you? You own all our cd's- you're gay, you're gay You own all our 7"s- you're gay, you're gay You bought all our t-shirts- you're gay, you're gay You go to all our shows-"
  • Thank You (Dedication To Fans...) - Christina Aguilera
    "Feel like I've been locked up Nobody seen, let's go Come on, come on Baby, baby, baby I grant you three wishes 'cause I be the genie Christina Aguilera It seems like a lifetime Since I felt like a prisoner"
  • Thank You (Dedication To Fans) - Christina Aguilera
    "It seems like a lifetime Since I felt like a prisoner of my dreams, yeah It took such a long time For me to realize just how to be And to listen to me Don't go thinking I'm not thankful, 'Cause me, I've"
  • - Aik Trubaduren
    "Aik Trubaduren Miscellaneous kta Fans Lrdag morgon var jag ganska bakis Lrdag kvll for jag till Gteborg Sndag morgon var nglakren skakis Nr vr buss lngsamt rulla in p nrmsta torg kta fans! Offrar allt"
  • Fiend - Coal Chamber
    "It's the darkest place Like beneath the stairs The "IT" it comes And it takes everything in sight All through the night Leaving scars And Crashing cars Fiend for the fans and Fodder for the press Fiend"
  • Dot do dot - Tweenies
    "We're all big fans of dot to dot We don't just like it We like it a lot! And if you think it's silly Well it's not Because we're all big fans of dot to dot Then join those dots with the line you draw Soon"
  • But you on scene are star - Justyna Konkol(Miley Swan)
    "zw. 1 You live with double life. You at school are usual girl. You meet with friends. You lead normal life. ref. But you on scene are star. Plenty of fans. You distribute autographs. Paparazzi"

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