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Fantastic cyberia

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Fantastic cyberia
  • Daddy Fantastic Daddy Fantastic
    "Hey there baby dont you be no sulk because daddy fantastic is here, Im a mean silver bullet when the moon is full, And I'm enough to make a werewolf fear, Cos i turn into a flower when i smell purple power, I"
  • Ricky Shane Fantastic
    "Du bist wunderbar bist wie ein Superstar fantastic. Kaum kommst du herein da schlgt der Blitz schon ein fantastic. Wenn du mich nur lchelnd ansiehst ist das Dynamit fr mich du pat gut zu mir denn alles"
  • Home Made Kazoku Fantastic
    "Home Town Nagoya tokai ERIA kara Sekai yurasu YUNIBAASU TORIO SONATA ga KIKKU suru BAASU de Meikyoku yo ni okuridasu fantastic 3 Funky sugiru CHIIMU Oooh masa ni KEMISUTORII Makasenasai HOOMUMEIDO ore"
  • Haircut 100 Fantastic Day
    "Well there's a great amount of strain About getting on that train Every day and every night The only thing that makes it good Is seeing my favourite sight Prance and flutter stride down that green escalator"
  • Ian Brown Sweet fantastic
    "You i have found, i hope you'll always be aroundand though nothing lasts forever, say you'll always be my pleasureyou i have found, i hope you'll always be aroundand if everything lasts forever, say you'll"
  • Oblivion Fantastic plastic
    "What we find will lead us in time it's quite impossible indeed to get all the things you really want (it's true). This is the place where you can get all that you need, not heaven or hell and it's not"
  • The Fall Fantastic Life
    "Got eighteen months for espionage Too much brandy for breakfast And people tend to let you down It's a swine. Fantastic life Dole penicillin to eastern ching plague-ridden And one thing I have found What"
  • Bigbang Fantastic Baby
    "Yeogi buteora modu moyeora we gon’ party like riririrarara Mameul yeoreora meoril biwora bureul jipyeora riririrarara Jeongdabeun mutji malgo geudaero badadeullyeo neukkimdaero ga alright Haneureul majuhago"
  • Prince Power Fantastic
    "Late at night when the world's a-sleepin' U are frightened cuz the power's creepin' In your room, it's something U're afraid of Life of doom is what this feeling's made of Power fantastic is in your"
  • Slum Village Fantastic 2
    "Aiyyo, this is for y'all to dance to real slow Cause it's fan-tas-tic! Aiyyo yo yo, y-yo yo yo, yo-y-yo It's fantastic! Yo yo yo-yo.. It's fantstic, yo yo yo-yo... It's fantastic! Yo yo, y-yo yo yo... We"
  • Fall Fantastic life
    "Got eighteen months for espionageToo much brandy for breakfastAnd people tend to let you downIt's a swine.Fantastic lifeDole penicillin to eastern ching plague-riddenAnd one thing I have foundWhat you"
  • Jawbreaker Fantastic planet
    "Anything you gotta pay You throw it on your floor Fill it up, just pour it out Your newly opened door ............... Deep inside your heart Thrash around inside you ............... You're selling me a"
  • Clouds Fantastic Tear
    "I've sat here worrying for too long Wondering what it was that you were doing wrong Got an unhealthy respect for my old man Love everything you do Funny I love it when you don't hear me So I can shed"
  • Marillion Fantastic Place
    "(Hogarth/Kelly/Mosley/Rothery/Trewavas) It's always a struggle To let somebody go It's a natural desire To own your lover, I know And you can screw a man down Until he takes to drinking He'll give"
  • The Tubes Fantastic Delusion
    "Look around tell me what you see The sky is blue and the trees are green But what you see isn't what it seems It's all part of a cruel scheme Look closer, you can see the flaws The holes in the floor"
  • Tubes Fantastic Delusion
    "Look around tell me what you see The sky is blue and the trees are green But what you see isn't what it seems It's all part of a cruel scheme Look closer, you can see the flaws The holes in the floor"
  • Elton John Captain Fantastic
    "Music by elton john Lyrics by bernie taupin Available on the album captain fantastic and the brown dirt cowboy Captain fantastic raised and regimented, hardly a hero Just someone his mother might know Very"
  • Sondre Lerche She's Fantastic
    "All the girls that I know suddenly seem so-so Suddenly no one quite can compare to her Why? She's fantastic I do not know what to do What is a guy to contribute? All the girls my own age have me turning"
  • Coolio Fantastic Voyage
    "Come on y'all let's take a ride Don't ya say shit just get inside It's time to take your ass on another kind of trip Cuz you can't have the hop if you don't have the hip Grab you gat with the extra clip And"
  • Lakeside Fantastic Voyage
    "Hey, come on, come along take a ride There's a party over there, that ain't no jive It's live, live, it's all the way live Don't even have to walk, don't even have to drive Just slide, glide, slippity-slide Just"

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