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Far Out

  • Far Out - Jumbo
    "In a corner of the night I was holdin on, you were too far out yeah I recognize something in your eyes, but you could not say a word not a single thing so that's where we laid on the grass watching the"
  • Far Out - Silver Sun
    "It might be a star where you are But it's just the light of a passing car You might be witnessing lights in the sky But it's just a reason for the work why 6000 pounds of trust on yur ample bust Just cannot"
  • Far - Longpigs
    "I never had a moment anybody waits in line But I'd kill for this feeling, then again Seen you drenched in rubber pushing at your clothes so frightening You made for the day you're getting out Far, and"
  • Far Far - Yael Na?m
    "Far far, there's this little girl she was praying for something to happen to her everyday she writes words and more words just to speak out the thoughts that keep floating inside and she's strong when"
  • Far-Out Crops - Robert Pollard
    "Look to the outside In the failing garden In the backwash Far-out crops Single-minded erections Not so observable From the inside You must listen You must look In a soft-shelled vehicle Gaze through"
  • Far Out Feeling - Stereo MC's
    "Medication take me We can cut the chase And the... the straight lights That’s how i saw your face Stunning equal... And nothing’s out of place We’ve got it understanding No no, nothing can replace And"
  • Far, far away - King's X
    "Inside it's lonely I drive my car Pass by the signs that speak our past Always remind me I can't block it out The story we all knew would last She was lost yesterday Far far away Familiar faces annually"
  • Far, Far Away - Five Iron Frenzy
    "Staring at the shoreline wishing for some hope the weight of empty fishing nets is more than twisted rope And underneath stern faces they wait with baited breath with broken hearts from hoping while casting"
  • Far Gone And Out - Jesus And Mary Chain
    "I can't explain exactly what I'm doing standing in the rain Don't do it for fun Do it if you feel it Kiss it on the tongue I'm taking my thoughts to a railway station Put 'em on a train just to see what's"
  • Far Gone And Out - The Jesus And Mary Chain
    "I can't explain exactly what I'm doing standing in the rain Don't do it for fun Do it if you feel it Kiss it on the tongue I'm taking my thoughts to a railway station Put 'em on a train just to see what's"
  • Too Far - Anna F.
    "You and I under different stars you dream a lot and I keep chasing the past to remind you of who we are, you've been gone for a while in a distance another time when you lay with me in the stillness of"
  • Far Away - Venejer
    "Verse 1. Yesterday I looked out And I saw you waiting for me I quickly ran out And I realized it was just a dream You are so far away.....yaeh.....yeah..... You are so far away.....yeah.....yeah.....yeah. Chorus. I"
  • Far More - R. Kelly
    "Far More Ooh Ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh La-la-la La-la-la Mansions, hills and acres Women, drinks and caterers I will toast until the break of dawn Swimming pools and strippers Conversation six figures Never crossed"
  • Too Far - Teddy Geiger
    "If I gave you time and I gave you space if I gave you love and all my faith Would you come out come out wherever you are give me something worth fighting for so I'm not walking out the door Cause' we've"
  • Far away - Ignite
    "Well weve been running Trying to get away From the sign of the times When youve grown up on silent shores Theres so many people that you ignore Grasping outwards Trying to reach our goals Were so far away"
  • Far Away - Bob Catley
    "Staring at a midnight sun, torn across a violet seam now Bleeding inner light across the sea Standing on the cliffs, I come, restless is the soul in me now Breakers on the rocks, they roar to me A symphony... Far"
  • Far Away - Crimson Glory
    "Sleep my lady Wake and do not shed a tear for me You knew someday that I would have to leave you Lonely highway Morning sun will find me far away You know that if I could I would stay with you I'm on my"
  • Far Away - Scorpions
    "(Rudolf Schenker, Michael Schenker, Klaus Meine) Take your hand and you take my hand Let's try to learn to fly Here what I say, here what I say Dream and close your eyes Too much hate Too much hate So"
  • Far Away - Cut Copy
    "One thing that I just can't conceive Is how to let you go. And if you will stay here with me Then we will always know. We will find out As we change about. Is this the last part? Here is when we shout: One"
  • Far Away - Winterstorm
    "far away to the mountain you have to go far away where the ground is covered in snow you will find your love and punish all of those who stand in your way blessed by the bears I am on my way to find the"

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