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Far other

  • Far Far Away - Blackmore's Night
    "She passes the days one after the other She never sees, she never hears Counting the hours, her life is a rerun A series of failures rolled into one. When she was young she looked towards the future. Eyes"
  • Other Shore - Steve Winwood
    "There'll be times at sunrise when my heart speaks your name For you left with no warning but there's no one left to blame All those days full of golden sun when you walked by my side And everything that"
  • No other - Susan Ashton
    "All the evidence is in, all the truth's been told There's nothing left I need to see 'cause I'm already sold I've seen the healing touch of Your hand bring my broken dreams to life No one can love me any"
  • Other side - Melissa Ferrick
    "Like electricity scattered Hey I don't know what I want To have come this far To just go back again To have been loved so much To actually want to love again But I forget to ask myself Hey what do I want"
  • Far Away - Avalon
    "It's another day Talking to myself There's no other way Of making it straight ahead It's another May I'm not getting closer And no other stay for me Till the end of flight Far away Will I meet you there Far"
  • Significant Other - Hardcore Superstar
    "Tell me, so I can see the state of mind you're in Feel me, am I the only one who knows your sin? It's easy to see when you drop your cover It's obvious you hide your significant other "Time will tell""
  • Each other - Katharine McPhee
    "No more lonely nights to hurt meNo more tears left to spareNo more reasons to be unhappyYou threw them all up in the airAnd I don't know how you did it but you made me a believerI never thought that love"
  • Other Side - Aloe Blacc
    "We’ve been to walls we could’t climb And we chased the light that made us blind But i know, we can walk this road One step at a time No matter how far no matter how wide Your hand i’ll hold and you’ll"
  • Far More - The Honorary Title
    "Is this the sound of our demise Or just the opposite? I love you and I miss you What else is there to say? It takes a hell of a lot more to complete this Far more, far more to recreate Far more, far more,"
  • Other way - GOB
    "Innocence! Can't cut it Even if you get the part Of a stupid coward, imbecile You hypocrite Just face it You're a lame excuse You should realize you Grow these kids to believe your lies Just the sort of"
  • Far Behind - Eddie Vedder
    "Take leave in conscious mind Found myself to be so inclined Why sleep in discontent... For the price of companionship My shadow runs with me Underneath the big white sun My shadow comes with me as we"
  • Far Away - Sleater Kinney
    "7:30 am nurse the baby on the couch then the phone rings "Turn on the T.V." watch the world explode in flames and don't leave the house And the sky overhead is silent, waiting Clear blue holds its"
  • How Far - Stephen Stills
    "Most of my life I have spent alone Most of this past year I been searchin' for my home I met a girl she won't leave my mind alone If she's listening I hope she understands my song It goes: If you get lonely"
  • So far - Sofa
    "1. You and I have always tried to treat each other right. Always true, never blue - I've got no clue why you're tellin' me that you wanna stop thinkin' about me just for a while. I can't get you out of"
  • Far Away - Across The Border
    "Faraway run, run Johnny, faraway faraway run, run Johnny, faraway but not today, not tomorrow or any other day will you find a solution if you only run away Now I wanna sing a song of a good old friend"
  • Far Away - Folly
    "Die my heart, I'm here again. I've been alone again. And without you here, there's just so much to say. The loneliest of times may come when I talk to you but you're not there. There's no way out now,"
  • Other Streets And Other Towns - Mary Chapin Carpenter
    "(Mary Chapin Carpenter) The whippoorwills were crying in the falling rain Far away a whistle hailed a passing train Out in the country summer was almost gone The fields were turning rusty and the hills"
  • The Other People - Cinema Bizarre
    "World on the street, I'm driving alone And they called my name Have all that it takes so catch my flow If every day is the same I'm giving my love like vertigo When you need a change I figured you out"
  • No Other Voice - Kenny Loggins
    "There is no other voice I long to hear at 3 a.m when I wake in fear There is no sound can soothe me down to my soul No other voice but yours There is no other voice I miss as much When I'm far from my"
  • The Other Side - Sirenia
    "There's a light and a darkened road There's a night and a fading hope There was a dream that once was mine But now it seems it has passed with time Sail away my little sister Sail away to the other"

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