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Fearless soul

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Fearless soul

  • Fearless - Venus In Flames
    "I am the gangrene hiding in your trenches I am the sand stuck in your eye I am the hangman looking for a trace of love Your love I am the beggar waiting for leftovers I'll leave a big scar on your soul I"
  • Fearless - Wank
    "i rolled the dice many times always losin, always usin retribution, execution a fool from jersey beg for mercy but don't ask me to fight if you're afraid to die feeling reckless, bloody restless, fearless blast"
  • Fearless - Melissa Ferrick
    "Put my hand over yours I move it over your heart I feel the magnet pull Then I push off Under water Hey I'm in over my head Have you ever been in In over your head So I put you up on my shelf I'll dust"
  • Fearless - Soul Asylum
    "Jesus was a hippy Peace and Love was all he was about That's why they killed him Sad shit something people can't figure out Now the same folks who worship him are the ones who would have cheered at the"
  • Fearless Leader - Soul Asylum
    "Jesus was a hippie, peace and love was all he was about That's why they killed him, cause that shit's something people can't figure out Now some folks who worship him are the ones who would have cheered"
  • Fearless - The Bravery
    "Too many fingers, too many thumbs Something wicked this way comes The best time I ever had Waiting around for something bad Fearless, fearless, oh And I know that's why you love me Fearless, fearless,"
  • Fearless - Pages
    "At a young and desperate age, like the heroes we once played We were so courageous, just enough to make it real Fearless is the child that sees, what his life is meant to be Like the fighter, he will"
  • Fearless - Louis Tomlinson
    "Utwór “Habit” pochodzi z płyty ”Fearless”, którą Louis Tomlinson zapowiedział na 31 stycznia 2020 roku."
  • Fearless - Nixons
    "Free from the box Face myself competing the peace...from the wind And all the colors that you thought you'd befriended Fucks you eat you...ended Now I'm far from hopeless I'm nowhere near helpless I'm"
  • Fearless - Anthony Evans
    "Been thinking 'bout the choices I make Do I listen to Your voice, Lord, or go my own way Will have more excuses today? Or will I give You my life so You'll Use me and through me Your name will be blessed I"
  • Fearless - Bad Company
    "Bad Company Holy Water Fearless Everyday of her life, she's been living in a fantasy world Chasing her dreams, so close she could scream Inside she's just a little lost girl When she's hot for action,"
  • Fearless - Taylor Swift
    "There's somethin' 'bout the way The street looks when it's just rained Theres a glow off the pavement You walk me to the car And you know I wanna ask you to dance right there In the middle of the parking"
  • Fearless - Kane
    "It's been a while I thought I heard you say We go a long way back And now it's gone so So you left, flown away For the brothers day and I'll say Fearless Way down to the bone Carrying yourself together"
  • Fearless - Amaranthe
    "With the speed of light I'm letting no tomorrow stop me Like a razorblade cutting through your veins I consume all the life within you I transcend the madness I'm beyond all premonition Suddenly I, I ascend"
  • Fearless - Building 429
    "I dont understand No I cant comprehend This power that draws me to you But I know for the cross Ill consider all lost In an effort to tell of the truth That the world may know That the world may know That"
  • Fearless - Adams Bryan
    "Adams Bryan On A Day Like Today Fearless it's 3 am - and i'm lying here next to you what cha gonna do? will you tell a story - when he asks you where the hell you've been or will you tell the truth? i"
  • Fearless - Neurosonic
    "A little too late is just a little too long Everything after means nothing at all You waited too long to tell me, you never really knew me at all. Fearless I wait here on my own I'm hopeless I'm tragic I'm"
  • Fearless - Rio Klein
    "Dive into the open Feel you on my lips Silence a rainbow You're on my fingertips Fly fearless... Follow, I see you holding the sky out to me Follow, you lead my heart to the warmth of summer Follow, I"
  • Fearless - Bryan Adams
    "it's 3 am - and i'm lying here next to you what cha gonna do? will you tell a story - when he asks you where the hell you've been or will you tell the truth? i ain't holdin' back - i know where i stand u"
  • Fearless - Crystal Lewis
    "I was weak I was so fragile by myself not worth that much not worth that much at all I was scared I was so cold was afraid to take a step a step lest I should fall Yet amidst my fear of dying I found"

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