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Feel It For The First Time

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Feel It For The First Time

  • For the first time - LeAnn Rimes
    "Up and down the stairsIn and out the doorWalked every inch of the floorYou think you know a placeBut there locked in an empty roomOut of the dark comes you(CHORUS)I feel, I feel, I feelA flood of light"
  • For The First Time - Spectacular!
    "Sometimes, It's hard to see what's been there all along Sometimes we're sure of everything, until we find out that we're all wrong Now we're standing here, face to face, Nothing feels the same For the"
  • For The First Time - Mya
    "(Intro) I can't explain why I'm feeling for you so bad Let's do this For the first time (Verse 1) It's funny that it seems like yesterday When we first met up on the stairway You were so fly... you made"
  • First Time - Jonas Brothers
    "Such a thrill of a lifetime What a night for a good time Let the beat be your life line Make it feel like the first time Oh oh oh Make it feel like the first time Oh oh oh Make it feel like the first"
  • First Time - Sunblock
    "My body control (7x) In control, I can feel it And it's in control, I can feel it And it's in control, I can feel it And it's in control, I can feel... First time, first love Oh what feeling is"
  • First Time - Ronan Keating
    "Valentines, those butterflies Gets me out best top inside Got me feeling like a kid again Oh I even run and run, telling all my friends Now every day has a reason Every night is the real thing, woahhh Girl"
  • First Time - Bobby Caldwell
    "Wise men wait, They'll always put their trust in fate. Fools never take the time, For love to really grow. They just don't know. And lonely dreamers, Wonder if they will ever find romance. My heart knew"
  • First Time - Fabolous
    "(feat. Rihanna) The First Time You Kissed My Lips The First Time Your Finger Tips Touchin' Me Couldn't Resist The First Rhe First The First The First Time You Kissed My Lips The First Time Your"
  • First Time - One Vo1ce
    "(Bridge) The first time I saw u boy, You've been always on my mind, From now on and until the end of time, I pray that you'll be mine, Day and night I think about you and now I need you here with me,"
  • First Time - Rihanna
    "The First Time You Kissed My Lips The First Time Your Finger Tips Touchin' Me Couldn't Resist The First, The First The First Wooh ..I Think Everybody Remember The First Time I Do, Its Irresistable,"
  • First time - Beverley Knight
    "Through these misty eyesIt's plain to seeEven though you're hereYou're not with meTortured by the thought, torn in twoReason needs no voice, when you know it's trueBut oh, we make our love againAnd oh,"
  • First Time - Helloween
    "Will you first time... Will it be... I think of someone like me ? Makes me wonder,I can show you'd neverthought you'd see. You're like sunshine,I can feel your heat is drying out my brain, Would you feel"
  • Alive For The First Time - Danger Radio
    "Broken down and I can't sleep Torn apart for all to see Trying hard but feeling weak From the suspension Came along and you saved me Held me high and helped me see Calmed by your serenity So I listen She"
  • For The Very First Time - Museum
    "come beside me and take a deep breath lay your arms around me for phenomemal distress where did your conflicts go they've fallen asleep on empty words that you speak come a bit closer and do what you like lay"
  • The First Time It Happens - Sesame Street
    "The first time you see her No bolt from the blue Just something so quiet That's waiting for you With no one to tell you Where you've got to go The first time it happens You know The first time you see"
  • The First Time - Jo O'Meara
    "Valentines And Those Butterfly's Gets Me All Messed Up Inside You Got Me Feelin' Like A Kid Again Oh-I Even Running Around Telling All My Friends Now Every Day Has A reason Every Night Is The Real"
  • The First Time - Robin Beck
    "First time, first love Oh what feeling is this Electricity flows With the very first kiss Like a break in the clouds And the first ray of sun I can feel it inside Something new has begun And it's taking"
  • For The First Time - The Script
    "She's all laid up in bed with a broken heart, While I'm drinking Jack all alone in my local bar, And we don't know how, How we got in to this mad situation, Only doing things out frustration, Trying"
  • First Time - The Kelly Family
    "Today for the first time For the first time You took my hand Today for the first time Touched a warm heart What a lucky girl Cause you opened your heart And you gave it to me So dont tell me that you dont"
  • First Time - Count The Stars
    "So whats wrong with me, I can't sleep, pull these bedsheets over me and let me be, with broken hearts, and black and blues, I' m shivering because I wondered what you'd think, if I didn't break, and made"

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