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Feel the night ajaj ajaj ajaj

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Feel the night ajaj ajaj ajaj

  • Feel - The Wilkinsons
    "(Jeff Lysyczyn/ Michael Hunter Ochs) Love's not supposed To make you numb It's okay to have a little fun The more you contemplate The more you mess with fate Just give in and let go One kiss and you'll"
  • Feel - Ronan Keating
    "Just one more dance When can we touch? I wanna believe so much That you needed me We're near the time Our bodies combine This touch feels so kind Could this really be Woo oooo (4x) Under the sheets So"
  • Feel - Selah Sue
    "You never show you love No matter what I do You keeping up your guard You locked to heart … /2x You wanna stay on shore And never ride the wave But if you take the dive You know that you relief, yeah! But"
  • Feel - Teenage Fanclub
    "Don't need nowhere to goWhen my senses can peelThrough the floor to the fieldsBelow meI feel what I knowAnd I know what I feelIlluminate what is realAnd show meLife without youIs so coldAnd moving round"
  • Feel - Cauterize
    "Beautiful LIKE the dress I laid out for you Let your hair down the way you always used to The tiles cold, The tap is dripping As I go to rinse my hands of you, And watch the pieces one by one wash away"
  • Feel - Mari
    "Feels like I spent all this time talking to walls Feels like I gotta let go of the way it was before Are your really there? Are you made of stone? Am I talking to someone or am I here all alone Are you"
  • Feel - Chicago
    "So everybody's pulling you in all directions You don't know how much longer to take it So you've learned how to fake it That smile on the outside's fading fast Like the things that you thought for sure"
  • Feel The Heat Of The Night - Masterboy
    "Refrain: Hey, hey, heyyeah, everybody needs somebody Hey, hey, heyyeah, everybody needs somebody everybody, everywhere, everybody everybody needs somebody Rap 1 No problem at all with human races come"
  • Feel Alright - The Vibrators
    "Alright Feel alright, feel alright, I've been hanging round with sluts night after night, Same old news is goin' round and round again, Same red blood is pumpin' in my veins. And - Aah honey makes me"
  • I Feel The Winter Night Long (Translation) - Capercaillie
    "Faili, faili, faili o ro; Faili, faili, faili o ro; Faili, faili, faili o ro; It is a very long time since I left Lewis I feel the winter night is long long, long, long it is I can see nothing but a bare"
  • Feel The Silence - The Goo Goo Dolls
    "You lie awake at night With blue eyes that never cry All you remember now Is what you feel The truth remains In midnight conversations I asked for this moment But you turned away Sad like a lonely child Broken"
  • Feel The Blade - Legion Of The Damned
    "Face my hungry blade This will be your end I slit your fucking throat Blood will stain my hands I just want you to die To feel my fucking hate You'll have no chance to pray This is your final fate Face"
  • Night - Barclay James Harvest
    "The world outside my window slowly passes by As I gaze on the dim glow of the evening sky Where every breath that I take becomes a vapour cloud That wraps itself around me to hide me from the crowd Then"
  • The Night - The Perishers
    "I guess you feel hurt, well Im feeling hurt too Feel free to blame me, if you dont already do But I want you to know that Id change if I could I wanna make sure that thats well understood The Night, a"
  • Feel It - Archive
    "There’s a hole A hole in we lies Can’t be broken Split in the life So live for the time Feel It! Feel It! Evacuated soul Souls in the light Emotions in night Can’t put up the fire Feel It! Feel It! Feel"
  • Feel It - Dirty Impact vs. Pressure Unit
    "Feelings are always in my mind Emotions are still in my heart Feel the rhythm in the night Feel the power of the dark My body burns like fire Feeling are really higher Feel It the time is coming now! Can"
  • Feel - The Verve
    "This darkness cooled my light We move to different sides I poured the guilt right over my eyes As I rose to greet the sky I've never felt this before See you dead on the floor I can't recall a single"
  • Feel It - Britny Fox
    "Michael Kelly Smith You're taking me home Oh, you're treating me right You're taking me home I'll get some lovin' tonight You're driving me wild Oh, you're getting me hot I'll tell you in the morning If"
  • Feel The Power - Twisted Sister
    "So you think we'll have to save our name, oh And we haven't got the stuff it takes Let's lay the cards out on the table There ain't no way we'll lose our stakes We ride the tiger, we ride the storm We'll"
  • Feel the fire - Peabo Bryson
    "Ooh?ooh?ooh?ooh? Ooh?ooh?ooh?ooh? Ooh?ooh? Something that you told me stayed in my head All night long You wanted me to love you When you said softly Reach out and touch me My love is in your hands Feel"

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