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Feel your lost close eyes

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Feel your lost close eyes

  • Close Your Eyes - Paradise Lost
    "For our saviour could not deny All born the same All born the same You won't hear the truth I can feel it, close your eyes I still see... You invent the proof I can feel it, close your eyes I still see... You"
  • Close Your Eyes - Unheilig
    "I softly touch your silken hair My hand is cool you're unaware You feel the force move deep under your skin Close your eyes And let your light shine on me Don't be afraid I'll show you a place you've"
  • Close your eyes - Sugarcult
    "you can feel it underneath it you can't feel it when your screaming you can feel it you can feel it so your close until you fall asleep and dream you dream of me tell me its over now cause i know its"
  • Close Your Eyes - Anita Baker
    "Stars up in the sky Said your heart won't lie to me You speak and dreams are real Free to follow what you feel Chorus: Close your eyes and see Life's no mystery Dreams become reality Close your eyes and"
  • Close Your Eyes - Jump
    "Tell me you had bad dreams last night 'Cause you were rolling in your sleep Tell me you hate those bright street lights Sometimes the shadows give you the creeps Please Close your eyes Please If you dont"
  • Close Your Eyes - No-Man
    "his hands were hard, your face was soft. he kissed your heavy head and then you lost your strength. now, nothing shows. you're empty now. he kissed your heavy head and then you lost it. (chorus:) close"
  • Close Your Eyes - Petra Berger
    "Close your eyes, the children are asleep The night will surely keep, my Queen Close your eyes, to tides that run too deep I know sometimes you weep unseen While you dream, the treason and the fear"
  • Close Your Eyes - We Are The Fury
    "you told me who you were but i guess i never heard you thought it treason 'til i saw you from the floor running out the door you had your reasons but don't close your eyes 'cause you might need"
  • Close Your Eyes - Racoon
    "Lost the things that you thought you would never miss. Let them out, miss them while they're gone But there's memories down here that will always live And they can take them away, so they won't Open this"
  • Close Your Eyes - Jump Little Children
    "Tell me you had bad dreams last night cause you were rolling in your sleep Tell me you hate those bright street lights sometimes the shadows give you the creeps CHORUS Please.. close your eyes Please.."
  • Close your eyes - Atomic Kitten
    "Close your eyes Give me your hand, darling Do you feel my heart beating Do you understand Do you feel the same Or am i only dreaming Is this burning, an eternal flame I believe It's meant to be, darling I"
  • Close Your Eyes - Circ
    "Music.... "Something you said Has got me reeling again Something you said Has got me feeling again Something you said, turned a key inside a lock inside of me Something you said Has got me dreaming"
  • Close Your Eyes - Bebel Gilberto
    "You know you can feel the breeze with patience of a lifetime Dance above the trees to the rhythm in your mind Gently touching your skin inside out Floating on the seas, it carries me around You can close"
  • Close Your Eyes - Edward Bear
    "I dreamed she came back home last night Asked her where she'd been She said, I've been around the world And it almost did me in She said, I hope you didn't wait too long I have no sense of time See you've"
  • Close Your Eyes - Newcomer Carrie
    "I believe we're born good from the start And we come equipped with a piece of God in our hearts But the world exacts a hard and bitter cost And some of us get oh so very lost Close your eyes Your heart"
  • Close Your Eyes - Silke Bischoff
    "You can close your eyes I hold you like a child, your head on my shoulder The taste of your tears You think that I', so strong But it's hard to find the right words I feel like a schoolboy When I sing"
  • Close Your Eyes - Kelly Clarkson
    "I dont mind, waiting here, I know youre coming even though the others laugh I hear But Im not one to give, we said forever so Im standing here Im standing here And I dont mind. You would never leave"
  • Close Your Eyes - Lily Allen
    "Hey hey Hey hey Baby baby You have to say That there's something you should know When I'm standing there in my underwear I know that I let myself go But I still feel sexy When you undress me And whisper"
  • Close Your Eyes - Melody.
    "Lying broken on the floor Waiting for her man to come back to her She hums a melancholy tune Just to pass the miserable time away away... Though the candle has long before Flickered off its last ray of"
  • Close Your Eyes - My Ruin
    "This place is HELL to me and I can NEVER get no SLEEP There's a DEVIL in my BED with me who's TALK is CHEAP You feel like HEAVEN to me all I want to do is SLEEP You're like an ANGEL lyin' next to me you"

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