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Feeling in the summer

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Feeling in the summer

  • Summer Feeling - Yanai Kate
    "Come on over have some fun Dancin' in the mornin' sun Look into the bright blue sky Come and let your spirit fly Livin' it up this brand new day Summer sun, it's time to play Doing things that feel"
  • Summer - The Dingees
    "And you know that its summertime When the days grow long and it smells sweet outside Sit on the steps with some things to spare Chat with Chomes about the things in our future And you know that we go"
  • Summer - Machine Gun Fellatio
    "I got a friend in Jesus, he's got a friend in me He's a bit hung up on god, but we've agreed to disagree Sometimes when I'm feeling frisky, call you up at home One time when your boyfriend answered I pretended"
  • Summer - Belasco
    "I can't get the distance of the feeling growing in me on this wretched windswept pier nurse me through the fallen last notes picked up from the shores within my restless heartfelt fears Wait for the summer"
  • Summer - Charlotte Hatherley
    "Summer is coming And I hope I feel better by the time it does Then I could leave my room my cocoon Find the door and walk out to the sun Feel like I've moved on Lessons learnt my mind is feeling calm"
  • Summer fever - Donna Summer
    "Winds may come and the winds may flowbut there's no wind can cool me of my fever, summer feversummer feverTime of love, time of yeartemperature's rising, our bodies near in fever, summer feversummer feverA"
  • In Summer - Billy Fury
    "When I get tired and feeling blue I think of all the things I can do In summer (Summer) In summer (Summer) I swim or fish or go for a driver The whole wide world will come alive In summer (Summer) In"
  • Donna Summer - Donna Summer
    "You know baby, I'm so happy to be here with you tonight That I just want to let you know That I'd follow you to the end of the world Just to show you that I care And I want you to know that If you need"
  • Spring Summer Feeling - Jill Scott
    "Feeling the way i do It's hard to keep focus one mintue staring at the moon next into your eyes And it's no surpirse ooo that my knees weaken at the lovely words you're speaking la la la la it takes more"
  • Summer depression - Girl in red
    "De-de-de-depression Teenage, suicidal Why, girls? Emotional Social denied Pretty face with pretty bad dreams No one knows I cry in my sleep Waking up, feeling like shit It's a normal thing to feel like"
  • Feeling - La's
    "I woke up with a feeling And found me lying on the floor I look up at the ceiling I must be dreaming When I get that feeling Oh my Lord I can't take no more You can't stop that feeling It just goes on"
  • Feeling - Nina Simone
    "Birds flying high you know how I feel Sun in the sky you know how I feel Reeds driftin' on by you know how I feel It's a new dawn It's a new day It's a new life For me and I'm feeling good Fish in the"
  • Feeling - Linkin Park
    "Feeling up my shirt, these wounds they will not heal Fear is how I fall, confusing what is real There's something inside you That pulls beneath the ocean Consuming, consuming This lack of control I"
  • Feeling - Mr. Lil One
    "Mr. Lil One - Feeling Lyrics I show up in the room, wit a witch and a broom Mothaf**kas know how I do it when I show Blowin up houses showin up like mouses Leavin f**kin holes in wall til they fall Callin"
  • Feeling - Kim Jong Kook
    "Alright, yeah, lets ride tonight, come on Just feel the music, lets move it Just feel the groove, lets do it Everybody feel jiggy tonight Then lets get funky Do you wanna funky music? Do you want it Do"
  • Feeling This - Blink-182
    "(Get ready for action!) I gotta regret right now (Im feeling this) The air is so cold and null (Im feeling this) Let me go in her room (Im feeling this) I wanna take off her clothes (Im feeling this) Show"
  • Feeling This - Blink 182
    "{Get ready for action!} I got no regret right now (Im feeling this) The air is so cold and low (Im feeling this) Let me go in her room (Im feeling this) I love all the things you do (Im feeling this) {I"
  • Summer - The Church
    "At the sea, in the sand You were free to my hand As we touched behind the wind Left so much outside our skin You never stay in all four dimensions You never ever return when you're gone One more summer"
  • Wait In Summer - Addis Black Widow
    "I could wait in summer, wait in winter Wait in spring or even fall It may be so... i know Cream: U dont know uuu..oughta know U should know..u shouldnt wait no more More o these chains on da door Chains"
  • Summer - The Sisters Of Mercy
    "Talking at each other Walking into walls Walking into wishful I've heard it all before Another shade of empty Another shade of blue Another shade of yellow, sunset yellow Another shade of you Can make"

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