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Teksty piosenek (19)


  • Antichristian War Propaganda - Lux Ferre
    "Destroy, erase, eliminate Obliterate, devastate, annihilate Kill, slay, murder, execute Reduce to nothing the christian filth Antichristian War Propaganda The Absolute is here to declare War We follow"
  • By My Grace... I Am Divine - Lux Ferre
    "By my grace I am divine Feast me, embrace my cause Worship me and you'll be In my Eternity Fear no name or entity I am just One, I am All It's just my Light That you must follow By my grace I am divine Adore"
  • Corrosive Torment - Lux Ferre
    "I end my life with pride The ultimate fulfillment My acts now have a goal Servitude for Thy will The power to corrode purity Feeble essence to terminate Slow Death for Satan Corrosion & Decay Trapped"
  • Next To Satan - Lux Ferre
    "Hordes rise from Hell's Abyss And glorious Evil strikes the skies The burning casualties on flame Are all what matters for Hell's pride The battlefield is your realm And Honour defeats all filth Commanding"
  • Achtung! (The Devil's Garden) - Lux Ferre
    "This is my Kingdom, a Realm of Fire Where angels don't dare, Evil Empire Dark soil, haunted by silent castles Entombed by the might of a doctrine Camouflaged is the path to Victory The dream of every"
  • Subvert (Denial's End) - Lux Ferre
    "Time of words Worthless blasphemies Heretic nonsense Of weak minds Time for Destruction The useful Pain Effective disgrace Burning calamity Subversive acts No Blood in vain Christian waste By Satanic"
  • Summoning The Eternal Darkness - Lux Ferre
    "I embrace the fear Entering the other side You never dreamt this The complete essence of my kind Chaotic, eternal vacuum I travel between the lines Traveling in unseen darkness And Death is my weapon Darkness"
  • Horns' Crush In Celebration - Lux Ferre
    "Celebrate the War Darkness day, give praise Hell rises to the earth Satan rejoices the throne Fire burns the world Light the sky from under Laws crawling to us Anarchy will prevail Our strength grows"
  • Brotherhood Of The Goat - Lux Ferre
    "Glorious Father of Evil Together we feast Thy Rebellion The Underground cries in full Adoration of Satan Bestial Lord of Terror The Brotherhood of the Goat Invokes Thee Oh Divine Abomination of Hell Brotherhood"
  • Blues En Fin Du Monde - Nino Ferrer
    "Pendant la fin du Monde il est recommand de suivre za la lettre les instructions de la Socit charge des modalits. Pendant la fin du Monde il est dconseill de se pencher par la fentre ouverte sur la voie"

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