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Ferst ime last time

  • Last Time - Trey Songz
    "This The Last Ime, Its The Last Chapter Cuz If She Catch Me With You She Gon Kill Us These Hotel Walls Are Looking To Familiar Your Love Is So, So Serious Girl You Keep Me Comin Back That Is I Be With"
  • Ime Kala - Peggy Zina
    "M'exi pligosi exo matosi Giafton ipofero ti tha gini den ksero Pernao me apora ke se fonaksa tora Thelo na pas ke na tou peis Pos ime kala pernao mia xara Thelo na tou pis psemmata Pos ime kala pernao"
  • Ime ego - Despina Vandi
    "Ego pou krifa se kitao ke stigmes metrao gia na se sinantisoEgo pou konda sou glistrao ke sou chamogeloEgo pou gia sena rotao ke minimata stelno sto kinito souNa m' agapisis prospathoEime ego, i krimmeni"
  • U ime ljubavi - Halid Beslic
    "Ni slutio nisam draga Ta tvoja ljepota pobijedice Tugu moju tugu mog zivota U ime ljubavi nocas me zagrli Ta ljpota tvoja nek nas vodi Tamo gdje za blago ljubav Mi nasu ne damo. Hvala ti sto treptis draga U"
  • Last time - Anouk
    "Last time Breaking my heart Last time Last time Falling apart Last time To walk and waving up the score now Last time, baby Once more Last time Breaking my heart Last time Last time Once again, it's the"
  • Last Time - Titiyo
    "So where do we go from here Now that we're lost So heavenly, yet so near But still it got lost This is the last time This is the last time This is the last time I'm coming back to you It's really the last"
  • Last Time - Teka x Paulina Witon
    "This is the Last Time This is the Last Time I hold you so tight Lovin' you all night Coz I I'm a bit naive No, in all on me I’ve got to take my hands of you Ore you put me through This is the Last"
  • Last Time - Great White
    "Well, I found a new way, not the way the old folks tried. Well, I'm pushin' harder, got my sights set for the sky. I live my live on the run. I do my time on my own. If you get too close you can steal"
  • Last Time - Fury In The Slaughterhouse
    "Well I told you once and I told you twiceight. But ya never listen to my advice goin' right. You don't try very hard to please me With what you know it should be easy Well this could be the last time This"
  • Last Time - Tenth Hour Calling
    "When was the last time You thought about His love it made you cry When was the last time The sunset put the tears in your eyes He never moves and He never changed He never moves and He never changed So"
  • Last Time - Shea Seger
    "Take some sense And I'll stumble home It's been awhile since I've been alone I'll break some bread And I'll pour some wine The conversation will be all mine Chorus But if I wake up with you It will be"
  • Last Time - Jan Howard
    "Somewhere outside the wind is wailing this time tomorrow you'll be sailing Oh my love hold me as if it was our last time Somewhere outside the bird is crying sounds like a million souls are dying Oh my"
  • Last time - Fuel
    "I'm not the first you sucked downI drank your pleasure slowThen stumbled out from your veilStill i've come for you tonightChoke my faith and stab my prideAnd tell myself thatChorus:This is the last timeThis"
  • Last Time - Minerals
    "Would you do this thing Would you do it again All these times around All these times around Well I can’t believe Well I can’t reliefe We can hide in here Why it doesn’t change I’m ok with that I’m"
  • Last Time - 38 Special
    "I've been waitin' for you all night. I got somethin' to say so listen good. Even fools can see the light. You should have known I would. 'Cause I, I've been a desperate man. Wonder why, I just don't understand, All"
  • Last Time - George
    "I'll tell you all something man This girl man I used to love we was together She left, She with this other guy Its really blowing my mind right now George man I gotta tell you about it I was up"
  • Last Time - Dry Cell
    "They say it's true Something's not right They laugh at you Hurting all the time and you just don't know why Destined to lose It's not right What can you do? All you do is fight and you're losing"
  • Last Time - Schaeffer
    "Cause you dont love Him the way you loved Him the last time that you saw Him Oh the words written on your face read like a farewell letter And the movement of your hand is like a lie detector Cause you"
  • Last Time - Rihanna
    "Once was a time, You and I made a promise to the day we die, I trusted each and every word, Never thinking I get burned, Silly me, I believed in your fairy tales, Boy I thought that I knew you so very"
  • Last Time - Lee Ann Womack
    "Like an old abandoned ferris wheel Time for me is standing still It's you and me in mid-July Underneath the midway lights And all our friends are standing there So I was acting like I didn't care When"

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