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Fhater in law bikep

  • Law - David Bowie
    "I don't want knowledge, I want certainty (x3)In the street a man shouts out loudA wallet drops and money flies into the midday sunWith the sound, with the sound, with the sound of the ground (x3)Oh I get"
  • Mother In Law - Huey Lewis & The News
    "(A. Toussaint) Mother in law, mother in law mother in law, mother in law The worst person I know mother in law, mother in law she worries me so mother in law, mother in law if she leaves us"
  • Wife In Law - Busta Rhymes
    "Yeah yeah yeah yeah, Yeah yeah yeah yeah... Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah... Jah and Busta-Bus (Heh) Jaheim and Busta baby (Heh) Jah and Busta baby... Yeah.. wife in law, my bitch for the triflin whore Type"
  • Martial Law - Exciter
    "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust Martial law is ready to strike Tyrants bleed from the dead man's blood Soldiers march, they're doomed to die... LAW! Martial Law Martial Law Martial, Martial Law! Law!"
  • Their Law - Prodigy
    "Intro (Jackie Gleason in the movie "Smokey And The Bandit"): What we're dealing with here is a total lack of respect for the law. I'm the law and you can't beat the law I'm the law and you can't beat the"
  • Peacemaker's Law - Sodom
    "Don't be afraid of any man No matter what his size Just call on me, I will be there And I will equalise Peacemaker's law Thumb-buster's draw Peacemaker's law A bad boys war Don't shoot a man into his"
  • The Law - Scanner
    "They ride across the mountains Over their God-given land Following their destination Independent barons Fight behind their king With a sword in their hands' back to back The law People pray When they"
  • John Law - Dropkick Murphys
    "Now let me tell you about a man named John Law He's a neighborhood cop the toughest man I ever saw A man who knows his duty, a man with a gun To the people in the neighborhood John Law is number one Freeze,"
  • D-Law - D-A-D
    "Look at that guy in those tight leather-pants He can't sing and you can see he can't dance And soulfinger's spinning; throwing his hair He's got nothing to say; He's just happy 2 B there Look at his friend"
  • Man's Law - Action
    "Your lord ain't my shepherd I won't follow like no fool Adherent to the policies of a dog eared book of rule Reject the notion we are judged On every action every choice For it means we're but machines, Stripped"
  • Murphy's Law - Roisin Murphy
    "I feel my story still untold but I make my own happy ending I guess, I’d rather be alone than making what they demanding I feel maybe I overgrow whole this town I see you almost every day and every time"
  • Metal law - Vendetta
    "Power, destruction, mayhem and death, hot violation.Flashing our swords, killing all that we can, we will attack you.Feeling the power of our inner soul, (you) can't stop the fighters.March of the maniacs,"
  • The Law - Exhorder
    ""Do what thou will shall be whole of the law" (Aleister Crowley, Liber Oz) fires are burning inside and you barely stand on two feet there's scars arranged all over you I'm governing my needs I hear"
  • Crowley's Law - Death SS
    "He was called the wickedest man in the world the Great Beast of Hell incarned on earth. He spent all his life studying ancient cults and cursing the God in whose faith he was born Unrecognized genius"
  • Martial Law - Lou Reed
    "I've declared a truce, so stop your fighting The marshall is in town I won't put up with no big mouth yapping At least not while I'm around This is my friend Ace, he's from the 8th precinct Nothing goes"
  • Natural Law - Horse
    "(McAlinden) Under the mantle of the stars, By the slow waves of the sea, On a bank of sand we fell Like fruit from a laden tree. And in the morning, with the clean slate of day, You're the warm thought"
  • Law & Order - Fang
    "Law and order in the U.S.A. That's how they'll make us pay Communism and tooth decay U.S. will save the world today Here I am in a mechanical world Mechanical boys, mechanical girls They said I'm not like"
  • Law Library - Papoose
    "Yeah This dedicated to all homies locked down Don't give up hope. Keep your mind focused Trigger Happy Pappy, Strong Come On (Chorus) Take these bars and put 'em in your conversary The laws is deadly,"
  • Immigration Law - Buju Banton
    "Crisis This is a worldwide escapade Have every massive fraid Buju Banton did tell yuh already Every nation bow to the immigration law Immigrant shuffle what a suppen No more ease up due to a certain"
  • Threefold Law - Nemesea
    "'Audias attente Antequam agis meditare Etenim est lex vetusta Foedus sagis olim factum Memento semper legis trium Ter quod das ad te reveniet Tantum acquires quantum merenis!' Listen very carefully! Think"

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