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  • Ju - Carlos Lyra
    "Honestino: 125 gramas de manteiga 1 xcara e meia de acar 1 xcara e meia de farinha de trigo Seis ovos Seis barras de chocolate Petrnio: Modo de preparar Bata a manteiga uma a uma Ponha o chocolate"
  • You're everything - George Jones
    "You're everything my heart has cried for everything I've heard and tried forYou're the only thing I glide for you belong to meYou're the only one I dream for only one I cheat and scheme forNo one else"
  • Fix Idris - Super Furry Animals
    "Ba ba ba ba ba Ba ba ba ba ba ba Ba ba ba ba ba ah (X2) Seren mewn gwagle Star in an empty space Collais i'n gydradd I lost my equal Oes genti broblem? Have you got a problem? Mi fyddai yno hefo ti I'll"
  • El Hambre Del Liceo - Carlos Vives
    "Salgo eSanta Marta Cojo el tren en la estación Paso por la zona la tierra elos platanales Y al llegar a Fundación, sigo en carro para el Valle (bis) Con esta noticia le fueron a mi mam Que yo de lo flaco"
  • Little miracles - Luther Vandross
    "One thing I would love to doIs talk to someoneWish I knew whoSometimes the people who know the least say the mostMakes you wonder who you can trustWhat's gonna happenThe first thing I knowGod is loveThe"
  • Little miracles - Vandross Luther
    "(Happen Every Day)One thing I would love to doIs talk to someoneWish I knew whoSometimes the people who know the least say the mostMakes you wonder who you can trustWhat's gonna happenThe first thing I"
  • As Ilhas - Ney Matogrosso
    "Vi mosca surtindo fios De sombra na madrugada Vi sangue numa gravura E morte em caras paradas Via vis de meia noite E frutas elementares Vi a riqueza do mundo Em bocas disseminadas Vi pssaros transparentes Em"
  • Blind - Callenish Circle
    "Blindfolded... you're leaving me behindTo keep me from the daylightWhere I would find your intentionsPertaining to the nightSurrounded by unbreakable wallsLeft behind chained in an empty roomCrawling in"
  • Love song - Olivia Newton John
    "The words I have to say, they will be simple, but they're trueUntil you give your love, there's nothing more that we can doLove is the opening door, love is what we came here forNo one could offer you"
  • Jesualda - Jorge Benjor
    "Jesualda parou com o morro Pois ela estava no alto Mas no estava por cima Moa simptica prendada ano ginasial completo Toda certinha ainda donzela Pr ningum botar defeito Cheia de afeto Desceu pra ver de"
  • Can - Carlos Lyra
    "O Brasil uma terra de amores Alcatifada de flores Onde a brisa fala amores Em lindas tardes de abril Correi pras bandas do sul Debaixo de um cu de anil Encontrareis um gigante deitado Santa Cruz, hoje"
  • Corps of corpses - Hawthorne Heights
    "And all of the corpsesWalk step by stepTo the rhythm of their once beating heartsOver and over they marchOn and on to the same old songsTrying to find something worth living forNo more ghost or memories"
  • Mysterious - 2 Unlimited
    "{A:} No way of controlling my body; MysteriousYou touch me that way, my souls of aboveWhen we say goodbyeThere's now turning back for love{R:} Now I think it's time to make the floor burn!{A:} No way of"
  • Marital carnival - Quindon Tarver
    "You Come Home, You Look Kind of FranticToo Bad Cause I Feel RomanticI Know You're Stressed Out AgainTonight - I Guess - That We're Just Friends AgainYou Know I'm Really Not the Type to CompeteI Hope Your"
  • Il cielo non finisce mai - Pooh
    "Tu torni qui dal tuo week endDa chiss dove senza me;Coshai lasciato in quel taxi?Le tue chiavi chiss chi?Tra il vento e le contraddizioniDi un azzurro lunedSto camminando sui carboniE mi faccio strani"
  • Le mamme - Toto Cotugno
    "Due braccia grandi per abbandonarmi dentro se la notte avevo un po' paura Occhi profondi per cui ero un libro aperto senza dire neanche una parola Aveva mille modi buoni per svegliarmi quando non volevo"
  • La Notte Se N'E' Andata - Vinicio Capossela
    "La notte se n' andata come una fucilata e i resti cadono abbattuti sopra l'uomo del Gibbuti Inn sguardo di paraffina sopra il banco perlinato puzza di chiuso e di benzina sul parterre disinfettato nuvole"
  • La sposa occidentale - Lucio Battisti
    "Non dobbiamo avere pazienza, ma accampare pretese intorno o noi come in un assedio, ed essere aggrediti dalle voglie pi voluminose: un fiore, che un fiore, io non te l'ho mai comprato, vuoi improvvisato,"
  • Loongest goodbye - Olsen Twins
    "I'd never see the light go down in my selfI'd never see the night some authumn forNo, i'd never be the one to be undergradestBut with you i feel it allI'd never be the one to be the latestThe star is standing"
  • I'm free - Donna Summer
    "I was stranded in the darktrying to find an open doorso aloneChains were wrapped around my heartdidn't know what love was forno moreheard these voices in my headtelling me you'll never escapeno you can't"

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