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Fifth harmony like mariach

  • POR FAVOR (ft. Fifth Harmony) - Pitbull
    "See you and i ain;t too proud to beg just like TLC I got a good head on my shoulders if you know what I mean that;s when I called her over and tild her Mami ve naqui de dinde eres cual es tu hombre? tienes"
  • Fifth Angel - Fifth Angel
    "In a land far from nowhere With a false god as a king They rejoice and sing In the night their chanting rings In the dark mist they wonder If it's true, the distant spell They look to the sky And they"
  • Harmony - Barry Manilow
    "Harmony Unforgettable harmony Harmony First there was harmony And there was rhyme This was our time Harmony Did we have harmony And that's just about all we had! Suddenly A little harmony And the poverty's"
  • Harmony - James Fauntleroy
    "We could sing this love together We're going along I could listen 'till forever Where your body go into harmony When you follow me into harmony When you scream around (?) This was a beach, girl And I'm"
  • Harmony - Sly & The Family Stone
    "You can be you let me be me that's harmony Simple as 1-2-3 Easy as a-b-c Some people feel some life is dead Better use your head Work it out and you'll find Surprised at what you'll find Something settles"
  • Harmony - Ian Thomas
    "I don't like the systemToo many kinksHear lots of talkin'Nobody thinksListen to the common man, he don't give a damnJust trying to make a living, the best that he canHarmony, what the whole world wantHarmony,"
  • Chrome Slugs & Harmony - The Game
    "We got London on da Track Not against rap We're not against rappers But we are against those thugs It's the thuggish, ruggish bone It's the thuggish, ruggish bone It's the thuggish, ruggish bone It's the"
  • Fifth Disciple - La The Darkman
    "(Triple Darkness, Fifth Disciple, La the Darkman) (La the Darkman) Yo, yo, it's surprising, how I throw lines like Joe Theisman Franchisin, then pause for the rap Heismann My enterprisement, constantly"
  • Fifth Dimension - B.o.B
    "Ooohhh B.o.B, Whats up whats down, Ladies and gentleman, we are enterin, the 5th dimension, Right on right on, B.o.B. B.o.B give it to em Girl im eons and eons beyond these be-ons, another human like me"
  • Maria - American Steel
    "The say these colors don't run But they bleed in your face like a bully spitting up a bad taste after being knocked down a few pegs you sigh as hard as a rock it cuts your laugh lines absurd i'm smiling"
  • Bad Harmony - Frank Black
    "We don't know what we're talking about That's just words in our libretto I don't know if the sum of our stretto will end up a terrible shout We left the ground and we floated above this town that never"
  • Ms. Harmony - Robin Thicke
    "Funny, it's time... Things ain't going right, oh harmony... Don't know how you get by! Feels like frozen time You wake up the moment into your surprise You got hope and you're alright You're so"
  • Sweet harmony - Feel
    "Is it right or wrong, Try to find a place. We can all belong? Be as one. Try to get on by. If we unify? We should really try... All this time, Spinning round & round. Made the same mistakes. That we've"
  • Electrric Harmony - Damnwells
    "the clock would ring just like a bell the green in her eyes dropped out and fell everywhere but I don't care I can see that she's made of something else entirely has she completely gone crazy she kissed"
  • Endless Harmony - Beach Boys
    "Beach Boys Keepin' The Summer Alive Endless Harmony Ocean lovers who like to harmonize They're all cousins friends and brothers And they make their mamas cry They're record-making heart-breaking Just west"
  • Sweet Harmony - The Beloved
    "is it right or wrong try to find a place we can all belong? be as one try to get on by if we unify? we should really try... all this time spinning round and round made the same mistakes that we've"
  • Endless Harmony - The Beach Boys
    "Ocean lovers who like to harmonize They're all cousins friends and brothers And they make their Mamas cry They're record-making heart-breaking Just West Coast boys What I know it's a beginning of an endless"
  • Sweet Harmony - Beloved
    "Is it right or wrong Try to find a place We can all belong? Be as one Try to get on by If we unify We should really try... All this time Spinning round and round Made the same mistakes That we've always"
  • Natural Harmony - The Byrds
    "Fallin' free, me and you Happenin' so graciously You can't hurry natural harmony Feel so free, wider than me Seems just like the day of birth Our first awakening to this earth Dancing through the streets"
  • Harmony Hall - Vampire Weekend
    "We took a vow in summertime Now we find ourselves in late December I believe that New Year’s Eve Will be the perfect time For their great surrender but they don’t remember anger wants a voice voices"

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