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Fighting for a lost cause - Antimatter

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Fighting for a lost cause - Antimatter

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Fighting for a lost cause - Antimatter
  • Antimatter Fighting For A Lost Cause
    "And there it is, as pure as snow I couldn't see it for my head was too low And prying eyes, they stoop too low Poisoning my soul, as sanity waits in the gallows Defeated I, fighting for a lost cause Depleted"
  • Dragonland Antimatter
    "Radioactive decay A seperation of fragile cycles Decelerating our age Nothing stands in my way and the universe Before the stars were born From matter it was told Reach out you will see What science"
  • Cage Antimatter
    "I'd rather be left alone in you can't confide. You've made your intentions know you suffocate my mind. There's nothing to fear there's no need to hide cause the pain that I feel keeps on growing inside"
  • Beck Lost Cause
    "Your sorry eyes cut through the bone They make it hard to leave you alone Leave you here wearing your wounds Waving your guns at somebody new Baby you're lost Baby you're lost Baby you're a lost"
  • Kicked In The Head Lost Cause
    "You might as well beat me 'till I'm black and blue This feeling is stuck to me like it's crazy glue Is perfect love to good to be true Now that the devil broke my heart and tempted you? How did you turn"
  • Scapegoat Wax Lost Cause
    "He was a kid, who lived in a box Stuck inbetween a win and a loss He made up his mind, he wanted to rock He sweat 'til he bled, the city was hot Off of the page, he wrote in his head Awfully strange, the"
  • Chris Cornell Lost Cause
    "That's right We all get left behind That's just a fact Maybe that's why people have guns Won't help though Just a fact (Verse) Jesse was a good girl Went to a good school Her daddy's little pride and joy Up"
  • Sons Of Thunder Fighting
    "I'm the preacher-man I tell you the truth Now open your Bible and read with me the word Go from second Timothy chapter two verse four, says The soldier never sleeps, must be ready to fight Fighting, always,"
  • Yellowcard Fighting
    "Said Id move on and I'd leave it alone But before I walk out there is something that I need you to know I got lost in the blink of an eye And I could never get back, no I never got back... You were not"
  • Manic Street Preachers Anthem for a Lost Cause
    "It's a cold and lonely message At the end of a song It invaded hearts and minds But they couldn't get along It can ask you to remember It can ask you for a dance So it seems that every song Now is just"
  • Rodriguez CAUSE
    "ause I lost my job two weeks before Christmas And I talked to Jesus at the sewer And the Pope said it was none of his God-damned business While the rain drank champagne My Estonian Archangel came and"
  • Steeleye Span Fighting For Strangers
    "(Hogg's "Jacobite reliques") Cam ye o'er frae France? Cam ye doon by Lunnon? Saw ye Geordie Whelps and his bonnie woman? Oh, weren't ye at the place called the Kittle Housie? Saw ye Geordie's grace a-ridin'"
  • Deathboy Antimatter
    "Been so low and I made such a fuss of it Looked so pained but I couldn't get enough of it Despise anything I could ever belong to And the people that I love Are the ones I do wrong to Soldiers and princesses She's"
  • Ginny Owens Symbol Of A Lost Cause
    "He could have prospered out in the suburbs Instead of working for the poor Down at the inner-city mission Where there's so much disappointment and very few rewards. For every victory there's a failure On"
  • Imagine Dragons Lost Cause
    "Oh, dig my shallow grave It's not me you'll save 'Cause I'm a lost cause I'm a lost cause A lost, lost cause Wait, all this time that I have spent away Makes me think that I might be okay, The kiss of"
  • Neal Morse Lost Cause
    "I used to be a poor man but now I'm really broke Used to be a lemon now I'm an artichoke I used to be resourceful Used to really care I used to be on the fast track now I'm goin' nowhere 'Cause I'm a"
  • Exit Lost Cause
    "I heard that you've been Saying things about me You really shouldn't say I should have known Coming from you So how come you're so Nice in front of me But when you walk away You keep on doing what you"
  • Oleander Lost Cause
    "even if we say we do, it don't mean that we will it don't mean that we're going to even if we say we'll try it don't mean that we'll have the opportunity all this time weighed out unrefined twisted and"
  • Wishbone Ash Lost Cause In Paradise
    "They were fair and they were blond, Laughing loud and singing songs, Hoping for the best in life, Heading for a paradise. In the flash of an eye was born, What would grow to become a storm, When the fountain"
  • Five for Fighting Five For Fighting - Ten Miles From N
    "How have you been in the shape you were in I'm suprised that you got where you're going Who would believe What a date you would be If I knew I'd have thought about knowing And in between now and the last"

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