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  • No puedo dejarte de amar - Camila
    "Y es asComo ayer decas que iba a serLa vida es tan simple ahoraSin tenerte...Y sigo asPalabras que me desnudanMe envuelven tanto las dudasLa historia siempre continaY no puedo dejarte de amarY no puedo"
  • You Where There (Maria Pensar) - Fame Factory
    "YOU WERE THERE I was woundering around so desperat to find something to hold on to While the pain wood suppsayd try to hide the tears of mine but you saw the heard and see behind.. and... REF: you where"
  • A better tommorow - Kreator
    "One by one we take control New consciousness, one heart, one soul Oppression ends, the time has come So don't look back, it can be done Something is still missing Something keeps 'em blind Like a"
  • Serious Song - Paris
    "I didn't know that it was serious I didn't know that I was wrong I didn't know that it was something else as mysterious I lose control to finaly lose myself Serious serious serious Serious serious serious Serious"
  • After all night - Air Supply
    "And the world is fast asleep I will hold you here and to keep All our secret dreams and plans You Never thought our love could last Now you've put that in the past 'Cause you finaly understand Chorus That"
  • Unnecesary - Line Life
    "1: Not long Saturday, best day in week. Finaly I'm free! I go into party, though me unwilling. I'm on space, I happened to meet him. It nothing specjal. Which direction do I take? Escape or hide, I know"
  • I'm In Love With A Capital - Joe Diffie
    "I Never did good in school I was a rebal at heart. While everybody was makin the grade, I was gettin up to no good down to an art. But then you came along and baby there i went. Darlin with a kiss all"
  • The Crossing - Big Country
    "Steeltown By Big Country. ------------------------- Here I stand with my own kin At the end of everything Finaly the dream has gone I've nothing left to hang upon I came here with all my friends Leaving"
  • Only Slices Remains - Centinex
    "Slowly I'm watching her die A fixed look in her eyes You bleed as I see Her soul fade with fear She shall suffer - I will slain This is my obligation - only Bleeding slices remains A torrent of"
  • Someday Soon - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
    "Graham Nash Someday soon you will see by the light of day That someday soon all your worries will fade away Keep holding on to the love that has made you strong And someday soon heartache will"
  • This Time It's Real - Little Texas
    "I never knew what I'd go through, without you. Or how much I need for you to believe in me. But it won't have to be like before. 'Cause I don't have to lie anymore. CHORUS 'Cause this time it's real. The"
  • Bye bye - Alejandra Guzman
    "Me cans de tu amormi pasión se agotópara qu perder el tiempotodo tiene un finaly esto se gastóencontr otro pasatiempoSi no pudo ser, convncetey a otra cosa corazón, olvdamepor qu insistirya djame vivirla"
  • Geriatrics - Amateur Transplants
    "8 O'clock monday night at the bingo, I finaly talked to a girl a little older than me, her name is Mabice, shes a pensioner that i know, she wares a cardigan and slippers and a pair of false teeth, and"
  • It' Cool - Kashif Ibadullah Khan
    "You Turn To Shift Your Way I Recognize This All Today I Also Find out This Bed News That You Found Some Body New Don't Worry Still Time Is Bright Nothing Effect Me I Am All Right You Break Love Rule Baby Oh"
  • Nomad - Cage
    "Come Inside and sit my friend I know you wonder why I've asked you to come here again It seems were under siege Come now and hear my wicked tale All that I say is true you know we surely must prevail Here's"
  • We Are Together - Kate Alexa
    "I never thought I'd see the day That we would ever be this way I never thought that it would change. But now I finaly realise That what we had was no disguise When I look into your eyes. But things can"
  • Mr. Levon - Shawn Colvin
    "Find a nail to hang your hat on Go and get yourself a chair If there's little hope to fathom Mr. Levon left it there Don't imagine you can lose him Just take the ribbons from your hair Give your resistance"
  • Ready For The Final War - Sigh
    "See the plough show their destiny, Disorder and chaos, let all the light disappear, Lord god, prepare for our blasphemy, The winged warriors take their black spears, Five evil lords will finaly ascend, Against"
  • Unveiled - Cage
    "In the Earth's first days they came with high technology Mutagenic lives would thrive they germinated seeds They came unto this world with two infants to breed The grand experiment was called Adam and"
  • We'll Put A Spell On You - Bro'Sis
    "I remember not to long ago - when I wasn't sure and did'nt know - dreaming bout the moment I'd be on the radio There were many nights I shed my tears - dealing with my doubts and facing fears - now"

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