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Finding my way throug the stars

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Finding my way throug the stars

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Finding my way throug the stars
  • Alice Peacock Finding My Way
    "Remember when we were young and brave Nothing could tear us apart Together we'd face a brand new day Fearless with open hearts But then life got in the way Now there's so much I gotta' say Cuz' while I"
  • Rush Finding My Way
    "Yeah, oh yeah! Ooh, said I, I'm comin' out to get you Ooh, sit down, I'm comin' out to find you Ooh, yeah Ooh yeah Findin' my way! I've been gone so long I've lost count of the years Well, I sang some"
  • 702 Finding My Way
    ""Verse One: I'm so glad to see you, I can't believe what I've found. You got yourself together, Trying to move to a higher ground. Now what have I been missing, besides from the fact that you're fine. Into"
  • Fonzie Finding The Way
    "The place that I called home is not there anymore I've lost my seat inside, it's hard to say goodbye there's no one by my side I found my way I guess I won't you let down alone and frustrated you're"
  • Charlotte Church Finding My Own Way
    "Looking back on memories Thinking how things used to be Is it me or was it simple then? If I stumble if I fall Would you help me up at all Take me in let me come home again Will someone tell me how life"
  • Lee Ann Womack Finding My Way Back Home
    "I've been hurryin', I've been worryin'. I've been runnin' against the wind. I've been bettin' my soul on a long shot roll, That a good man never wins. I've been tossin', and I've been turnin'. I've"
  • Beaumont Finding You
    "In my bones, it shakes me on the phone Friends shine down like stars I need to know I'm home My smile is false And plays with my skin This situation, I don't want to be in Then it came, finding you Never"
  • Leslie Phillips I'm Finding
    "Verse 1: I'm finding that I'm falling In love with you every day And I'm finding that I'm finally Starting to see things your way It's taken me a long time To trust you with my heart But I knew once I"
  • Sam Phillips I'm Finding
    "Verse 1: I'm finding that I'm falling In love with you every day And I'm finding that I'm finally Starting to see things your way It's taken me a long time To trust you with my heart But I knew once I"
  • Stellar Kart Finding Out
    "I'm looking up and looking down I'm counting my steps Looking all around no one can see no one can know everything that I do when i'm all alone All the lies that won't let go Try to hide from the truth"
  • Blacklisted Finding Faith
    "We find our faith in the damnedest place The thin line between love and hate Sold it all for a shot of hope You can feel but you can't cope Although you know that it hurts They can't make it any worse You"
  • Pulse Ultra Finding my place
    "Sometime soon I think I'll find my place never fit into the mold I was given but am I too afraid to find out what I am? or is there smething in my way that I don't know about? sorry if I failed you I don't"
  • Chant Finding My Way Back To You
    "I, I'm missing you I remember, when the nights were long and we laid so close Warm in each others arms, warm in each others hearts Now it's a memory, lost inside a dream we just couldn't reach I don't"
  • Michelle Branch Finding My Way Back To You
    "I used to get away with so much Now I can't get away I even thought that it was simple To say the things I wanted to say And you told me Everything I wanted to hear And you sold me Now I don't know how"
  • Jordan Knight Finally finding out
    "Finally finding? I didn't wanna be silent I had a lot to say I didn't wanna make moves Until I paved a way I'm giving in to something I never gave before I'm taking on much less Because I needed more,"
  • Eight Fingers Down Searching And Finding
    "It's not the time It's not the place Everything is always misplaced My luck runs high Then it runs out It's been proven without any doubt I don't wanna be the one who runs Cause I don't know how I've been"
  • The Cranberries Stars
    "The stars are bright tonight And I am walking nowhere I guess I will be alright Desire gets you nowhere And you are always right And my, you are so perfect Take you as you are I'll have you as you are I'll"
  • Alex Nackman Stars
    "Sunday night beginning of May Most children sleep, but I am still awake Cool breeze coming through and I am not alone Many days have past here, watching telephones Can all the stars line up my way To"
  • Seals and Crofts Stars
    "(lyrics and music by James Seals and Brian Whitcomb, 1980) From the album THE LONGEST ROAD (1980). People get a little to loose. They forget, they abuse. Well, people get a little too tight, and it ain't"
  • Acel Bisa Stars
    "I am here asking why It didn't happen the way I planned it I can't understand why But I have to face it so I could fly In the night when stars are not bright It's so quiet... I kneel as we communicate I"

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