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  • Fink - Angelspit
    "He comes with wire, spikes and electrodes Tongs and speculum, hammer illegitimate If he cannot deflower in her cage Then he's having her on a white plate Devil eyes Rakehell child Rapscallion smile Thief"
  • Ratt Fink - Undead
    "(Allan Sherman) Ratt fink, 1, 2, 3, 4 F, I said F I F I N, F I N K Fink F I N K, fink, fink, fink, fink R, I said R A R A T, R A T T Ratt, R A T T F I N K Ratt fink, Ratt Fink Ratt fink, Ratt Fink Ratt"
  • Rat Fink - Misfits
    "F, I said F I F I N, F I N K Fink F I N K, fink, fink, fink R, I said R A R A T, R A T T Rat, R A T T F I N K Rat fink, Rat Fink Rat fink, Rat Fink Rat fink, R A T T F I N K Fink Rat fink, yeah, yeah,"
  • Rat Fink - Sherman Allan
    "+Rat Fink F. I say F-I. F-I-N. F-I-N-K. Fink. F-I-N-K, fink, fink, fink, fink. R. I say R-A. R-A-T. R-A-T-T. Rat. R-A-T-T F-I-N-K, rat fink. (yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah) Rat fink. (yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah) Rat"
  • Barton Fink - Kazik
    "Siedzę w tym hotelu tydzień. Nie wiem, co się dzieje Czy to sen, czy jawa? Czasem się do siebie śmieję Czasem dół mam okrutny - zmieniają się nastroje W dzień się czuję bezpiecznie, raczej w nocy się boję"
  • Fink About It - Rivermaya
    "(Fink fink fink fink about it)x2 when you sit outside and your gettin cold d'you fink your thin blooded or just gettin old I just sit and wonder why why do i see people in the sky Just fink fink fink fink"
  • Exploratory Rat Fink Committee - Guided By Voices
    "The exploratory rat fink committee They're back! I never needed much time To change the scheme of plans It's taken so long now It's taken so long now But every time I think about a change It seems to take"
  • The Ballad Of Wilhelm Fink - Green Day
    "Said that I'd meet you At the Berkeley Marina 3 AM when no one will be found All I got in mind Is a Boone's Farm jug of wine Smash a bottle in the parking lot But considering our luck We'll get busted"
  • Trouble's What You're In - Fink
    "Trouble's what you're in In that dress that's as black as my heart on this train Trouble's what you're in Trouble With those lips that's as red as the blood in my veins Trouble, You know it, Trouble, Soft"
  • If Only - Fink
    "I ain't being funny, I ain't got the brakes I ain't got the aces, I ain't got the stakes If Only I ain't got the nerve, I ain't got the makings of the man you deserve, I ain't got the time If Only I'll"
  • Blueberry Pancakes - Fink
    "I really miss your blueberry pancakes I don't buy maple syrup in Asda no more Sunday morning cooking em up wearing my t-shirt, I'm lifting it up And now I'm in the Holly Bush baby, the Holly Bush The"
  • Get Your Share - Fink
    "I used to live on cloud 9 now I moved to 8 I do serious business in surreal estate You are on the edge but you'll have to wait To blow out all the candles on your birthday cake You're really gonna get"
  • Under The Same Stars - Fink
    "And we're under the same stars And that's as close as we get tonight It only took the once to know how special we could be if we were left alone And we're under the same stars And that's the same ones"
  • All Cried Out - Fink
    "You took your time to come back this time The grass has grown under your feet In your absence I changed my mind And someone else is sitting in your seat I know that I said that there'd be no-one else I"
  • Hard Believer - Fink
    "I can see the light coming I can see the light coming Over the hill, over hill Hard Believer Hard Believer Won't you believe? Won't you believe me now? We were made for each other Won't you believe in"
  • Looking Too Closely - Fink
    "This is a song about somebody else So don't worry yourself, worry yourself Devil's right there right there in the details And you don't wanna hurt yourself, hurt yourself Looking too closely Looking too"
  • Shakespeare - Fink
    "Oh why, oh why do they teach us Shakespeare When you're only 16, with no idea, what it all means Oh Romeo, oh Romeo he thinks it's a love thing All masks and kisses from the balcony It's deeper than that"
  • Pilgrim - Fink
    "Come a long way, come a long way Come a long way Not to work it out As cold comfort wraps around you in the dark Come a long way Come a long way Not to ask the question that’s been on your lips all the"
  • Too Late - Fink
    "You are You are You are In charge In contrary Inside But outside, it's too cold, I'm too stoned And it's too late to start again It's too late to start again It's too late /6x In the end, the end, the"
  • Bloodline - Orenda Fink
    "Trace your bloodline, They'll take care of you They're still your family No matter what they've done to you And the cold air stings my eyes As I take his hands, he says, "Just let your body do this" Slave"

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