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Fire Meet

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Fire Meet

  • Fire Meet Gasoline - Sia
    "It's dangerous to fall in love But I want to burn with you tonight Hurt me There's two of us We're bristling with desire The pleasure's pain and fire Burn me So come on I'll take you on, take you on I"
  • Fire - The Music
    "yeah I'm sensible I want peace and I believe it's still inside of me far from here they speak a thousand tales of what we lost into an open fire I think it's time for you to look around and see your past"
  • Fire - The Subways
    "Fill me in (Spoken) Hey baby How you doin tonite?Huh Yo! I been thinkin bout you all day Yeah! Well I just wanna talk to you for a minute you know what I'm sayin So um meet me in the park you know"
  • Fire - Ghostface Killah
    "(feat. Trife Da God)Don't play with me, cause you're playing with fire!(Whooo, smoking, smoking, smoking them Marley Marl'sSmile, smoking, them Marley Marl's now be smokingUh huh uh huh, smoking, light"
  • Fire - Qb's Finest
    "Fire.. it's fire, put the fire outAiyyo, aiyyo, aiyyoI got the whole city stoppin, o.g.'s diddy-boppinPlayin my shit, critics sayin my shitTryin to get me for that ice that lay on my wristIt's like flippin"
  • Fire - Nature
    "(Nature) Fire.. it's fire, put the fire out Aiyyo, aiyyo, aiyyo I got the whole city stoppin, O.G.'s diddy-boppin Playin my shit, critics sayin my shit Tryin to get me for that ice that lay on my wrist It's"
  • Meet My Friend - Eddy Huntington
    "Meet my friend, he knows every little trick Meet my friend called Dick (repeat twice) I've got friend He's so much fun And I know he's ready for action He'd like to fire And wake up your desire"
  • Meet The Wretched - DevilDriver
    "Meet the wretched - It's calling, calling - - So, you're bored and you're sitting - Your soul is fitting - Let's go to town and meet the wretched - I hear, they say, night time is calling - The sky is"
  • Meet Thy Maker - October 31
    "As life goes on, there's still no answers To why we all must die Why put us here then take away our lives? For when life falls then death will call And it's time to meet thy maker As day does end and"
  • Composer Meet Corpse - Poison The Well
    "I want to live on fire I'll burn my bridges Smarter man would have said no Other men would have learned now You want my money? It spends like shit The thief steals from the young The suit steals from us"
  • Nice To Meet You - Cody Simpson
    "The last words you spoke fell from flaming lips like an ember I’d hoped that we’d meet again but stormy nights like these Help me remember Must I let you go leaving me alone I could cry but I’ll say nice"
  • Till We Meet Again - Chicago
    "(T. Kath) I want to share the love that fills my being If your willing Come along Take of me this evening and this love If you're lonely Come let's be There's no time for shyness How fast night turns"
  • Meet Me On A Rooftop - Sophie B. Hawkins
    "Meet me on a rooftop That's where I'm gonna be This party is so old fashioned Nothing is here for me Meet me on a rooftop I'll bring the radio We can kick our shoes off And dance really slowly Drink a"
  • Meet Me In The Tower - Ours
    "I'm paralyzed from head down Realized pushing their doubts I'm burned by all the fire Thats spread within my house You put them there so you can put them out When courage strikes we'll come out And wait"
  • Meet Me In The Morning - Everything But The Girl
    "Meet me in the morning I'll have the motor running Down icy lanes, under a glass blue sky This is living This is living I haven't come to be a stranger I haven't come to break your home I haven't come"
  • Meet Me Here - Acquire The Fire
    "come and breathe your peace in me let it fall meet me, meet me meet with me here i am desperate for you to meet me here here i stand reaching out for you to meet me here come and breathe your peace in"
  • Fire brigade - Electric Light Orchestra
    "Cast your mind back ten yearsTo the girl who's next to me in schoolIf I put me hand upon her legShe hit me with a ruleThough tomorrow won't be longYou're gonna have to play it coolYou get fascinated by"
  • Fire Island - Village People
    "Fire isla-and (fire, fire island) - it's a funky weekend (funky) a funky funky weeke-end Fire isla-and (fire, fire island) - it's a funky weekend (funky) a funky funky weeke-end It's the place where you'll"
  • Fire Shot - Slightly Stoopid
    "we got the fire shot madness so me go fire fire now fire down below for these people they running round out of control they running round them wicked out of control jah jah be with you but until"
  • Fire Brigade - The Move
    "Cast your mind back ten years To the girl who's next to me in school If I put my hand upon her leg She'd hit me with a rule Though tomorrow won't be long You're gonna have to play it cool You've been"

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