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Fire N Gold

  • Fire N Gold - Bea Miller
    "Like an astronaut that's scared of heights With a heart that's beating at the speed of light You've been waiting for this feeling all your life Sometimes it's just hard to realize When you're stuck in"
  • Silver-N-Gold - Rusted Root
    "I got a lover, She push my lover aside, Cause she don't know my best, & in my bed well I lost my lonely bible, a kickin through my mess - a kickin through my mess, When she don't know my best, & in my"
  • Gold - Amanda Lear
    "Gold, I give you gold, gold did you ever dig for gold into the ground? Have you ever wanted gold? Have you ever listened to this precious sound? The glorious sound of gold... Gold, gold, gold, gold, gold,"
  • Gold - Prince
    "There's a mountain and it's mighty high U cannot see the top unless U fly And there's a molehill of proven ground There ain't no where 2 go if U hang around Everybody wants 2 sell what's already been"
  • Gold - Genius/GZA
    "(feat. Method Man) Aiyyo Shorty, yo that's my word Oh, y'all smellin y'all piss now y'all think y'all gold Yo anybody get caught playin Over here, I'm returnin em that's my word that they be blasted Anything"
  • Gold - Method Man
    "Aiyyo Shorty, yo that's my word Oh, y'all smellin y'all piss now y'all think y'all gold Yo anybody get caught playin Over here, I'm returnin em that's my word that they be blasted Anything from two-twenty"
  • Fire - Poets Of The Fall
    "It's a bit like a trip, but you hit it with a slip of a tongue, like a whip, and we're sinking, it ain't cool to be cool, though you may think it a laudable tool of self evaluation, of ego cultivation,"
  • Fire - Marcin Rozynek
    "Im coming down to townWith eleven horses to burn your homeIm coming down to townAcross the rivers and hills just to burn your soulI feel i should be you Another thing - you saidSunrise brought the heat"
  • Fire - Redman
    "(feat. Wendisue Hall, E3) Yeah (I can feel your fire) When you niggas feel cold and your flows ain't got it no more nigga?! (I can feel your fire) Yeah nigga. You know what it is nigga, Gilla House nigga Yo"
  • Fire - Lethal Bizzle
    "Yeah! Yeah! Da Bizzle! (Woooo) Da Bizzle! (Woooo) Da Bizzle! (Woooo) Da Bizzle! (Let's Go) It's a shame, Before the fire's gonna do the beat It's a shame, Cuz we're (back now) It's a shame, Before the"
  • Fire - Qb's Finest
    "Fire.. it's fire, put the fire outAiyyo, aiyyo, aiyyoI got the whole city stoppin, o.g.'s diddy-boppinPlayin my shit, critics sayin my shitTryin to get me for that ice that lay on my wristIt's like flippin"
  • Fire - Nature
    "(Nature) Fire.. it's fire, put the fire out Aiyyo, aiyyo, aiyyo I got the whole city stoppin, O.G.'s diddy-boppin Playin my shit, critics sayin my shit Tryin to get me for that ice that lay on my wrist It's"
  • Fire - M.O.P.
    "Yeahhhhhhhhhh! Firing Squad (You motherfuckers get up) Back in the motherfuckin (You motherfuckers get up!) Dungeon, nigga (Get up nigga! GET THE FUCK UP!) {FI-YAHHHHHHH} HeheheheheHEHE, geah! Get in yo'"
  • Fire - Joe Budden
    "Let me just make this statement Loud and clear - Jersey's here Some dude's got problems wit me Over there - I ain't scared Some people see me creep They mack all type - that's alright You know I slurp"
  • Black Gold - Running Wild
    "The world is on fire, hunting for oil A handful of liars dividing the spoils Bullshit is walking with a whole bunch of lies When money is talking, reality dies They came with a lie, feeding their pile Souls'"
  • Gold Ring - Spleen United
    "I lost my gold ring long ago long ago I lost my gold ring gold You're such a young girl wanna go? I want to go with such a young girl like you Across the mainland on my own on my own Across the mainland"
  • Arabian Gold - Modern Talking
    "What a kind of fool I am There's no smoke without a fire You don't want me in your game There's a shadow of desire Come on in my arms again I don't need no heart that's broken Come and try me as friend,"
  • Burning Gold - Christina Perri
    "Looking for an exit in this world of fear I can see the pack that leads the way Mama never left, and daddy needs me here I wish the wind would carry a change Looking through the window to a world of dreams I"
  • Fools Gold - Ghost Dance
    "Sleep comes easy And takes me down But all I hear is that sound Here I stand beside the water On this shifting sand Across the sea I know Theres a land somewhere Im sure A place for me to go I dont understand,"
  • Hero's Gold - Ari Koivunen
    "We venture We battle We strive For a time and a space of our own Free possession Defying oppression We cry You live in your dreams and Your dreams are becoming Your god We rage We fight Not to fade out"

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