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Fire come oh yeah

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Fire come oh yeah

  • Yeah - Boot Camp Clik
    "It's the chalk cracker, street rapper, x-factor Smokey Lah, your girl ass slapper Trap rider, nipple biter, spits fire The coptic hitman for hire The rate proper, pound copper, dime chopper Don't get it"
  • Oh yeah yeah - Fun Factory
    "Oh yeah yeah A brand new day is dawning Oh yeah yeah come great the sunny morning yeah I ike it Oh yeah I like it Let's start a brand new day Let me take you to a place where the sun beats down forever"
  • Oh yeah - Chickenfoot
    "Wow wow, oh If I were healer, I'd use my hands I'd would put a spell on you if I were magic man If I was Jesus,Buddha or a Kain If I were a blues man or all I can sing about How I want to be your hootchie"
  • Oh Yeah - Ash
    "Oh Yeah she was taking me over Oh Yeah it was the start of the summer On warm June evenings She would come to my house Still in her school skirt And her summer blouse Talking too long as the night came"
  • Oh Yeah - Poco
    "Bein' at most just a country boy innocent and all I turned my face away from the farm, on the city I'd call Hey, what's doin' in the town of fortune and fame? Bright lights a-glowin', I've come to make"
  • Oh Yeah - Foxy Brown
    "(feat. Spagga Benz) I'm the most critically acclaimed, rap bitch in the game Coast to coast, stash the gat in holster girl Dark skinned, Christian Dior poster girl Mo' rockin Timbs bitch and the Gucci"
  • Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah - Wedding Present
    "I really don't believe that this is happening I've tried and tried and tried to think it through Oh, I heard what you said, I'm just not answering I guess I'm scared of what I'll have to do Because you"
  • Hell Yeah, Oh Yeah - Da Beatminerz
    "(feat. Billy Flames) Oh God, Billy Flames Hec Nek rest in peace Hell yeah, Hec Nek rest in peace New York up in this bitch Hell yeah, oh yeah! Cali in this bitch Hell yeah, oh yeah! Detroit up in this"
  • Yeah Yeah Yeah - Die Fantastischen Vier
    "[''Smudo''] Wir sind in Katalogen wie in Katakomben zu Haus Und selbst bei Katastrophen gehen wir noch zum Kacken raus In knappen Hosen sehen auch wir zum Lachen aus Und wir machen's auch, ziehen die Sachen"
  • Yeah Yeah Yeah - BangBros
    "Friday night Sitting all alone No-one's gonna play with me I hate to sit at home Looking out the window Dreaming of a friend Who brings this back to an end Hey boy you there Don't you be so square Come"
  • Yeah! - Ashanti
    "Ashanti: oh oh oh yeah Chris Brown: oh yeah yeah whoa Ne-Yo: Yeah Irv: Ah ah this is ashanti, my man ne-yo and my friend chris brown oooooh Ashanti: baby you are the one only u can do your thing you"
  • Yeah - Keith Murray
    "(feat. Erick Sermon, Busta Rhymes, Jamal, and Redman) Yo Troy, turn me up so I can conductthe disco inferno Oklahoma aroma (uh) I smell the roof on fire without Parliament just Def Squad shit, dig"
  • Yeah yeah - Bodyrox feat. Luciana
    "You think you got it all worked out But you dont know nothing, nothing, NOTHING You think that you can rub me out But im made of something, something, SOMETHING CHORUS I can teach you a thing or two Yeah"
  • Alright, Oh Yeah - Local H
    "All Right, Oh Yeah Here We Go I'm Back Again Act Suprised When I Come In It's Only Me It's Only Stupid Me You Could Never Figure Out What Was All The Fuss About I Know It's Only Me It's Only Stupid Me Stupid"
  • Christmastime (Oh Yeah) - Barenaked Ladies
    "Now that all the snow has fallen It's crunching in below my feet And all the Christmas lights are shining On houses up and down my street And I can see the happy families inside If only for a moment,"
  • 360 (Oh yeah) - De La Soul
    "Come on, yeah Yo I'm from L I fella, vison had you tune into my figgida Microphone is mobile Holding mic's is slow while I be just day dreaming Drop for like, nine months, and rock from backyards to fronts"
  • Umm, Oh Yeah - Buddy Holly
    "Dearest - though you're the nearest to my heart please don't ever - umm ya ever say we'll part You scold and you were so bold yes together - umm ya our love will grow old - umm ya our love will grow"
  • Come On, Yeah - De La Soul
    "(once again my friend the funky beat has hold and we going on down to The a.m. for you and your friend, sounds here tough on the ear, you Know that, coming at you so loud and clear so you have no fear"
  • Christmas time (Oh yeah) - Barenaked Ladies
    "Now that all the snow has fallen It's crunching in below my feet And all the Christmas lights are shining On houses up and down my street And I can see the happy families inside If only for a moment, it's"
  • 360 Degrees (Oh Yeah?) - Propellerheads
    "C'mon Yeah Yo I'm from L.I., tel-i vision had you tuning to my figgida, figgida microphones I'm mobile Holding mics and soul while I be just daydreamin Drop like 9 months and rock from backyards to"

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