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Fireworks KattyPatty

  • Fireworks - Alabama
    "Once I was cold But now I know How a fireworks 'Cause I felt the flame It drove me insane Fireworks There was this lady Soft as as a gentle glow She told me everything That she knows About fireworks She's"
  • Fireworks - Wyatt
    "Fireworks Today's the day of the first and ever perfect dawn Today's the day of the first and brightests shining sun Today I'm gonna face myself and try To reason with the fact that I am I And call it"
  • Fireworks - Siouxsie and The Banshees
    "The body is wrapped in shadow The face is built of cinders And panic tears thro' your silhouette As you're squeezed by burning fingers And he crackling in our colours With teeth of gelignite When he sighs"
  • Fireworks - Carpark North
    "It's on your hand the scratching choices The streets are shallow and so were the sounds Impatient road is asking questions From the hour before this before anything FIREWORKS WENT OFF THAT NIGHT WHEN"
  • Fireworks - Kate Walsh
    "It's that time of year again I think I'll stay in tonight My dogs are barking Shaking scared We don't light fireworks in this house I hate the way they shoot and sparkle It reminds me of a time I often"
  • Fireworks - Roxette
    "I once knew a girl I can't remember her name but I remember her face cos her sister looked the same. They both left school, but they couldn't find a job So they said farewell and stole a small town"
  • Fireworks - Brave Saint Saturn
    "One time on the Fourth of July, I went out to watch the fireworks fly. From the hill I could see all the rockets as they flew from the town below me. Bombs bursting in the air, The crowd was cheering with"
  • Fireworks - Plain White T's
    "Well I don't mind waiting 'til you're comfortable with me But what's it gonna take to prove that I'm for real? 'Cause you know how I feel about you You know I can't live without you I just wanna stay and"
  • Fireworks - Embrace
    "I stretched over to reach you I tried to meet you, I've been wrong Now the fireworks in me are all gone It's time I realised My girl you make all the smart moves And sees through all my wrongs When the"
  • Fireworks - Angra
    "Angra Miscellaneous Fireworks It's New Year Day; Looking up to the sky We all await for the fireworks to fly And I hold you And I stand by you now... Over the bay darkness breaks to a"
  • Fireworks - Kemopetrol
    "There is the starting line the starting gun and it's on your marks get set (2x) So there goes my head again And there goes my heart There are my feet again still at the start There is the line of tought The"
  • Fireworks - Aereogramme
    "Welcome into my sweet diversion Tell me stories of love in your life And I am lost yet You claim I'm searching Quite what for I have yet to work out If I'm wrong And everything is wrong Welcome into my"
  • Fireworks - The Tragically Hip
    "If there's a goal that everyone remembers, it was back in old '72 We all squeezed the stick and we all pulled the trigger And all I remember is sitting beside you You said you didn't give a fuck about"
  • Fireworks - Gin Blossoms
    "The fireworks from the rooftops fall down around this hotel So tell it seems like so long since I've had you beside me here We used to walk together I've nothing to show me now and it seems like so long Since"
  • Fireworks - Animal Collective
    "now it's day i've been crying taste the milk on my tongue i was dreaming of horseshoes now my cereal, it is warm track the days in the rubble of the night from the fall and i can't walk in the vaccum i"
  • Fireworks - Whitest Boy Alive
    "You keep your cards so close to your chest You're making me confused It's hidden deep what you need to address If you want it to resume Aching and longing never ending fireworks Let it be, let it be,"
  • Fireworks - The Whitest Boy Alive
    "You keep your cards so close to your chest You're making me confused It's hidden deep what you need to address If you want it to resume Aching and longing never ending fireworks Let it be, let it be,"
  • Fireworks - The Animal Collective
    "Now it's day and I've been trying to get that taste off my tongue. I was dreaming of just you, now our cereal, it is warm. Attractive day in the rubble of the night from before. I can't walk in a vacuum,"
  • Fireworks - Stina Nordenstam
    "These fires never die They told me this would help I'm walking by the water I'm falling with the tide They said that this would end I went as far as I could I'm on distant ground now Fishing-boats"
  • Fireworks - Blue
    "She went down to her house by the waterTo hide herself from his graspHe went down to the water to find herTo consumate their love at lastThen the lightning flashing.........lightning, flashing, crashingFireworks"

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