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First aid

  • First Aid - Subhumans
    "I need first aid can't you see? I'm cut up bad you can't recognize me Got a couple of bullets in my leg And your morphine shit going through my head Gimme first aid that's what you're for Gimme a shot"
  • First Aid - Skinny Puppy
    "those fortunate risk fate to alleviate a fear from within clawing to trust someone monogamy sits uneasily ice that don't heat freeze howl hollow howl in vast space all light displaced we can kill desire"
  • First Aid Kit - Disco Ensemble
    "Here I lay in a crashed car No-one knows when I've left Here I lay, staring at stars But I know they're just satellites The first aid kit 2x It's useless It's too late It offers no help I heard the"
  • Cute & Cruel (feat First Aid Kit) - Tove Lo
    "Love can be cute and cruel Love is an animal Love can be weak and strong It's how you break your heart Love is a feeling Love is the meaning Love can forgive a lot It's why we go on at all What is love? How"
  • Kids In Love (feat. First Aid Kit) - Pink
    "I've sat at the bleachers Watching life unfold I've been a bystander To a sight to behold I've played the victim I'm the one who let it burn If you don't fuck up Well then you'll never learn And I've"
  • A.I.D.S. - Mandator
    "Searching for contacts around and around Squeezing the lovely Adonis you've found Hiding, not caring 'bout stench or bein' frozen Despising the life for which you have chosen A.I.D.S. Make the impression"
  • Ladies First - Queen Latifah
    "(feat. Monie Love) The ladies will kick it, the rhyme that is wicked Those that don't know how to be pros get evicted A woman can bear you, break you, take you Now it's time to rhyme, can you relate"
  • Kool-Aid - Trace Aber
    "Don't drink the Kool-Aid Fear the left eye band-aide Blue, Red, Orange' The Kool-Aid will hurt Will kill Will Find you.. Don't' Drink the Kool-Aid.. And you should be fine' Kool-Aid, easy going down. Colors"
  • Band-Aid - RxBandits
    "you said your going to get drunk tonight well, i could have told you that much girl your are going to go out with the boys tonight well, i already know and you said your not better for them then for any"
  • Hearing Aid - They Might Be Giants
    "Frosty the supervisor Lives by himself Sometimes I feel sorry for him Usually I can't I've turned off my hearing aid Don't say the electric chair's not good enough For king-lazy-bones like myself More"
  • Air Aid - Menomena
    "People of the future will remember Her fate is something she brought upon herself Writes a suicide note into the movie "I love you all too much to carry on" Everyone will think back to what they were wearing Or"
  • Hearing Aid - Bracket
    "I need a hearing aid, so I can turn it off, when u talk down to me I need a hearing aid, so I can turn it off, when u talk down to me I want the world to shut up, I want the world to shut up, I want the"
  • Lemon-aid - GOB
    "I go out cause I live in an empty house and it Rains and it rains and it never stops Im a case In this place now mixed up with you I had a Perfect fit until you called me up then it didnt Even rain the"
  • Slag aid - Chumbawamba
    "This is the last one Organize, occupy, kick the bastards out Don't wear the gold lam In keeping with the fashion for charity, not change Here's out contribution--we've called it Slag Aid For every pop"
  • Band Aid 2---Do They Know It's Christmas? - Kylie Minogue
    "1: It's Christmas time There's no need 2 B afraid At Christmas time We let in light and we banish shade And in our world of plenty We can spread a smile of joy Throw your arms around the world At Christmas"
  • Band Aid - Rx Bandits
    "Said you're gonna get drunk tonight i could've told you that much girl you're gonna go out with the boys tonight well i already know and you said that your not better for them or for any other guys just"
  • Kool Aid - Bowling For Soup
    "Why i was sitting all by myself just thinking Now i'm lyin awake in bed I can't forget about what you said I tell myself, "Hey man, you should know better" Ya gotta act like nothings wrong Ya gotta stand"
  • Rescue Aid Society - Jodi Benson
    "R-E-S-C-U-E Rescue Aid Society Heads held high, touch the sky You mean everything to me In a fix, in a bind Call on us anytime We'll appear from nowhere Mighty are we R-E-S-C-U-E Rescue Aid Society Honesty,"
  • Ladies Aid Society - The Monkees
    "In every little town and village, too Somewhere in the neighbourhood You find a little band of ladies who Can't stop doing good Good for the pigeons in the park Good for their weekly tea Good for"
  • Kool-Aid Party - Team Sleep
    "I drink up I drink up Rich Cambodia sailors warning face down on the pillow sweet dreams of a stuck night in jail climbing higher on razor wire your eyes are tired you think your just down on your luck my"

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