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Fish Tumbledown

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Fish Tumbledown

  • Tumbledown - Fish
    "It's just a matter of time a figure of speech that springs to mind throughout the day As the minutes go by, a second thought, a moment lost, time ticks away and everything changes, forever never lasts,"
  • Tumbledown - The Jesus And Mary Chain
    "She's a kick I couldn't miss Couldn't miss her little twist Get it on and get it good Couldn't guess she ever would Took up time and took up space She exists outside my space All I wanted was too much All"
  • Tumbledown - Catherine Wheel
    "Shout just to make it clear So loud so as you don't hear That I made no sound The second time around If all is turned around So smooth just to show you care You built a new mountain there That I can tumble"
  • Tumbledown - Jesus And Mary Chain
    "U.V. RAY - The Jesus and Mary Chain There's treasure in the pit of the hideous sin Unpeel ice cool velvet skin Junk eats trash in a chemical kiss T.V. poison tastes like this Broken down Jesus with a taste"
  • Fish - Bonnie Pink
    "Fish... Strolling in town. Fish... Up and down. Fish... Cross the moon so easily, like a shooting star Fish... Fish... Seem to know. Fish... Where to go. Fish... Lead me to the garden of oblivion, before"
  • Fish - Mr. Scruff
    "Once again I shall go and get the fishmonger to prepare the fish. I expect you'd like to know about frogmen? Yeah! They live on fish and catch them by diving onto them from a great height. Gliding down"
  • Fish - Tool
    ""Fish" is recorded by The Damned. This is a punk cover only. Well I've seen you hanging round and round On the streets with something that's on your mind Don't you think that I'm being fresh? Only want"
  • Fish - The Damned
    "well i've seen you hanging round and round on the streets with something on your mind don't you think that i'm being fresh? only want to lay with you i promise you won't smell no fish i said fish"
  • Fish - Damned
    "Well I've seen you hanging round and round On the streets with something that's on your mind Don't you think that I'm being fresh? Only want to lay with you I promise you won't smell no fish I said fish Well"
  • Fish - An Pierl
    "Fish in the sea, swims backwards to me He knows all about my desires. Sea turns to grout, some clouds cried too loud. I'm tangled in coralloid wires Maybe I'm drowning, pretend I don't notice I just can't"
  • Fish - King
    "Cold comfort greeting tired and well trod feet Moths flicker life into an empty dim lit street Well this is somebodys hometown Absence makes the heart grow fonder Looking around I have to wonder I can"
  • Fish - Buddhuza
    "I'm a fish and I wanna be a bird, I'm a fish and I wanna be a bird, And I'm looking for a hook, Looking for a hook to fly away. In her previous life she was a pretty tree, In her previous life she was"
  • Fish - The Busters
    "I never cared about, wether my snoring was too loud I never sat down to piss, I never cared if you missed Birthday greetings every other year How was I to know, that you wanted me to go Now I pack all"
  • Fish - Ghostface Killah
    "(feat. Raekwon, Cappadonna) (, You know they're killers themselves,People die for them. You know, guys that I fooled with were killers themselves These are the men who lead the crime families of America."
  • Fish - Vic Chesnutt
    "Not the way it used to be, but it was never a perfect deal.Fish outta water is all you need Internal combustion is bustin my balls, taking my eyesight away.Throwing darts at a dartboard, slinging slobber"
  • Fish - Deine Lakaien
    "again coldness is giving way makes me smell the breath of may again wafting near what makes me scream fear is fighting, fighting the green fear is fighting, fighting the green fighting the green... and"
  • Fish - Daniel Johnston
    "Try aching every care in the world She's only the most beautiful girl The more I think it, the badder it gets I was swimming along when I was caught in her net She's got me singing with a broken heart I"
  • Stupid fish - Three Fish
    "Meanwhile the third fish - the dumb one - was agitatedly jumping about,trying to escape with agility and cleverness. The net of course finally closed around him.And as he laid there in the terrible frying"
  • The intelligent fish - Three Fish
    "This is the story of the lake and the three fish that were in it. One of them intelligent, another half intelligent, and the third stupid.Some fishermen came to the edge of the lake with nets and the three"
  • Q-Fish dance - Q-Fish
    "Take a step to the left - and one to the right And now turn round - do it on the other side left hand on your hip - the right behind the neck now hop around the room - always be glad show us your teeth"

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