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Fismoll - let me breathe your sigh

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Fismoll - let me breathe your sigh

  • Breathe A Sigh - Def Leppard
    "Let me down slow and easy Cause there ain't nothin' I can do I hope and pray my faith won't leave me When it comes down to me and you Try a little tenderness I die a little For a long lost sweet"
  • Jetset Sigh - Stephen Stills
    "If you dogrow Then you must know When you get so jive You only half alive Show me right now That you know how You can stand up Look in a mirror and sigh Get your feet wet Run with the jetset Be a good"
  • Let Me Breathe - Maliah
    "Verse 1: Even though you said that you loved me You never cared about me You always knew in your heart I'd be there You never thought I'd want to be free But now that I have met him And he changed"
  • Let Me Breathe - Grey Skies Fallen
    "This heart of mine, unseen for ages Grows black in time, and falls to the Earth Violent dreams tormenting me, paint a darkened scene Your master plan, the task at hand is to take my life away again."
  • Breathe - Oomph
    "Cry - Don't Cry, Don't Be Afraid Try - Just Try, Let It In You Try Cry - Don't Cry, It's Gettin Late Try - Just Try, Follow Me (Down!) Breathe In! Though It Hurts, I Know You Can Breathe In! Though It"
  • Breathe - Jessica Mauboy
    "How can I, How can I breathe How can I, How can I breathe I'm breaking down a little I'm throwing in the towel Need you to get me off the ground You sayin that it's over n we can't be together But I really"
  • Breathe - Blu Cantrell
    "Oh, oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh, oh Big up to all the Brooklyn massive crew Some they pay no mind, but now them notice Blu So take your ones, your fiftys, put your hundreds to your shoes And to my fans you know"
  • Breathe - Ryan Huston
    "Do what I say not what you tell me to I cant take you, think I hate you I cant believe you were quick deceive When I loved you think I still do Im so divided I cant breathe Take away the pain Let"
  • Breathe - Skinlab
    "I'll give you just a little I'll give you just a little I'll give you just a little of my time yeah I'll give you just a little I'll give you just a little I'll give you just a little of my time Time,"
  • Breathe - Michelle Branch
    "I've been driving for an hour Just talking to the rain You say I've been driving you crazy And it's keeping you away So just give me one good reason Tell my why I should stay 'Cause I don't want to waste"
  • Breathe - Nivea
    "(Let It Go)Ever since you went awayBeen missing you everydayWhat I'd do just to see your faceShould of held you and made you stayNow I really need somebodyJust to call somebodyBut I know I cant go back"
  • Breathe - Sean Paul
    "sean paul f/t Blu Cantrell Sean paul and blu cantrell remix that gona make ya head swell yo yo hey yo yo hey yo dutty so what's that supposed to be about baby ya'll free up ya mind and stop actin"
  • Breathe - Aleah
    "Breathe my name, what does it say? On your tongue, how does it taste? When it pulses through your veins Tell me if you feel the same Say my name, what does it tell you? Trust your heart for it remains"
  • Breathe - Maria McKee
    "At first I was scared When I opened up my head And the motor that was runnin' Was the mind of you I was scared when I looked at my reflection And the shine I saw Were the eyes of you I was scared when"
  • Breathe - Split Second
    "hey..whoa..lets slow down before we go hey..whoa your voice is getting louder now and you just expect me to know how it feels like we are driving in the fastest lane and i cannot separate myself chorus: ive"
  • Breathe - Loraine McFarland
    "Verse 1 I see you over there Just keeping your eyes on me And I can guess exactly what You have been thinkin Oh I bet you think that I don't see you Oh I bet you don't think I am watching you"
  • Breathe - Kristine W.
    "See my eyes They carry your reflection Watch my lips They whisper the words you taught me to I am your mirror I have been since time began When you need power I am your satisfaction Whoa whoa whoa"
  • Breathe - Paula DeAnda
    "Ooh, don't you know Ooh, don't you know about it Ooh, don't you know Ooh, don't you know about it Give me some time to breathe Just need ya to believe That you're the one I need now Can't you picture me"
  • Breathe - Dust To Dust
    "Please keep your distance Stay out of view Avoid the tension between us two I have my reasons You have your lies I'll keep my truths alive inside when all else dies I don't even know your name Yes to me"
  • Breathe - Lisa
    "Breathe Lisa (Supernova) Woman of my own and tranquil key No I'm not just the L out of TLC Songstress for the longest Felt more adappa as a rappa Start to make what it seems It's more mind over"

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